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Puzzle Challenge: Crosswords And More! - PlayStation 2

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Product Description

Product informationPuzzle Challenge: Crosswords and more! is a collection of over 1000 word search crossword puzzles and other brainteasers. It's the first crossword puzzle game for your PS2! Use your thinking skills to solve standard crossword puzzles or codes that require numerical matches assigned to each letter of the alphabet. There are also puzzles with cryptic clues, diamond puzzles and backward puzzles where the player fills in their own black squares, and much more! Word Search - standard themed word search puzzle. Mini WordSearch - themed word search puzzles on a smaller grid. Micro WordSearch - Themedwordsearch puzzles in a really small grid. Kriss Kross - themed puzzles in which the words are given and you have to fill them in the crossword puzzle.Mini Kriss Kross - smaller Kriss Kross puzzles Kriss Kross. Number Jig - Crosswords with numbers instead of words. Backwords - Crossword puzzle style where the clues are given and a grid of letters where the player fills in where the blacksquares should be Multi player profiles setting option - so the whole household can play Over 200 hours of gameplay. Product Features Over 1000 unique word and logic puzzle games arranged in an easy to use format providing over 200 hours. game Packed with puzzles and brainteasers to entertain and challenge all word puzzle lovers.

  • Over 1,000 unique word games and logic puzzles arranged in an easy-to-use format, providing over 200 hours. of game
  • Packed with puzzles and brains to entertain and challenge all word puzzle lovers
  • Includes crosswords, challenging crosswords, break codes, cryptics, diamonds, word search, kriss kross, number template, back words and much more
  • Enjoy 2 player games sharing via wireless connection on PS2