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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | The Best Fan & Community Creations

Discover the incredible creations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! From wall-driving vehicles to bone mecha horrors, prepare to be amazed. Check them out now!

ToTK Best Creations ToTK Best Creations

Now that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a while, what have you made? A hoverbike? A boat? A stupidly long bridge that can solve most of the game's puzzles with just a handful of Zonaite?

ToTK Bone Mecha Massacre

If you feel any kind of pride for the things you’ve made in the game, prepare to have it all taken away. Actual, real-life engineers/mad scientists have also been in the workshop, and the things they’ve made make everything else look childish by comparison.

So grab some tissues to wipe your tears along with a notepad and pen to take notes as we cover 5 of the Best Creations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

5. The Clinger

ToTK The Clinger Upside Down

Creator: u/Fantastic-Pound-1698

Usage: Traversal

Source: Click Here


First up, we have what I’m calling “The Clinger”. This go-anywhere vehicle uses four big wheels as well as two large fans and motors from the Gemimik Shrine to create enough force to facilitate driving on walls and even ceilings!

To prevent Link from falling out of the contraption, multiple wagon wheels are fused to a steering stick and a stabilizer to create a gimbal mount. This ensures Link stays upright even if the rest of the vehicle is upside down. Pretty neat!

Seeing this one in action is pretty impressive, but it’s also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ingenuity of ToTK players.

4. The One Punch Pickup

ToTK The One Punch Pickup

Creator: u/rshotmaker

Usage: Traversal / Hauling / Combat

Source: Click Here


Next, we have a vehicle that was given an anime-appropriate name by its creator: the One Punch Pickup.

In the two-minute video created to highlight the creation’s many features, we can see that the One Punch Pickup is just as viable on land as it is in water, and that it can carry plenty of cargo and keep chugging along. However, its premiere function is where the real action is. This thing can smack any enemies that get close enough so hard that they disintegrate with a single hit. Kapowie.

On top of all of that, Link seems to be entirely enclosed and safe from taking any kind of damage while operating the vehicle. According to the creator, it also sips battery power so it can run for quite a while, and using its weapons actually restores power!

You can check out the One Punch Pickup source to see what it looks like, and the thread also contains the parts needed to make it if you want your own Bokoblin-bashing vehicle.

3. The Beyblade Arena of Doom

ToTK The Beyblade Arena of Doom

Creator: u/TatemsChosenLegend

Usage: Fun / Chaos

Source: Click Here


Y'all remember Beyblade? The battling top toys that had an anime in the early 2000s? Well, weebs can now unite thanks to Reddit user TatemsChosenLegend’s Zonai masterpiece.

Through a complex mix of stakes, scaffolding, stabilizers, and motors, they have created a nearly autonomous Beyblade simulation contraption. Platforms with stabilizers are attached to motors, the machine is turned on, the jury-rigged “tops” spin until they detach, and then do battle until one comes out the victor.

You could probably spice this up a bit by attaching swords to the tops, but I have a feeling the item limit is already being approached with the number of items in the build.

2. The Combine Harvester

ToTK The Combine Harvester

Creator: u/Glittering_Pitch7648

Usage: Lawnmowing / Landscaping

Source: Click Here


Cutting grass in the Zelda series to collect rupees has always been a pretty inefficient way to make a buck, but Glittering_Pitch7648 has created something that uses the power of Zonai devices and industry to amplify their profits by orders of magnitude.

Rather than using up stamina and dealing with the limited reach afforded by weapons, this engineer has created a massive harvesting vehicle that cuts grass in a large area with swords fused to a big wheel’s axle, and the goodies uncovered by that cut grass are then collected in a V-shaped mechanism formed with standard wooden walls.

It’s impressive, sure, but it’s really going to decimate the humble Hyrulian landscaping companies. It seems not even Hyrule is safe from the small business-crushing march of capitalism.

1. The Bone Mecha

ToTK The Bone Mecha

Creator: u/ledskelter

Usage: Combat / Horror / Crime of Science and Humanity

Source: Click Here


Topping off this list, we have a creation that could only come from the mind of a truly mad scientist. This crime against humanity and Molduga-kind comes to us from ledskelter, and they’re calling it the Bone Mecha.

It appears to be a Molduga skeleton fused to big wheels and stabilizers for mobility, and equipped with a cannon and beam emitter on a homing head for combat capabilities. It’s truly terrifying to behold, and I can’t help but feel like this creator might have watched a little too much Evangelion.

It’s hard to argue with the results though, since it scares the piss out of anything that sees it and subsequently blows them to kingdom come.

Actually, I’m coming around on the Bone Mecha now, it’s pretty sick.


That’s all I have for you today, but there are hundreds more creations just like these on the HyruleEngineering subreddit, which I highly recommend checking out. The level of creativity on that corner of the internet is truly astounding.

Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome gaming content on, we have plenty more in store!

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