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Outlander The Series: Destiny Dice - Board Game - Toy Vault

Outlander The Series: Destiny Dice - Board Game - Toy Vault

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Dice Rolling Mechanism: Players engage in strategic dice rolling, with up to three rolls allowed per turn, aiming to match Jamie faces or Claire's faces.

Character Encounters: Navigate encounters with characters such as Black Jack Randall and Laoghaire Mackenzie, whose appearances can either hinder or assist players' progress.

Action Cards: Utilize action cards strategically to alter destiny, enabling players to reroll dice or modify their rolls to their advantage.

Winning Condition: The primary objective is to advance on the destiny track, bringing Jamie and Claire closer together. The first player to achieve this wins the game.

Community: Suitable for 1–6 Players

Playing Time: Typically lasts 40–60 Minutes

Recommended Age: Designed for players aged 14 and above

Product Description


Step into the captivating world of "Outlander" and join Jamie Fraser in the Scottish Highlands of 1743. As you navigate the dangers and thrills of this tumultuous time, your wit and strategy will be tested. With Jamie by your side, you must reach the right locations, make allies, and gather essential items to fulfill your destiny and win his heart.

"Outlander The Series: Destiny Dice" offers an immersive gaming experience where players select an Event scenario to fulfill. Bid strategically to gain cards, move meeples, and reduce Danger, all while ensuring Jamie's safety from enemies like The Watch, The Red Coats, and Black Jack Randall. If Jamie encounters an enemy without escape, the game is lost for all players.

In this cooperative game, players work together to achieve the Event's objectives. However, there's a competitive edge as well – the player who gains the most Favour from Jamie wins his heart and emerges as the true victor. As you race against time to fulfill the Event conditions, the fate of Jamie and your success hang in the balance.

Will you heed the call of destiny and guide Jamie safely through the Highlands? With each strategic move, forge a bond with Jamie and secure your place in his heart. Only by fulfilling your destiny and winning Jamie's affection can you claim victory in this thrilling adventure.

Box Contents


6 Oversized Custom Full-Color Dice

40 Action Cards

4 Reference Cards

8 Markers (2 for each player)

A Full-Color Rulebook

Product Information


Fandom: Destiny

Manufacturer: Toy Vault

Year Manufacturered : 2022

Item Weight: 0.97 pounds

Item UPC: 651174240022

Manufacturer Description


Step through the stones of Craigh na Dun and run through the Scottish Highlands with the handsome Jamie. The year is 1743, and the outlaw James Fraser is at your side as you navigate the thrills and dangers of the Highlands. Use your wit, reach the right locations, make the right friends, and gather the items you need, all while keeping Jamie out of the hands of the many who would do him wrong. The gallows await fair Jamie (or worse!) should you fail. Fulfill your destiny and win his heart, only then will victory be yours!

Players select an Event scenario to fulfill. During turns, players can bid to gain cards, move meeples, or reduce Danger. As Jamie moves about the board, he may encounter any of three enemies: The Watch, The Red Coats, and Black Jack Randall. If Jamie should encounter an enemy with no means of escape, the Event is failed and the game is lost for every player. As a co-operative game, every player aims to fulfill the Event in play to win the game. Competitively, the player who has gained the most Favour from Jamie wins his heart and is the true winner of the game. The game ends when all of the conditions in the Event are fulfilled, or if Jamie is captured. Once the event conditions are fulfilled, the player who has acquired the most Favour from Jamie wins the game.

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