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Death Parade Character Analysis: Chiyuki



November 21, 2022

Death Parade Chiyuki Nameless Assistant Appearance Death Parade Chiyuki Nameless Assistant Appearance
By: Prince Lammy

❝Everyone has feelings for someone❞

- Chiyuki

Just like Kuroko is to Kagami in Kuroko no Basuke, Chiyuki’s involvement in Decim’s life in Death Parade is of significance; she’s the one person that’s succeed in making him smile. Chiyuki is one of the most important characters in this anime, and hence, here is a character analysis of Chiyuki, also known as Kurokami no Onna.

As much as most of what the anime tells about Chiyuki came at the last episodes of the series, here’s an all-you-need-to-know about Chiyuki. I’m sure it’ll be a quick read. Enjoy!


Chiyuki’s story didn’t get told until later in the series, despite that she even made a rather regular appearance in Death Billiards (death parade’s OVA). And owing to bits of flashbacks, the visions she has in her dreams, and also her judgment test, for which Decim created an illusion of her being back to life, more about Chiyuki’s past got unearthed.

As a kid, she’s always liked having her parents read Chavvot to her. The book is about the love between Chavvot, a blind little girl, and Jimmy, her admirer. Chiyuki’s story after death began when upon arrival at Quindecim for judgment, she stated that she remembers that she was dead. This of course, is an anomaly and left Decim powerless. As a result, Decim decided to have her be his assistant in the meantime.

In the final episode of the series, it was revealed that since was a high schooler, she’d been a professional ice skater. But her life took a downside, when during a competition, in an attempt to try a stunt, she had received an injury that resulted in her not being able to skate again, thereby bringing her career to a sudden halt. Being unable to skate made her feel empty, lacking purpose, and she resolved to end her life, as it no longer held any meaning; which she did by cutting her wrists.

Death Parade Chiyuki Nameless Assistant Waking Up In Bed


Asides from the singular episode that Chiyuki was seen in bed, wearing a long nightgown; the first time she came to Quindecim, wearing a trouser that was rolled halfway to the knees, a brown sweater, black slip-on shoes and white ribbons on them, and a pendant, her dressing changed as she became Decim’s assistant.

All the while she’s worked in Quindecim, she had one singular outfit: a crop-top suit with elbow-length arms, a purple inner dress, and a short skirt held in place at her waist by a belt. She also wears simple ornaments like a bracelet on her right wrist, and a pendant on her neck.

In contrast to her boss’ appearance, she wears a bit of a smile and a more friendly look on her face, almost similar to Clavis’. She’s what one would define as petite, with her small nose, cute cherry-tinted little lips, fair complexion, and beautiful eyes, with pupils with the same color as her lips.


At some point in the series, after seeing how she often interfered in Decim’s judgment processes, making the fellow seem stupid or inconsiderate, one might’ve started disliking her a bit, but it only shows how compassionate she is, after all, she’s only human.

Chiyuki is the type of person you’d come to know as a silent but strong force to reckon with. She’s very reserved, quiet, humble, and respectful, but she wouldn’t hesitate to voice her opinion on matters whenever the situation calls for it. And she’s always one to speak out against any form of injustice or misjudgment or situation, no matter how minute or big it is, or who’s concerned, boss or worker.

She helped Decim understand more about humanity, in a bid to get him to make better judgments, and not just base them on people’s actions or past life, but also their emotions and feelings, and reasons.

Even though she wasn’t aware of it, she played a very key role in Nona’s little experiment, even though it made Decim pretty pitiful at the end, it did show some light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Death Parade Chiyuki Nameless Assistant Sad Eyes
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