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Tiffin - Board Game - Rio Grande Games

Tiffin - Board Game - Rio Grande Games

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Item Features & Details


Unique Theme: Experience the hustle and bustle of Mumbai's lunch delivery system.

Engaging Gameplay: Players act as dabbawallas, racing to deliver tiffins for rupees.

Strategic Choices: Plan routes, contribute to deliveries, and navigate obstacles to maximize earnings.

Dynamic Competition: Outwit competitors, utilize shortcuts, and avoid setbacks to secure victory.

Player Count: Suitable for 2-4 players, fostering interactive and competitive gameplay.

Playing Time: Enjoy a game session lasting between 30 to 60 minutes.

Age Recommendation: Recommended for players aged 14 and above, offering challenging gameplay.

Product Description


In the bustling streets of Mumbai, every day unfolds with the intricate dance of Tiffin deliveries. Players step into the shoes of dabbawallas, tasked with the crucial mission of delivering home-cooked lunches, known as tiffins or dabbas, to workplaces across the city. These tins, packed with delicious meals, embark on a journey from homes to sorting facilities, train stations, and finally, into the eager hands of employees. Each tiffin navigates through a complex network, carried by multiple dabbawallas, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries amidst the chaos of urban life.

In Tiffin, players immerse themselves in this vibrant world, striving to excel as dabbawallas and earn rupees through efficient tiffin deliveries. By strategically starting tiffins on routes and contributing to successful deliveries, players not only advance their own goals but also collaborate to enhance the overall delivery system. The more tiffins delivered along a single route, the greater the rewards for all participants involved in the delivery chain.

However, the path to success is fraught with challenges. Shortcuts offer opportunities to expedite deliveries, while unexpected hurdles like flat tires can impede progress. Moreover, players must contend with the ever-present competition, racing against rival dabbawallas to claim lucrative routes and maximize their earnings. As the delivery routes draw to a close, the player who has accumulated the most rupees emerges victorious, hailed as the master of Mumbai's bustling tiffin network.

Box Contents


80 Player cubes in 4 colors

20 Competitor cubes

10 Route cards

45 Delivery cards

4 Flat tire cards

4 Shortcut cards

1 Score track

9 Tiffin tracking cards

1 Competitor track

4 Player reference cards

1 Rules

Product Information


Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games

Year Manufacturered : 2016

Item Weight: 1.71 pounds

Item UPC: 655132005289

Manufacturer Description


Every day in Mumbai, the bustling financial capital of India, hot lunches are hand-delivered to employees in workplaces across the city. These home-cooked meals, packed in tins called tiffins or dabbas, are picked up from the customer’s home, whisked off by bicycle to a sorting facility, loaded onto carts and wheeled to the train station, loaded onto a train car, unloaded, resorted, routed, and delivered (again, by bicycle) to recipients at work. Each tiffin is carried by multiple dabbawallas (delivery people) along the way. Despite more than 250,000 lunch deliveries every day, mistakes are rare.

In Tiffin, players represent dabbawallas working to deliver tiffins and earn rupees by starting tiffins on a route and contributing to successful delivery of their tiffins and those of other players. The more tiffins delivered on a single route, the higher the payout for each player participating in the deliveries.

Shortcuts speed things up, flat tires slow things down, and an ever-present competitor might get there first. The game ends when all delivery routes are complete and the player with the most rupees is the winner.

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