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Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops - Board Game - Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops - Board Game - Catalyst Game Labs

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Item Features & Details


Dynamic Community Gameplay: Engage in dynamic gameplay designed for 2–4 players, fostering strategic competition and interaction.

Efficient Playing Time: Enjoy gameplay sessions lasting between 60–90 minutes, providing a balanced and immersive experience without overstaying its welcome.

Age-Appropriate Content: Tailored for players aged 13 and above, featuring content and themes suitable for a teenage audience.

Shadowrun Universe: Immerse yourself in the cyberpunk world of Shadowrun, featuring iconic characters, factions, and settings from the popular tabletop role-playing game.

Corporate Espionage: Experience the thrill of corporate espionage and shadowrunning, with missions, challenges, and opportunities for sabotage and intrigue.

Variable Player Powers: Explore diverse gameplay with unique abilities and advantages for each player faction, adding depth and replayability to each game.

Strategic Decision-Making: Navigate strategic decisions as you balance risk and reward, choosing between various approaches to achieve your objectives.

Thematic Immersion: Immerse yourself in the gritty cyberpunk atmosphere with thematic artwork, components, and narrative elements that bring the game to life.

Cooperative and Competitive Elements: Engage in both cooperative and competitive gameplay, with opportunities for alliances, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Accessible Rules: Easy-to-understand rules make it accessible to players of all skill levels, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Product Description


In the year 2079, shadowrunners take on the dirty work nobody else dares, from stealing high-tech prototypes to extracting corporate underdogs. Amidst backstabbing corporate pawns, relentless law enforcement, and rival shadowrunners, survival means beating them to the punch and securing the ultimate score.

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops thrusts players into this dystopian world, where they assemble their team of shadowrunners and equip them with the gear and skills needed to navigate the treacherous streets. It's a race to the top as teams compete to complete the final mission and claim the lucrative payday that spells victory.

In this strategic board game, players must hone their instincts, cultivate alliances, and outmaneuver adversaries to rise to the top of the shadowrunning hierarchy. Do you have what it takes to navigate the dangers of the sprawl and emerge as the ultimate victor? It's time to find out.

Box Contents


27 Shadowrunner cards

15 Upgrade cards

20 Gear cards

20 Mission cards

11 Loot cards

5 Final Mission cards

1 Gameboard

4 Runner boards

16 Shadowrunner pawns

Nuyen tokens

Injured/recovering tokens

First player token

36 Custom dice

1 Rulebook

Product Information


Manufacturer: Catalyst Game Labs

Year Manufacturered : 2019

Item Weight: 3.62 pounds

Item UPC: 856232002660

Manufacturer Description



In the year 2079, shadowrunners do the jobs no one else wants. Maybe they're hired to steal a new laser prototype from a top-tier tech crop. Maybe they have to extract an ark middle manager from a dead-end job where the higher-ups treat her like something they accidentally stepped on. Ore maybe they're trying to keep a powerful politician alive, one that's been targeted for assassination by another team in the shadows. There's plenty of work to do, and plenty of obstacles to overcome. Backstabbing corporate pawns, aggressive law enforcement, and other shadowrunners angling for your payday can get in your way. Your job is to beat them to the punch and make the big score before they can stop you.

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops puts players in control of their own team of shadowrunners, selecting who they'll higher and then building up the cash, gear, and abilities the runners need to survive the streets. You'll need to shape them into an efficient deadly team, because they'll be pitted against other runners in a race to the top. Only one team will complete the final mission that scores a huge payday and wins the game. Do you have the guts, wiles, and treachery it will take to make it to the top? Time to find out.

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