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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | How to get the Fierce Deity Armor & Sword Set

Read our guide on how to get the Fierce Deity armor & sword set! Find the pieces, equip the full set, and wield the powerful Fierce Deity Sword. Conquer Hyrule in style!

ToTK Fierce Deity Set ToTK Fierce Deity Set

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a while now, and many players are still only scratching the surface of this massive game. In addition to the two additional maps on top of (and below) the already huge map of Hyrule, there are dozens of awesome armor sets that provide helpful abilities and stat bonuses.

Some of those armor sets are also callbacks to previous The Legend of Zelda games, and we’re going to be covering how to obtain one of those classic sets in this guide.

Majora’s Mask is one of the weirder entries in the series, but that also makes it one of the most beloved. So, when I found out that the Fierce Deity armor and sword from the climactic final battle of that game were in Tears of the Kingdom, I had to hunt them down. And now, I’m sharing my hard work so you can breeze right on through and snag them!

The set consists of the Fierce Deity Mask, Armor, and Boots, and you’ll need all three pieces of armor before you can obtain the sword, so let’s get started!

Starting the Treasure Hunt

ToTK Fierce Deity

To begin your journey, you’ll need to head over to the Eldin region. On the western edge of Cephla Lake, there will be a campsite where two defeated-looking brothers will let you know that the cave behind them is filled to the brim with treasure chests, but only one of them contains Misko’s Treasure.

The other twenty to thirty chests have green rupees, which are basically worthless. You could spend a bunch of time recovering and opening every chest you come across until you find the right one, but the much more efficient method is to feed the brothers’ dog until he likes you enough to lead you directly to the treasure.

Side note: all dogs in the game do this, so keep a healthy stock of meat, apples, and other yummy treats to feed them if you’re hunting down treasure chests!

Once you’ve been led to the treasure, you’ll get the Ember Trousers and a message in a bottle that will kick off the hunt for the Fierce Deity set.

ToTK Ember Trousers

Fierce Deity Armor: Bedchamber Bandit

The first hint the message gives you is “beneath the bedchamber of Akkala’s red-crowned citadel”, which should lead you to the Akkala Citadel Ruins. The fastest way to get there would be to fast travel to the Domizuin Shrine, but you could also use the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to launch yourself into the sky and float on over.

Once you’re there, keep an eye out for Gloom Hands, because they can wreck your day in an instant if you aren’t properly equipped to handle them (which we will cover in another guide). If you keep your distance long enough, the Gloom Hands will despawn and you’ll then have free reign of the ruins.

ToTK Gloom Hands

The room you’re looking for will be in the Southwest corner of the area, and that room will have a hole in the corner that is just big enough for you to crouch and walk through. That crawl space will contain a hole in the floor that you can drop down into to find the Fierce Deity Armor in a chest.

ToTK Fierce Deity Armor

Fierce Deity Mask: Giving an Eye Test

The next hint from the message is, “the skull’s left eye”. That’s a pretty ominous hint on its own, and there are a ton of skeletons with skulls running around, but what we’re looking for is bigger. A lot bigger.

In Deep Akkala to the north, there is a body of water called Skull Lake. Well, it was a body of water. It’s been a little dry since The Upheaval.

ToTK Skull Cave

Dryness aside, that’s where you’re going to head for the next piece of the Fierce Deity set. If you have the Kamatukis Shrine unlocked for fast travel, that’s going to be your fastest way there, but a Zonai hoverbike or other construct vehicle could get you there as well.

See that pillaring rock formation reaching into the sky from the bottom of the lake? That pillar has a hole in it that you need to dive into to reach your treasure, so either climb or hover over to the peak so you can drop in. There’s water at the bottom, so don’t worry about taking fall damage.

You’ll then fight your way through the cave, blast through a rock wall, and the chest will be on top of a rocky hill in the middle of what looks like an arena. There will also be a Stalnox in that same room, but you don’t have to fight it in order to get the Fierce Deity Mask. You can just grab it and warp out.

Fierce Deity Boots: Getting Stumped

The final hint left for you is "one in an old stump in Hyrule Field”.

The old stump in question is the Ancient Tree Stump that is southwest of Lookout Landing. It even has a convenient bridge to cross so you don’t have to swim through the water that surrounds it!

ToTK Ancient Stump

Once you drop into the stump, you’ll see that there is an awful lot more going on than it might seem like from the outside. But don’t get overwhelmed, just make your way to the bottom of the area, cut or burn your way through some vines, and then climb back up the roots on the other side to find the final chest containing the Fierce Deity Boots.

ToTK Fierce Deity Mask

Fierce Deity Sword: Putting it All Together

With all three pieces of the set in your inventory, you can now make your way back to the cave that started this whole quest right next to Cephla Lake. The brothers will still be there and they have more treasure hints for you that become sidequests, but ignore those for now and head to the innermost chamber of the cave.

With the full Fierce Deity set equipped, the stone door at the end of the cave will open to reveal another chest, which will contain the Fierce Deity Sword. It can still break, but that thirty-eight damage rating is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, when it does break, you can buy it back at a Poe statue as good as new.

ToTK Fierce Deity Sword

Now that you have all of the Fierce Deity equipment in Tears of the Kingdom, your enemies will quake before you… ok, not really. Stronger enemies can still stomp you out, but at least you look awesome!

Be sure to check out the full video guide for the Fierce Deity set on our YouTube channel, and make sure you come back for more helpful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tips and guides!

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