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Mario Party Superstars: Darkness Lamp

Experience thrilling gameplay in Mario Party Superstars with the Darkness Lamp feature. Return to Horror Land, revamped with day-night cycles. Encounter King Boo, navigate Whomps, and choose your path strategically in this throwback adventure.



April 09, 2023

Darkness-Lamp-Mario-Party-Superstars Darkness-Lamp-Mario-Party-Superstars

During the daytime, players who come across the "Mystery Mansion" at the top of the board are visited by Kamek the Magikoopa. Kamek asks players if they want him to light the "Darkness Lamp" for 5 coins, and if accepted, the lamp is lit, and the day turns into night. This new feature adds a unique twist to the game and makes for an exciting gameplay experience.

Mario Party Superstars is the ultimate throwback to the classic Mario Party games with revamped and enhanced gameplay. One of the beloved game boards in Mario Party 2 was Horror Land, a haunted forest filled with horror elements, witches' cottages, and ghosts. In the latest installment of the Mario Party series, players can now explore Horror Land once again, with some exciting new changes.

Horror Land

In Horror Land, the time of day determines which Boos are available, with an image of a Boo displayed on their respective gravestone. The board alternates between night and day every two turns, and when two turns pass, day turns to night, or night turns to day. The Whomps blocking the paths cannot move at night, so players need to choose their path carefully.

There are more Boos in Horror Land than any other board, including the difficult-to-reach King Boo, who steals coins from all players simultaneously (overpowered much?) and one star from all of the other players for 150 coins, three times the normal price of the average Boo. Whomps guard three separate junctions, and players who wish to take the path Whomp is blocking have to pay him 5 coins. Players that take the path Whomp is not guarding makes him move to that pathway.

Nighttime in Horror Land

At nighttime, the Whomps are under a spell that makes them unable to move. There are other ways of changing the time of day, rather than just waiting two turns for day to turn to night and vice versa. Landing on a Happening Space also changes the time. If players come by a dancing floor at night, a few Boos and Mr. I's will ask them if they want to dance with them for coins. Accepting this makes night turn into day.

Horror Land has been retooled in Mario Party Superstars to better match the typical horror theming in the Mario series, with details like the road, crashed taxi, and pumpkin patch being removed. In this version of the board, Big Boo is replaced by King Boo, and the Whomps only move if players take the path they are guarding. The Item Minigame is Coffin Congestion, and the Duel minigame is Mushroom Brew.

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