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Parasyte: The Maxim Character Analysis: Uragami



April 08, 2023

Parasyte: The Maxim Character Analysis: Uragami Parasyte: The Maxim Character Analysis: Uragami

Parasyte: The Maxim, a popular anime series, introduces us to the character Uragami, a serial killer who cannibalizes his victims and has the ability to detect parasites, including Shinichi. Uragami is the only human antagonist in the series and is one of the primary villains.


Uragami has a pointed face, large ears, and messy brown hair (black in the manga). He wears a turquoise jacket and beige pants, and after his arrest, his hair is buzzed off, and he wears a prison jumpsuit. In the manga, he has a solid build, while in the anime, he has a skinny, sickly appearance.


Uragami is a savage and brutal killer who finds pleasure in murdering people. He questions why he is the way he is and believes himself to be a true human being. He berates others for not conforming to society's standards while being flippant and irreverent towards authority. He also appears apathetic towards death and gore, except when he's causing it. Uragami is willing to cooperate with the military to locate and kill only parasites but shows great fear when confronted by them, especially Gotou. However, he appears only slightly annoyed when in an identical situation with another human.


Uragami became obsessed with killing and cannibalizing people at some point in his life and became a wanted man. He was shown to have killed and presumably eaten the eyes of one woman and decapitated and had sex with another woman's body, eating parts of her breasts while doing so. Uragami is later shown sitting against a wall, laughing at the things he's done, with the corpse of a naked boy lying a few feet away, with four separate knives sticking out of his body.

One day Uragami notices something strange about certain people and begins to follow them, learning that they are parasites. Surprised to learn of another species that looks like a regular human, he starts searching for more of the creatures. He becomes wary of them finding him after following one of the monsters and watching it feed. The police soon arrive on the scene, and Uragami, who was recognized, is quickly arrested. He is put on death row, which he seems to be at peace with. At some point, Detective Hirama becomes aware of his ability and starts having Uragami screen several types of animals.


In the anime, Uragami is first seen atop a woman's corpse and laughing maniacally. Later, he is brought into a police interrogation room and is given the task of screening five people who claim to be able to sense parasites and see if they are parasites themselves. He is also checking to see if they have the same ability as him. After going through two men and a woman who he took fancy of, the police bring Shinichi into the interrogation room. Uragami demands the policeman to tell the young high schooler to look him in the eye. There is a moment of suspense until Uragami claims that he was only imagining Shinichi as a parasite, stating that "he might have potential, but what caught my eye wasn't anything like that," leading him into not being exactly sure of himself. He later gets taken away by the police.

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