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Death Parade Episode Ten Review



June 13, 2022

Death Parade Episode 10 Story Teller Death Parade Episode 10 Story Teller
By: Prince Lammy

Death Parade Episode 10: Story Teller

Directed by Motohiro Abe, Story Teller told the story of the singular character who has managed to keep us wondering what her name and past life look like. But then there are times I doubt the real essence of her stay at Quindecim. And also, Decim’s reluctance to let her go.

Story | 7/10

After the last game, Decim doubts his ability to pass judgment on other individuals. Nona brings to his attention that he is required to continue passing judgment on his assistance to prevent the latter from becoming a fool if he does not.

He makes the decision not to have her memories conveyed to him. Instead, Nona provides him with a new visitor in the form of an older illustrator Sachiko Uemura. Playing a game of Old Maid with Decim, the helper, and the woman involves utilizing cards with designs that are based on things that are significant to each of them.

After telling them about the emotions experienced by the kids in the Chavvot narrative, Sachiko concludes that she has passed away due to the visions they see. At the same time, the assistant remembers that the woman’s name was Chiyuki.

When Sachiko is courteously departing to be reborn, Nona’s superior, Oculus, absorbs the memories of Clavis, the elevator operator, and discovers that Decim is exhibiting human feelings. During this time, Nona gives Quin the task of retrieving Chiyuki’s memories.

Art | 8/10

The animation for Death Parade was done by MADHOUSE. They also did the animation for the show "Death Note" (they like shows about death, don’t they?). They (MADHOUSE) have their style, which significantly adds to the show’s overall feel.

They create an overall feeling of mystery by using a lot of shadows and dark colors. Even though this episode starts and ends in the Quindecim, it does not feel cramped.

Uemura walking towards the bar just as they got out of the elevator and into Quindecim

Even though the flashbacks make them jump around in time, I’m always surprised by how much I like seeing the same place repeatedly. Throughout the game, some fantastic scenes are just MADHOUSE showing off their animation skills to the audience.

Even though I don’t know how the whole program works, I think some color coding is going on. Think about Decim, his assistant, and the bar. And the color semblance between the other arbiters and characters and their respective posts.

Sound | 8/10

There is a good reason why everyone has been discussing the opening music of Death Parade since everyone has brought it up.

The show’s themes are represented in the music of the theme song, which is a complete 180-degree change from the show’s themes; nevertheless, the words communicate a different picture than the music does. It is guaranteed that you will play the jingle at least a couple of times in your head after hearing it once.

To create an ominous atmosphere for the course of the episode, the score focuses primarily on evoking a sense of mystery, dread, and loss over the entirety of the program. When the entire narrative is considered, it makes sense to do so.

The calm song played throughout the credits is a striking contrast to the festive theme played at the show’s beginning. Although this song is not a headbanger like the one that came before it, it is nonetheless delightful to listen to.

Music plays a significant and vital role in many shows and helps transmit sentiments that cannot be described with words alone. This is one of the numerous ways music contributes to the artistic process. The episode in question features high-quality music and does not disappoint in this regard.

Character | 7/10

This episode gave a relatively slight yet pretty significant knowledge about Decim’s assistant. And finally, after some time, I discovered her real name is Chiyuki. So, let me discuss Sachiko Uemura, the older lady who partook in the game of cards they played.

But it was also revealed that even Decim started just like Chiyuki. He had opened his eyes and saw Nona without prior knowledge of his name or past. At that point, he had no name and realized he was to be an arbiter.

Nona requesting Chiyuki’s memories from Quin

Sachiko Uemura is the first lone player who was summoned to Quindecim to decide the fate of her soul and the woman with dark hair. She illustrated children’s books in addition to being married to the old guy who played Death Billiards.

She came across a card illustrated with a character she never got the chance to draw, so she deduced that she had passed away. However, she does not remember how she passed away and does not wish to learn how she passed away.

Instead, she is grateful to have seen her drawing come to life. Later on, when she watches cards with images from the Chavvot narrative, she describes the story and the author’s thoughts that went into it, which enabled the lady to recollect part of her childhood memories as well as her name, which was Chiyuki.

After the game’s conclusion, she will go on to have another life. She had lived a fulfilled life.

Decim, on the other hand, has started losing his touch as an arbiter. It seems like he’s just trying to keep Chiyuki longer in Quindecim than she should be there for.

Enjoyment | 6/10

I didn’t much enjoy this episode, maybe due to my waning like for Decim and the idea of Chiyuki still being in Quindecim.

And to realize that Decim isn’t the calm and collected individual he was. The twists were excellent, but they were not anything I would gloat over or say I liked doing in this game. On the other hand, I may be just becoming overly emotional about it. You may also see it, and then you’d comprehend what I’m trying to show you.

Overall | 7/10

I’d always enjoyed this series when judgment was a simple and direct thing until the advent of Decim’s assistant. And yeah, I just found out her name is Chiyuki (she also just remembered). And sooner than she or Decim thought, it finally came time for her judgment.

And as much as she’s helped Decim learn about human behavior. He’s taught her the way of arbiters; their relationship should’ve ended in this episode because I do not understand why she remained even after playing a game with another guest brought to Quindecim (which Decim also participated in) in the bar.

I would dare say Nona has made a mistake with her little experiment, and now that Oculus has found out, I would love to see what he would do about it.

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Oculus tapping into and extracting Clavis’ memories
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