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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba | The Top 15 Strongest Demons | Tier List | (Spoilers!)

Discover the top 15 demons in Demon Slayer, from Muzan to Tanjiro's transformation. Dive into their powers and abilities, but beware of spoilers!


Prince Lammy

October 26, 2023

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Demon Slayer Strongest Demons

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Demon Slayer Top 15 Strongest Demons Tier ListThe world of Demon Slayer is filled with powerful and terrifying demons, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. From the mighty Muzan Kibutsuji to the cunning Daki, these demons are some of the most fearful and powerful beings in the entire series.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 15 strongest demons in Demon Slayer, examining their powers, abilities and what makes them so dangerous.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into the world of powerful demons, then read on! (Anime only viewers, there are spoilers ahead!)

15. Yahaba

Demon Rank: Unranked Demon

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Yahaba

Yahaba was Susamaru’s partner when the duo attacked Tanjiro in Lady Tamayo’s house. But unlike his partner, Yahaba is very reserved, and is also a neat freak, as he hates getting dirt on him. But just like his partner, he felt special being Muzan’s emissary and hoped to join the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki.

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Yahaba’s most impressive ability is in the fact that, unlike most other demons, he uses no visible weapon. Instead, he uses invisible arrows directed from the eyes on his palm to direct attacks at his opponents. Even Tanjiro was completely helpless against him until Yushiro aided him in seeing Yahaba’s attacks. Tanjiro’s battle with him made him require medical attention afterwards, giving Yahaba a spot on the list of the strongest demons in Demon Slayer.

14. Susamaru

Demon Rank: Unranked Demon

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Susamaru

This girl is very similar to Prince Goro from Mortal Kombat, but while Goro has four arms, Susamaru can grow up to six arms. She uses temari balls as her weapons of choice. The balls move with insane speeds and in irregular directions, always dealing devastating damage to anyone or anything they hit.

She is Yahaba’s partner and could be defined as playful and battle-crazed, as fighting always makes her happy. In the Asakusa arc of the Demon Slayer storyline, she injured Tanjiro and Yushiro and nearly killed Nezuko. It took the intervention of Lady Tamayo who used her blood demon art to trick her into naming Muzan, an act which is an abomination for all demons and which ultimately resulted in her death.

13. Kyogai

Demon Rank: (Former) Lower Rank 6

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Kyogai

If Kyogai were to star in his own movie, it might be titled "The Haunted House" or "The Drum Demon." Within the Demon Slayer series, he stands out as one of the rare demons who possesses abilities similar to Nakime, the demon responsible for creating the Infinity Castle, and Zohakuten, one of Hantengu's emotional components. However, what truly sets Kyogai apart is his remarkable ability to engage in combat with minimal physical effort.

He possesses six Tsuzumi drums affixed to various parts of his body, each with unique functions. These range from executing powerful slashing attacks to manipulating rooms, spinning them in different directions. Tanjiro and Inosuke faced a challenging battle against him within the Tsuzumi Mansion, which is also where Zenitsu's true power was first revealed.

12. Rui

Demon Rank: (Former) Lower Rank 5

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Rui

Just as the Demon Slayer Corps had its own prodigies, so did the Twelve Kizuki. Rui held the position of Lower Rank Five within this group and undoubtedly stands as one of the most ruthless demons in the entire Demon Slayer series. It's worth noting that he transformed all members of his Spider Family into demons, driven by his desire to create an ideal family, something he never experienced as a human.

During their encounter on Mount Natagumo, Rui posed a significant threat to Tanjiro and Nezuko, even as Tanjiro activated his Demon Slayer Mark and Nezuko utilized her Blood Demon Art. Notably, Rui became the first demon to show resistance to decapitation, surviving even after Tanjiro severed his head and nearly killed him. It took the intervention of Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira, to finally subdue and vanquish him. Giyu had to employ an entirely new and powerful form of his breathing technique to achieve this victory.

11. Enmu

Demon Rank: Lower Rank 1

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Enmu

While some may argue that Enmu isn't particularly formidable or didn't showcase significant strength in the Demon Slayer series, it's worth noting that his redeeming qualities lie in his blood demon art, resilience, and cunning. Let's not forget that defeating him required the combined efforts of the late Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, along with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko.

Enmu possesses the ability to immerse people in a false dream world, induce slumber, merge with inanimate objects, offer false promises to his victims, and even consume a substantial number of individuals simultaneously, making him an exceptionally lethal demon. Even a Hashira fell prey to his blood demon art, but perhaps that's to be expected from the Lower Rank One demon.

10. Daki

Demon Rank: (Former) Upper Rank 6

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Daki

Not only is she incredibly powerful, but Daki is one of the most beautiful female characters in Demon Slayer. Clad in a bikini and obi sashes, and looking like the cute, female version of Doctor Octopus, Daki stands out as one of the most powerful and lethal demons in the series.

As the Upper Rank Six demon, Daki proved her strength in battle against the demon slayers during the Entertainment District Arc of the Demon Slayer story. This arc revolved around Tengen's mission to investigate the mysterious disappearances in the Entertainment District. Notably, Daki became the second demon to prove resistant to beheading, and her strength increased when her brother, Gyutaro, a fellow Upper Rank Six, awoke.

Demon Slayer Daki Battling

In battle, she effortlessly overwhelmed Tanjiro, sliced Nezuko to pieces, and sapped energy from Zenitsu and Inosuke. Daki even recounted that she’d killed and consumed seven Hashiras before she met Tengen and the young demon slayers.

9. Gyutaro

Demon Rank: (Former) Upper Rank 6

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Gyutaro

Gyutaro has to be among the top 10 strongest demons in Demon Slayer, as he shares the position of Upper Rank Six with his sister. Unlike his sister who’s not-so-smart, Gyutaro is quick-witted, quick to analyze situations, and always proves his strength in battle.

His abilities tower far above those of his sister, and his skill in battle and blood demon art make him a very formidable opponent. His blood demon art allows him to conjure blood from his skin, and transform the blood into highly toxic and deadly weapons. His speed is also incredible as he doesn’t even give his enemies a split second to even catch their breaths.

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Gyutaro's fight with Tengen Uzui remains one of the fastest and most colorful yet in the Demon Slayer series. It was only a little bit slower than the Akaza vs. Kyojuro battle, which Tanjiro couldn’t even follow with his eyes.

8. Gyokko

Demon Rank: Upper Rank 5

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Gyokko

Gyokko is the sort of demon that haunts little kids in nightmares, as his grotesque appearance combines features of various folklore monsters. Gyokko is the Upper Rank Five demon, and is one of the powerful demons in Demon Slayer. But seeing how easily he was defeated made fans question the ranking of demons within the Twelve Kizuki.

But just because he was easily defeated in the series, he is still an incredibly powerful demon. Gyokko uses water based blood demon art powers; he is able to control water to do damage and even conjure demonic water-based monsters. Not to mention, he is able to suck people into his vases to crush them, before spitting them back out. Yuck!

7. Nakime

Demon Rank: Upper Rank 4

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Nakime

For fans who are well-versed in the anime, Nakime is primarily known as the Biwa Demon, responsible for summoning members of the Twelve Kizuki to the Infinity Castle for meetings with Muzan. However, for manga enthusiasts of the Demon Slayer franchise, Nakime assumes a more significant role.

Demon Slayer Nakime Manga

Shortly after Hantengu's demise, Nakime ascended to the position of Upper Rank Four demon. With her unique blood demon art, she played a crucial role in pinpointing the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters. During the events of the Infinity Castle Arc, while locked in a fierce battle against Mitsuri and Obanai, she showcased her exceptional skills in manipulating the Infinity Castle for both offense and defense. This remarkable ability allowed her to execute successful assaults and evade incoming attacks with great dexterity.

6. Hantengu

Demon Rank: (Former) Upper Rank 4

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Hantengu

Hantengu, a former Upper Rank 4 demon, is among the most powerful demons in the Demon Slayer series, despite his unassuming appearance.

His strength doesn't primarily come from his physical abilities, but rather from his emotions. He possesses a blood demon art that encompasses five distinct emotions, each giving rise to demons with very strong abilities. Among them, Zohakuten, born from Hantengu's deep-seated Hatred, is the most menacing. Zohakuten combines the other four emotions and is the only demon who nearly managed to kill Tanjiro and Nezuko. Defeating Zohakuten required a collaborative effort from Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya, and Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira.

5. Akaza

Demon Rank: Upper Rank 3

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Akaza

Akaza, an Upper Rank Three demon, takes pleasure in battles above all else. He only respects opponents who prove their strength.

In a memorable confrontation that occurred after defeating Enmu, he faced off against the Fire Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, and managed to kill him. Tanjiro, his friends, as well as his sister, Nezuko, were all powerless to intervene, as the speed at which Kyojuro and Akaza moved was beyond their ability to keep up with. While Akaza's blood demon art might not be as showy as some other demons, there's no denying his exceptional combat skills, speed, and reflexes to be some of the strongest in the Demon Slayer universe.

4. Doma

Demon Rank: Upper Rank 2

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Doma

Doma holds the position of Upper Rank Two among the demons in the Demon Slayer series. He's notably one of the most flamboyant and showy demons in the entire series, similar in style to Tengen Uzui. Doma is also often referred to as the Ice Demon due to his cryokinetic abilities.

His mastery over freezing powers allows him to craft lethal weapons and set deadly traps, establishing himself as a formidable adversary. What sets him apart is his remarkable regenerative capability, which makes him exceptionally difficult to defeat. To add to the challenge, he possesses the unsettling ability to absorb humans through mere physical contact.

3. Kokushibo

Demon Rank: Upper Rank 1

Demon Slayer Strongest Demons Kokushibo

Kokushibo stands as the second most formidable demon in the world of Demon Slayer, second only to the infamous Muzan. Holding the position of Upper Moon One, he's not just powerful but also a unique character in the demon hierarchy. He's notably the first demon slayer to transform into a demon himself, which sets him apart.

Remarkably, Kokushibo is the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugukuni, and he's the genius behind the Moon Breathing Technique, a combat style that's solely his own creation. His multifaceted skills make him a nightmarish adversary for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Kokushibo's mastery of total concentration breathing, his creation of a unique breathing technique, his role as one of the founding members of the Demon Slayer Corps, and his status as an Upper Rank demon with a formidable blood demon art all contribute to his menacing reputation.

Demon Slayer Kokushibo Cuts Muichiro Hand

What truly makes him a formidable opponent is his absorption abilities, which even surpass those of demons like Doma. He can absorb not only humans but demons as well. His sword is no ordinary weapon either; it possesses regenerative capabilities and can change its form, somewhat resembling different "Bankai" forms, if you will (Bleach fans anyone!?).

Kokushibo's ability to foresee his opponent's moves and even peer into the internal organs of all living beings in his vicinity, known as the "Transparent World," might just be his deadliest weapon, allowing him to anticipate and counter his adversaries with chilling precision.

2. Muzan Kibutsuji

Demon Rank: The Demon King

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Muzan Kibutsuji

Introducing the oldest character in the Demon Slayer anime and manga, the formidable Demon King himself, Muzan Kibutsuji!

Muzan is not just any demon; he's a descendant of the Ubuyashiki bloodline, and to break free from the curse afflicting his family, he transformed into a demon. As the Demon King, his powers surpass even those of the Twelve Kizuki, making him a truly imposing figure.

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Muzan Kibutsuji Manga

In the climactic battle towards the end of the story, Giyu Tomioka observed that none of the upper-rank demons even came close to matching Muzan's strength or speed. His attacks left even the Hashiras struggling to evade, and many of them couldn't even land a single blow during the fight. It took the entire might of the Demon Slayer Corps, including the Hashiras and others, to inflict injuries on him, and even then, their combined efforts fell short of the damage inflicted by Yoriichi, a testament to Muzan's resilience.

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Muzan Kibutsuji Manga Demon King

Muzan boasts a vast array of abilities and blood demon arts. These include controlling his fellow demons and manipulating them during battles, altering his form, and creating long, deadly, whip-like arms for combat. What sets him apart is his telepathic prowess, allowing him to effortlessly delve into the deepest corners of the human mind, a power that few other demons possess.

1. Tanjiro Kamado (After Demon Transformation)

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Tanjiro Kamado Transformed

It may sound astounding to many fans, but there's a pivotal moment in the manga where Tanjiro, the series' protagonist, undergoes a transformation into a demon. In this form, his power becomes incredibly formidable, to the extent that he even surpasses Muzan.

As the manga progresses, a significant battle unfolds. Muzan Kibutsuji, just before his impending demise, transfers his abilities and emotions to Tanjiro in a bid to have him carry out his will and exterminate the remaining members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Demon Slayer Strongest Demon Tanjiro Kamado Demon Transformation Demon Form Attacking

With all of Muzan's blood coursing through him, Tanjiro becomes a demon and gains the remarkable ability to endure sunlight, much like his sister. Thankfully, Tanjiro is ultimately able to return to his human state thanks to a special drug developed by Tamayo.

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