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Death Parade Episode Nine Review



June 13, 2022

Death Parade Episode 09 Death Counter Death Parade Episode 09 Death Counter
By: Prince Lammy

Death Parade Episode 09: Death Counter

One more step

Would it make me free?

I could fall into the darkness.

Realize that I am just so afraid.

And really, I was afraid this episode would have a very unpredictable ending. And yeah, I didn’t see that coming. It was so crazy, out of the blue, and I don’t even know what to say about it right now.

Where do I even start from? Okay, the whole drama is the continuation of episode eight, and it was just…

Let me take the review from here.

Story | 6/10

As Tatsumi and Shimada continue to play their game, Shimada realizes that he has already murdered someone; specifically, the guy who molested his sister Sae. Tatsumi remembers how he had slain the person who murdered his wife, as well as that Shimada had been the one who had put an end to his life.

It would appear that Tatsumi observed Sae being assaulted to amass sufficient evidence to pass judgment on the individual who committed the crime. On the other hand, Shimada was under the impression that Tatsumi was an active participant in Sae’s attack. He ultimately decided to end Tatsumi’s life by stabbing him.

Decim gives Shimada the chance to exact justice on Tatsumi by striking the pucks containing Tatsumi’s organs; however, his assistant rejects that and asserts that he cannot judge people’s souls based solely on their memories. Shimada cannot carry out the punishment because of his assistant’s objections.

She makes an effort to prevent Shimada from punishing Tatsumi. Still, Shimada cannot control his rage and ends up killing Tatsumi. His assistant’s comments take him by surprise as she insists that individuals are more complicated than they look on the surface. Decim is astounded by her assertions. At the very conclusion of the episode, we see the devil sitting atop the elevator, which hints that both Tatsumi Shimada has been sent to the void.

Tatsumi recoiling from the hit caused by the puck Shimada just scored which was linked to his heart

Art | 7/10

MADHOUSE is responsible for the animation of Death Parade. They were also responsible for the animation of Death Note (they enjoy programs about death, don’t they?). They (MADHOUSE) have a distinct aesthetic, contributing to the show’s overall atmosphere in several ways.

The strong use of shadow and dark colors contributes to the overall air of mystery that they create. Even though this episode begins and finishes in the Quindecim, it does not in any way have a claustrophobic feel.

Even though they jump about in time quite a bit because of the flashbacks, it never ceases to amaze me how much I can like watching the same place over and over again. There are a few incredible scenes that take place throughout the game that are just MADHOUSE displaying their animation abilities for the audience.

Even while I can’t speak for the entire program, I get the impression that some color coding is going on. Consider the character Decim, who, as I mentioned before, wears white for the living and black for the dead to symbolize life and death, respectively.

Tatsumi and Shimada’s pucks were red and blue (which depicted an acid and base theme). But in the end, they were both just not cut out for reincarnation (in my opinion).

Sound | 8/10

At this point, everyone has been talking about the opening tune of Death Parade, and there is a solid reason for this. The show’s themes are reflected in the music of the theme song, which is a total 180-degree departure from the show’s themes; nevertheless, the lyrics convey a different picture. You will replay the jingle at least a couple of times; that is certain.

Throughout the entirety of the episode, the soundtrack primarily focuses on conveying a feeling of mystery, dread, and loss to evoke an eerie mood. Taking into consideration the overall story, it is appropriate.

Shimada wanting running in a rage to go hit Shimada, after he realized the latter was a witness to his sister’s assault

The upbeat opening theme provides a sharp contrast to the soothing tune that plays during the credits. The song is not a headbanger as the introduction was, but it is still lovely to listen to. Music plays a prominent and significant role in many shows, and it assists in conveying feelings that cannot be expressed via words alone. The music included in this particular episode does not fall short in this regard.

Character | 7/10

I think I would give a brief about Tatsumi and Shimada’s profiles here. Then also a little about Decim and his assistant.

Tatsumi was a proud investigator who worked hard hours. His wife was gentle and caring, knowing the necessity of his profession and supporting him. His wife was brutally killed when he returned home. He killed her killer quickly.

In his delusional state, he heard her praise him, commencing his pursuit to kill criminals. He’d follow them, let them victimize someone, then kill them. Shimada eventually sought retribution against Sae’s rapist and Tatsumi, his alleged collaborator. When Tatsumi entered the stalker’s apartment to murder the rapist, Shimada killed Tatsumi and died from the rapist’s stab wound.

And about Shimada?

He was at first an amicable person. He was depicted as a pleasant and trustworthy youngster despite multiple part-time jobs to provide for them and secure their happiness. She feels safe with him, so he sets out to get back at the perpetrators, killing them all when he learns she has been attacked. When he learned about his sister’s abuse, he became enraged and swore vengeance on the perpetrators. The detective’s taunts contributed to his demise because of his easy irritation.

I was astonished when Decim started getting emotional, though, especially when his assistant started questioning the ideals behind his existence and judgments. And I do not know how, but Decim seemed affected by her words.

And against what I had initially thought, she actively impeded his judgment, as even the episode ended with no particular judgment to either Shimada or Tatsumi.

Enjoyment | 7/10

I can’t say much for enjoying this episode. It wasn’t something I liked—especially the revelations, finding out that Shimada had killed his sister’s assaulter and Shimada.

And to see that Shimada isn’t the composed fellow he seemed to be. The twists were pretty good but not something I would rejoice at and claim I enjoyed. But maybe I am just getting emotional about it. You could also see it, then understand what I’m saying.

Overall | 7/10

This particular episode was a lot of fun. With a handful of my pals, we all screamed as the twists were revealed and formed our hypotheses at the conclusion.

And to see that Shimada isn’t the composed fellow he seemed to be. The twists were pretty good but not something I would rejoice at and claim I enjoyed. But maybe I am just getting emotional about it. You could also see it, then understand what I’m saying.

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Decim’s assistant holding Shimada back from delivering a fatal blow to Tatsumi using the pucks
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