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Magic: The Gathering - Journey Into Nyx - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - The Wilds and the Deep

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Product Description

With the help of a preconstructed intro deck, you can easily learn how to play Magic: The Gathering. This is a trading card game, and it's the oldest of its kind. 

Journey Into Nyx is one of its many expansions. These expansions happened usually through their intro decks, like the one here, called The Wilds and the Deep. This expansion was released through booster packs of 16 cards. However, to make things easier for many players, premade decks have also been created. 

The intro preconstructed decks in this set of 5, contain 60 cards each. They also contain 2 booster packs, instructions, and a strategy sheet. The cards contain 24 Creatures, 26 Lands, 2 Sorceries, 3 Instants, and 5 Enchantments. The deck's main theme is the monstrosity ability.

The Wilds and the Deep Decklist:


Creatures (24)

1x Agent of Horizons
1x Arbor Colossus
1x Archetype of Imagination
1x Bassara Tower Archer
1x Cloaked Siren
2x Fleetfeather Cockatrice
2x Golden Hind
1x Heroes' Bane
2x Kiora's Follower
1x Nessian Asp
1x Nessian Courser
2x Nessian Game Warden
2x Ravenous Leucrocota
2x Sealock Monster
1x Swarmborn Giant
2x Swordwise Centaur
1x Triton Shorestalker

Enchantments (5)

2x Font of Fertility
1x Font of Fortunes
1x Market Festival
1x Thassa's Ire

Instants (3)

1x Defend the Hearth
1x Hubris
1x Savage Surge

Sorceries (2)

2x Time to Feed

Lands (26)

15x Forest
11x Island