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Oceania - Board Game - Mayfair Games

Oceania - Board Game - Mayfair Games

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Dynamic Exploration: Experience the thrill of discovering unknown islands with every game, offering new and unique challenges.

Multiple Game Modes: Engage in a competitive 2-player variant, vying with your opponent to claim the largest islands in Oceania. Alternatively, challenge yourself in the solo variant to seek out larger and more valuable islands, aiming to beat your record score.

Exciting Gameplay: Oceania offers an adventure-packed experience akin to its classic counterpart "Entdecker," providing captivating gameplay for both solo and competitive play.

Online Play: Enjoy real-time gaming through PlayCatan, extending the excitement beyond the physical board.

Community: Ideal for 1-2 players, offering flexibility in gaming options.

Playing Time: Each session lasts between 10 to 30 minutes, providing quick and immersive gameplay sessions.

Age Recommendation: Suitable for players aged 10 and above, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of audiences.

Product Description


Embark on an adventure in "Oceania," where you strategically place explorer ships to uncover unknown islands. With each turn, draw a sea tile and place it strategically to reveal a captivating seascape, ensuring water borders water and land borders land. No two games are alike as the islands' size and arrangement vary, offering unique challenges every time.

In the 2-player variant, compete with your opponent to claim the largest islands in Oceania, striving to emerge as the most successful explorer. Alternatively, challenge yourself in the solo variant, aiming to discover larger and more valuable islands while surpassing your record score.

Discover the excitement of exploration in "Oceania," the smaller yet equally thrilling counterpart to the classic Klaus Tauber game "Entdecker," both published by Mayfair Games. With its dynamic gameplay and ever-changing landscapes, "Oceania" promises an engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

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Oceania Board Game

Product Information


Manufacturer: Mayfair Games

Year Manufacturered : 2004

Item Weight: 0.82 pounds

Item UPC: 029877041077

Manufacturer Description


"On your turn place an explorer ship on a circle field on one of the three sides of the game board and draw a sea tile. Place the tile if it fits, i.e. when water borders water and land borders land. Throughout game-play a fascinating seascape unfolds before your eyes. The size and arrangement of the islands on the board are different in each game!"

From the back of the box:

Experience the adventure of exploring unknown islands! Each game presents new and unique challenges, for the board is different every time you play.

In the 2-player variant, you and your opponent seek to claim the biggest islands in Oceania. The most successful explorer is the victor.

Or you can be your opponent in the solo variant. You will seek out larger, more valuable islands as the game challenges you to beat your record score.

Oceania is the smaller - but no less exciting - brother of the classic Klaus Tauber game "Entdecker," also published by Mayfair Games.

Online Play

PlayCatan (real-time)

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