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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba | Daki | Character Analysis | The Upper Rank Six Demon Moon

Learn about Daki, the Upper Rank Six Demon Moon, and her role as an antagonist in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba's Entertainment District Arc!

Demon Slayer Daki Demon Slayer Daki


We're eternally young and beautiful. And we're strong! Demons can do whatever we want!

- Daki


Daki the Upper Rank Six Demon Moon:

Demon Slayer Daki As Warabihime Oiran In A Rage

  • Name: Ume (Human); Warabihime (Oiran); Daki (Demon)

  • Species: Demon

  • Demon Moon Rank: Upper Rank Six

  • Status: Dead

  • Gender: Female

  • Sibling: Gyutaro (Elder Brother)

  • Voice Actor: Miyuki Sawashiro

  • Debut: Episode 34 (Season 2, Episode 8) – Anime, Chapter 59– Manga

Who is Daki in the anime, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba?

Demon Slayer Daki Facing Off Against Zenitsu

Daki is a female character featured in the anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is primarily recognized for her role as one of the primary antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc. She is a member of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of powerful demons who serve directly under Muzan Kibutsuji. 

Daki and Gyutaro, her elder brother, both shared the position of the Upper Rank Six Demon Moon. She was eventually beheaded by Zenitsu at the same time that Tanjiro (with the help of Tengen Uzui), beheaded her brother. The two demon siblings shared a bond in which they could only die if they both were beheaded at the same time.

Daki’s Human Childhood & Background

Demon Slayer Human Daki Smiling

Daki’s childhood is clouded in misery and suffering, as she was born and bred in the poor Rashomon Riverbank area, which is the poorest area in the Yoshiwara Entertainment District. She was named Ume, after the disease that killed her mother, which is symbolic of how much children are despised in Rashomon.

Demon Slayer Baby Daki

When she turned thirteen, she blinded a samurai by stabbing him in the eye with her hairpin and was bound and burnt, out of revenge. Gyutaro only found her nearly burnt to a crisp and on the verge of death. After killing the samurai and sustaining a grave injury himself, Gyutaro stumbled upon Doma, the former Upper Rank Six Demon Moon, who gave them some of his blood to save them from imminent death.

Daki's Appearances: Human, Oiran, and Demon Forms

Daki's appearance revolves around notable aspects throughout the Demon Slayer anime series, displaying three distinct forms: her appearance as a human, her alluring portrayal as an Oiran, and her demon form.

As a Human

Daki Demon Slayer Human Appearance

She had to live in very poor conditions, as she was an orphan, with Gyutaro as her only relative. She had long, dirty, white hair with messy bangs. She also wore dull lipstick and had blue eyes with long lashes. She was always seen wearing a pale pink kimono that seemed to be a bit untidy, with visible tears present. The kimono was adorned with a pattern consisting of irregular square shapes, with horizontal lines running across them.

But despite all these, was still a very beautiful young girl, as her beauty was the cynosure of even older eyes.

As an Oiran

Demon Slayer Daki As Oiran Warabihime

Under the guise of an Oiran, Daki had to always present herself adequately as other Oiran do. This included styling her hair in the customary date-hyugo fashion, which was adorned by numerous hairpins, and also applying traditional makeup.

Demon Slayer Daki As Warabihime Oiran

The top half of her eyes was an orange color, while the bottom half was lime green with black thin pupils. Her clothes consisted of a large white haori adorned with pentagonal-shaped designs near the cuffs and hem. She also wore magenta-colored Hikizuri kimono and a purple juban underneath the haori.

As a Demon

Demon Slayer Dakis Demon Form

Daki appears very attractive, curvy, elegant, and slim, with a complimenting fair complexion and lime green eyes. Her black hair was packed in a ponytail at the back of her head, and adorned with hairpins on either side.

Engraved in her left eye is the symbol for "Upper Rank," while the kanji for "Six" adorned her right eye. Her cloth showcased her Blood Demon Art, with a pink flower-patterned obi serving as the centerpiece around her waist. Her face also contains two distinct pink flower-like demon crests, while her two-piece kimono consisted of magenta pink panties tied with black bows and chest-covering magenta cloth.

Demon Slayer Dakis Demon Form Face

She also wears thigh-length stockings that have black flower patterns, paired with tall sanmaiba shoes. In her final demon form, a third vertical eye appears on her forehead.

Personality And Traits

Demon Slayer Daki Devouring Her House Mistress

As a human, she was considered to have an easily swayed, influenced, and honest mindset, leading her to effortlessly imitate the personality traits and statements of those she trusted and liked.

Daki was a very proud, scornful, and cruel demon. She took great delight in playing with her victims before she killed them, without a show of regret or pity for taking their lives. Daki was an exceptionally arrogant, ruthless, and vicious character. She had such a high opinion of herself and wouldn't consider demon slayers worthy of her time, except it was a Hashira.

Even though she was over a hundred years old, she acted like a child. She had violent tantrums, cried hysterically when things weren't going as she wanted, and hit anyone she could vent her anger. She showed how angry she was by speaking and physically hurting anyone who upset her in any way.

As an Oiran, Daki was very mean and cruel. She yelled at any servant or helper in the Kyogoku House and got angry with anyone who touched her or got in her way. She also liked to eat only people she thought were pretty or strong. She often disposed of people who pissed her off by simply dropping them from the roof of the house, and making it seem like they committed suicide.

Demon Slayer Daki Fighting Zenitsu And Inosuke

She also likes to think of herself as being self-righteous, and after killing anyone, blames them for pissing her off. In as much as she often speaks harshly at Gyutaro, and blames him for her failings, her love for, and dependence on him is unquestionable.

Character Interactions: Gyutaro, Demon Slayers, Muzan Kibutsuji & Humans

Daki's interactions in the anime highlight her complexity as a demon and her significance to the plot. Daki interacts with a variety of characters during the Entertainment District Arc, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she came across, including the viewers.

With Gyutaro

Demon Slayer Daki And Gyutaro As Kids

The dynamic between the individual and her brother, Gyutaro, appeared to be one of care and concern. However, during moments of failure, she would resort to insulting and ridiculing him.

This behavior suggests that despite her affection for her brother, she was not hesitant to express her frustration and anger toward him. Her hurtful comments included insults about his appearance and even questioning their familial relationship.

Demon Slayer Daki On Gyutaros Back

She exhibited a spoiled attitude toward her brother, but it is important to note that she also had a deep and genuine attachment to him. This was evident after both were beheaded and in Limbo, where she refused to abandon him despite his attempts to sever ties with her and send her to heaven. Daki's loyalty to her brother was so strong that she was willing to go to Hell with him if necessary.

With Demon Slayers

Demon Slayer Daki Upper Six Demon

Just like other demons, Daki hated and looked down on demon slayers. In addition to her hate for them, she often looked down on them and thought she was too big to be concerned about them. She would only see a demon slayer as worthy of her time if it was a Hashira.

She is also always arrogant and proud, as she shows when she talks about how many demon slayers she has killed and eaten.

With Muzan Kibutsuji

Demon Slayer Daki And Muzan Kibutsuji

Daki’s relationship with Muzan was characterized by utmost admiration, love, fear, and obedience to him. As an Upper Rank Demon Moon who is a part of the Twelve Kizuki, she understands that Muzan is all-powerful, and always carries out his orders without question.

Muzan knew this so well that he used sweet words to get her to do what he wanted, even though he didn't think much of her skills and even regarded her as Gyutaro's weakness.

With Humans

Demon Slayer Daki Attacking

Her relationships mostly revolve around how she relates with the humans in the Kyogoku House as an Oiran, and also how she relates with her victims.

In selecting her victims, she always went for people she only saw as beautiful or strong, as she feels their beauty and/or strength would add to hers, and ugly people disgust her. This might be due to the social status and relevance inherent in the Entertainment District, and her bloated personality.

She also really hated relating with humans, and would often flare up and act out at the littlest of mistakes, and yet blame them for getting her upset. The humans living in the Kyogoku House have also learned to stay out of her way entirely and to quickly bow and apologize whenever they mistakenly vex her, in a bid to quickly appease her.

Strengths, Abilities & Blood Demon Art

Demon Slayer Dakis Third Eye

Regenerative Abilities: As an Upper Rank Demon Moon, Daki’s regenerative abilities far surpass that of other ordinary demons. Her regeneration abilities are so fast and effective that it very quickly nullifies the effect of any attacks or slashes on her, thereby making her seem attack-resistant.

Speed and Reflexes: Daki possesses exceptional speed and reflexes, which enable her to dodge incoming attacks with ease and retaliate quickly with powerful strikes. She exhibits exceptional speed and agility, making it extremely challenging for her adversaries to match her movements.

Physical Strength: Daki's physical strength is remarkable and allows her to exert forceful and devastating strikes that can hurt or weaken her opponents.

Biological Fusion: Daki and her elder brother Gyutaro possess a very distinct ability to fuse i.e., Gyutaro lives inside her, and only comes out whenever she’s beheaded, or facing a formidable foe. This biological fusion also provides them with improved coordination and synchronization during combat.

Anti-Beheading: Daki possesses the unique ability of decapitation immunity, which allows her to remain fighting even after her head has been severed. This sets her apart from other demons who lack this ability, as simply beheading her alone isn’t enough to kill her, as it is with other demons. She must be beheaded at the same time as her brother, Gyutaro to be defeated.

Hair Manipulation: Daki possesses the ability to change the color of her hair, and also control it as both an offensive and defensive weapon.

Blood Demon Art: her blood demon art allows her to create obi sashes from her flesh, which she manipulates at will. She sprouts the sashes from her back, can retract them back into her body, and can extend them to any length.

These sashes had two distinct yet contrasting features – they were as soft as silk and bend like rubber, but yet hard and sharper than a Niching Sword.


Demon Slayer Daki Scared

Sunlight: Sunlight is the primary weakness of demons. And just like other demons, Daki has been subjected to being indoors all day and can only come out and be active at night, which conforms with the norms at the Entertainment District.

Nichirin Blades: this is a general weakness common to all demons, and as such, Daki is no exception.

Fire: Daki has a deep fear of fire, owing to the trauma of being burnt alive as a human.

Significance of Daki as the Upper Rank Six Demon Moon

Demon Slayer Inosuke Cuts Off Dakis Head

In Demon Slayer, Daki's position as Upper Rank Six of the Twelve Kizuki is of immense significance. As one of the most formidable demons, her position in the demon hierarchy reflects her formidable strength and elevated status. Her relationship with her senior brother Gyutaro, with whom she shares the position of Upper Rank Six Demon Moon, is intricately intertwined with their shared demonic powers.

She also acts as a catalyst for crucial character developments, and also as a point to drive the narrative of the story in another direction, most notably in the Entertainment District Arc. This arc examines the extent of Daki's influence on the protagonists and the challenges she presents. Encountering her helped enlighten the Demon Slayer Corps about how they’d been wrong about some things, ultimately emphasizing the difficulty of their mission to exterminate demons.

Lastly, her presence is symbolic of the larger themes of power dynamics and the arduous conflict between virtue and evil. Her persona embodies the evil that the Demon Slayer Corps must confront, especially as it also conflicts with itself, as her last moments in limbo did show that she’s not exactly as despicable as she seems to be.

Development and Growth as an Upper Moon

Demon Slayer Daki And Zenitsu Battle

Daki's character development in Demon Slayer showcases a journey of complexity and transformation. Initially introduced as a cunning and ruthless demon, she embodies the essence of evil with her insatiable hunger for human flesh. However, as the narrative progresses, subtle glimpses of her past and underlying vulnerabilities begin to surface, adding layers to her character.

Throughout the Entertainment District Arc, Daki's encounters with the Demon Slayer Corps and other characters force her to confront her nature and question her loyalty to Muzan Kibutsuji. These encounters serve as catalysts for her growth, as she starts to exhibit moments of doubt and hesitation, gradually unveiling a more delicate persona.

Daki's character development is marked by the exploration of her complex relationship with her elder brother, Gyutaro. As their shared history and bond are further revealed, it becomes evident that beneath their monstrous exteriors lies a deep connection and dependence on each other. This dynamic drives Daki to question her purpose and the extent of her love for her brother.

As the story unfolds, Daki's character evolves beyond that of a mere antagonist. She becomes a vehicle for exploring themes of redemption, identity, and the potential for change. Her internal conflicts and struggles offer a glimpse into the inner workings of a demon's psyche, showcasing the capacity for growth and self-reflection even in the darkest of beings.

Daki of the Twelve Demon Moons: Conclusion

Demon Slayer Daki And Gyutaro as Kids

Daki's character in Demon Slayer embodies the duality of darkness and vulnerability, showcasing the complexity of demons in the story. As a formidable antagonist and member of the Twelve Kizuki, she adds tension and depth to the narrative. Through her interactions, past, and personal growth, Daki becomes more than just a villain, representing the potential for change and redemption.

Her arc explores themes of identity, choice, and the capacity for transformation, offering a captivating exploration of the human condition. In the end, Daki's character serves as a powerful reminder that even in the darkest beings, there may be a glimmer of hope.

Demon Slayer Daki and Gyutaro's Heads Cut Off

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