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Magic: The Gathering [Magic 2013 | M13] - Wild Rush Intro Pack (Theme Deck)

Magic: The Gathering [Magic 2013 | M13] - Wild Rush Intro Pack (Theme Deck)

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Deck Colors: Green / Black

Wild Rush Decklist


  • 1x Acidic Slime
  • 3x Arbor Elf
  • 2x Centaur Courser
  • 2x Deadly Recluse
  • 2x Duskdale Wurm
  • 2x Garruks Packleader
  • 1x Mwonvuli Beast Tracke
  • 1x Primal Huntbeast
  • 1x Sentinel Spider
  • 2x Spiked Baloth
  • 2x Vastwood Gorger
  • 1x Yeva, Natures Herald
  • 1x Yevas Forcemage
  • 1x Ring of Kalonia
  • 1x Crippling Blight
  • 1x Rancor
  • 1x Naturalize
  • 2x Essence Drain
  • 1x Fungal Sprouting
  • 1x Predatory Rampage
  • 1x Prey Upon
  • 2x Rangers Path
  • 1x Rise from the Grave
  • 1x Evolving Wilds
  • 16x Forest
  • 8x Swamp

Item Features & Details


Commander Yeva, Nature's Herald: Lead your strategy with Yeva, who allows green creatures, including herself, to be cast at instant speed, turning every creature in your hand into a tactical surprise.

Powerful Green Creatures: Deploy formidable creatures such as Sentinel Spider, Vastwood Gorger, and Duskdale Wurm to dominate the battlefield with their size and strength.

Mana Acceleration: Utilize Arbor Elf to double the mana from Forests and Ranger's Path to ramp up your Forest count, enabling quicker deployment of your creatures and spells.

Necromantic Touch: Incorporate black spells like Essence Drain and Public Execution to remove threats, while Rise from the Grave resurrects creatures from any graveyard to serve your cause as Zombies.

Legendary Beasts: Enhance your deck with legendary green monsters like Elderscale Wurm, which ensures your life total remains high, and Thragtusk, providing both life gain and additional creatures to overwhelm opponents.

Planeswalker Garruk, Primal Hunter: Consider adding Garruk to summon potent creatures and draw cards, synergizing perfectly with your deck's theme of primal ferocity and strategic depth.

Product Description


Experience the primal power of the "Wild Rush" deck from Magic: The Gathering's Magic 2013 series, led by Yeva, Nature's Herald. Yeva allows you to ambush opponents with green creatures, casting them instantly during combat. This tactical advantage ensures your forces strike unpredictably, bolstered by creatures like Deadly Recluse and Centaur Courser for defense early on. Enhance your mana production with Arbor Elf and Ranger's Path to summon formidable creatures like Sentinel Spider and Duskdale Wurm, tilting the game in your favor.

Augmenting the deck's green might are touches of necromantic prowess. Spells such as Essence Drain and Public Execution eliminate threats outright, while Rise from the Grave resurrects creatures as formidable Zombies. Customize your strategy with additions like Elderscale Wurm, which safeguards your life total, or Thragtusk, providing life gain and an additional creature. For ultimate versatility, consider adding Garruk, Primal Hunter, a planeswalker adept at summoning savage allies.

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Magic: The Gathering, the "Wild Rush" deck promises thrilling battles and strategic depth. Harness the untamed energies of nature and necromancy to dominate your opponents and claim victory in epic clashes of strategy and skill.

Box Contents


Magic: The Gathering [Magic 2013 | M13]

Protective Packaging

Product Information


Fandom: Magic: The Gathering

Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Item Weight: 0.55 pounds

Item UPC: 653569714125

Manufacturer Description


If you play by instinct, combining natural skill with unrelenting ferocity, you're sure to enjoy the "Wild Rush" deck led by Yeva, Nature's Herald. Yeva turns every green creature in your handincluding herselfinto an opportunity for an ambush. Since Yeva has flash, you don't have to cast her when you normally cast creatures. Instead, you can wait until your opponent attacks you, then spring the trap by casting her out of nowhere and blocking! Once Yeva is out, all your other green creatures work the same way.

Your creatures are bigger than your opponent's, but they also take more mana to cast. Early in the game, don't be afraid to keep your Deadly Recluses and Centaur Coursers back on defense. Use Arbor Elf to get twice the mana out of a Forest and Ranger's Path to get more Forests! Once you have enough mana to start casting behemoths like Sentinel Spider, Vastwood Gorger, and Duskdale Wurm, the game should swing in your favor.

The deck's green spells, which focus on life and growth, are supplemented by a bit of necromancy. Black spells like Essence Drain and Public Execution can outright kill opposing creatures. Rise from the Grave works the opposite way, bringing any creature out of a graveyard as a Zombie!

If you decide to add your own touches to this deck, there are plenty of awesome green monsters to seek out. Elderscale Wurm makes it nearly impossible for your life total to drop below 7. Thragtusk can give you more life and a bonus creature. Finally, the planeswalker Garruk, Primal Hunter fits right in to a deck of predatory beasts.

About the Manufacturer


Wizards of the Coast Products stands at the forefront of the gaming and entertainment industry, offering a diverse and captivating range of officially licensed merchandise inspired by iconic franchises. Renowned for its expertise in tabletop gaming, Wizards of the Coast has expanded its influence to include a wide array of consumer goods that cater to fans of Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and other beloved properties. From intricately designed collectibles to engaging board games, Wizards of the Coast Products provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich worlds of fantasy and strategy that have made the company a household name in the gaming community.

With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity, Wizards of the Coast Products has earned a global reputation among gaming enthusiasts. The company collaborates closely with licensors to ensure that each piece of merchandise not only resonates authentically with the fan base but also aligns with the rigorous standards set by intellectual property owners. This dedication to both creative expression and compliance positions Wizards of the Coast Products as a trusted destination for fans seeking top-tier officially licensed products. As a retailer, we are proud to offer Wizards of the Coast's meticulously crafted items, providing fans with the opportunity to enhance their collections with the best in tabletop gaming and entertainment memorabilia.

About the Fandom


Magic: The Gathering, commonly known as Magic or MTG, stands as a preeminent collectible card game renowned for its intricate mechanics and immersive lore. Originating from the creative mind of mathematician Richard Garfield, the game debuted in 1993 under the banner of Wizards of the Coast, swiftly captivating a global audience. Within this expansive universe, players embody the personas of formidable Planeswalkers, wielding magic across an intricate multiverse brimming with diverse planes, each teeming with its own fantastical inhabitants and mystical energies.

In the realm of Magic, participants assemble decks comprised of spells, creatures, and artifacts, engaging in strategic duels against fellow players. Its gameplay mechanics pivot around resource management, synergistic card combinations, and nuanced decision-making, affording players a rich tapestry of strategic avenues to explore. Over the years, Magic has cultivated a sprawling tapestry of lore, continually expanding through the release of new card sets that introduce fresh characters, realms, and gameplay dynamics. Beyond its gameplay, Magic has cultivated a fervent following, manifesting in organized play events, vibrant online communities, and an extensive array of merchandise, spanning novels, comics, video games, and collectible merchandise.

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