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Megastar - Card Game - Mayfair Games

Megastar - Card Game - Mayfair Games

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Dynamic Community Play: Engage in dynamic gameplay designed for 2–5 players, fostering interactive and strategic gaming experiences.

Optimal Playing Time: Immerse yourself in sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes, providing a balanced and immersive gaming experience.

Age-Appropriate Content: Tailored for players aged 8 and above, featuring content and themes suitable for a wide audience.

Exciting Card Game: Megastar offers an exciting card game experience, where players compete to become the ultimate celebrity.

Celebrity Theme: Immerse yourself in the glamorous world of fame and fortune with thematic artwork and components that enhance the gaming experience.

Strategic Gameplay: Engage in strategic gameplay as you navigate the ups and downs of the entertainment industry to rise to the top.

Variable Player Powers: Experience diverse gameplay with unique abilities and advantages for each player, adding depth and replayability to each game.

Thematic Immersion: Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of stardom with thematic artwork and components that capture the essence of the game.

Compact and Portable: The game's compact size makes it easy to transport and set up, perfect for gaming on the go or playing in different locations.

Accessible Rules: Easy-to-understand rules make it accessible to players of all skill levels, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Product Description


Step into the spotlight with Megastar, the ultimate card game for music moguls from Mayfair Games. Your mission? Promote musical acts to stardom and dominate the charts like never before.

In Megastar, players navigate the competitive world of music promotion, vying to elevate their chosen acts to superstardom. Seven musical acts await your guidance, each represented by a card arranged in a column on the table. With a handful of cards at your disposal, you strategically deploy them to support your favored performers.

Every turn brings excitement as you unveil your hidden card, aligning it with its corresponding act and claiming new cards from the pool and deck. As you accumulate cards beside each act, anticipation builds for the explosive 'Hit Parade' moment, where acts ascend the ranks based on the cards played beside them.

The game intensifies as you race against time, with the deck dwindling and points hanging in the balance. Calculate your moves wisely to maximize your score, earning points for the cards remaining in your hand and securing bonus points based on the acts' positions in the column.

With its dynamic gameplay and strategic depth, Megastar offers a thrilling experience for music enthusiasts and strategic masterminds alike. Will you orchestrate the rise of the next chart-topping sensation and claim victory as the ultimate Megastar?

Box Contents


91 Playing cards

1 Game Summary

Product Information


Manufacturer: Mayfair Games

Year Manufacturered : 2006

Item Weight: 0.4 pounds

Item UPC: 029877057115

Manufacturer Description


This is a card game where players are promoting musical acts.

There are seven cards representing seven musical acts which are arranged in a column on the table. You get a hand of cards and each card corresponds to one of the acts. You start with one card face down in front of you. There is also a face-up pool of cards plus a draw pile.

On your turn, you turn up your face down card and play it beside the corresponding act. You then take on card from the pool and one from the deck. Finally, you place a card face down (which will be played on your next turn).

When one act gets three cards beside it, play stops for the 'Hit Parade'. Starting from top to bottom, each act moves up a number of spaces equal to the cards played beside it (this can push acts it passes down the column). The cards played are put into the pool and play continues.

The game ends when the deck runs out. You get points for the cards left in your hand - if you have cards for the act at the top of the column you get five points each, for each card for the second act you get four points, etc. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

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