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Death Parade Character Analysis: Ginti



November 25, 2022

Death Parade Ginti with Black Cat Death Parade Ginti with Black Cat
By: Prince Lammy

❝Humans all behave the same way, like idiots. They all forget that someday, they’re going to die, so the moment they come face to face with death, they cling to life.❞

- Ginti

Characters with twisted backstories and messed-up personalities have surfaced in a number of different anime that we’ve watched. As you spend more time getting to know Ginti, it becomes abundantly evident that he is a vicious and easily provoked individual. A large number of interesting people have appeared in episodes of Death Parade. From Decim to Tatsumi, to even the detective who witnessed a murder. Ginti stands alongside them in being a very unique and interesting character that the viewer gets to experience.

Ginti is a character who remains a mystery throughout Death Parade and is known to be intriguing. He has a deft way of getting under people’s skin, particularly when it comes to interacting with Decim, and that is what distinguishes him from the other arbiters in the series; he is the only one who seemingly does not like Decim.

Since you are a true Death Parade fan, I have no doubt that you are interested in learning more about Ginti’s salient characteristics. It’s possible that we’ll publish a whole series of articles like this one, each with a more in-depth character analysis. So, keep an eye out. Let’s get this shindig started without any more ado, shall we?


Ginti is always looking bored, and vexed, and entirely unsmiling. Apparently, his eyes are of the same design as other arbiters, just with a slightly different color. He’s always looking rather stern, and only ever smiles whenever he’s about to fight, or set a judgment game to a more difficult level, putting the people he’s to judge in extreme situations. His hair is tinted red, with small straight specks of gold showing in them, all packed together with a black band at the back.

He wears the usual arbiter’s uniform, a pair of leather shoes, a black vest that he wears over a white shirt, black slacks that are secured in a brown belt, an apron, and a pair of black leather shoes. His dressing is a lot more relaxed than Decim’s. He rolls the cuffs of his sleeves about halfway up his arms, and he undoes one of the buttons on the collar. He has his arbiter badge pinned to the left side of the vest he is wearing.

Death Parade Ginti Thinking Sad


Even though Ginti has some bits of semblance to the show’s protagonist, Decim, in terms of being unsmiling, Ginti is a much worse version of Decim. For someone like Ginti, the words nonchalant, wicked, and sadistic come to mind. Ginti’s personality might be described as abrasive and unpleasant, and he is prone to anger and irritation.

In addition to this, he is a violent person who enjoys getting into fights with Decim, just the sight of whose face enrages him. Ginti regards his role as an arbitrator as nothing more than a job that he has no choice but to perform because he has no other options.

In comparison to Decim, he interacts with his clients in a manner that is much more forthright and aggressive, providing them with less information and beginning the game sooner in order to complete it as soon as possible. However, during this process, he remains disinterested and indifferent while watching until he triggers the most extreme circumstances of the game, at which point he becomes his full sadistic self.

The fact that he takes pleasure in the anguish of his customers stems from the fact that he has an inferiority complex toward human beings. It would appear that he looks down on them as subhuman beings and even thinks that they shouldn’t be able to get along with arbiters. This is demonstrated by the fact that he is against Onna working for Decim as an assistant. Even his own human aide, Mayu Arita, can be a source of annoyance for him. He’s also against Decim and Chiyuki cohabiting together.


  • Transformation: as seen in Episode 5 during Quin’s test, Ginti has the ability to change his physical appearance, into that of anyone of his choosing (though it is unknown whether he can transform into someone of the opposite sex).
  • Water Orbs: just like Decim can control and manipulate strong tiny strings, Ginti is also capable of creating and manipulating water into orbs and controlling their movements, useful especially in fights. The water is usually contained in two wooden kokeshi dolls he keeps on his person.
Death Parade Ginti Water Droplets Ability
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