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Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World - Emilia Figure - Sega - Perching

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World with the captivating Emilia Perching Figure by Sega. This meticulously crafted figure brings Emilia's charm to life, offering fans a unique and delightful addition to their collection. Emilia's sitting pose, expertly designed, allows you to showcase her on the edge of any desk or shelf, creating an eye-catching display that captures her essence.


  • Mesmerizing Pose: Emilia's perching pose captures her elegance and grace, providing a fresh perspective on her character that you can admire from any angle.

  • Perfect for Display: Designed for versatility, this figure can be displayed on the edge of desks, shelves, or other surfaces, adding a touch of Re:Zero magic to your space.

  • Compact Size: Measuring about 7" in height, Emilia's figure strikes a perfect balance between detail and space-saving, making her an ideal addition to any collection.

  • Detailed Craftsmanship: Sega's dedication to quality shines through in the intricate detailing of Emilia's attire, expression, and features, bringing the character to life.

  • Collectible Delight: This figure encapsulates the allure of Re:Zero and adds a dash of enchantment to your collection, whether you're a dedicated fan or a discerning collector.