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Super Mario Bros. - 9" Hammer Bros Plush - Little Buddy

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Product Description

There are probably very few people left out there who didn't play the Super Mario games. Since the majority already played the game, it's possible they already know about the Hammer Bros. (or Hammer Brothers) who throw hammers at unsuspecting targets. Their targets shrink if they're hit by special hammers.

These brothers are a type of Koopa that can stand upright. They can also be recognized through their larger shells than those of normal Koopas. The Brothers also wear hats. 

Through this listing, you can have one of the Hammer Brothers, all to yourself! This is because the item is a plush toy, standing 9 inches tall. We know this Koopa is one of the brothers because it matches the description above: it wears a hat and holds a hammer. 

Of course, none of the elements of the toy is made of hard or heavy materials. Everything is made of a plushy fabric of various colors to capture the Brother's specific traits.