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Parasyte: The Maxim - List of Characters



December 26, 2022

Parasyte The Maxim Parasyte The Maxim
By: Prince Lammy

Parasyte: The Maxim is an anime adaptation of an anime titled Parasyte, originally written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. However, MadHouse adapted the manga into an animation series with 24 episodes, which featured a variety of characters.
The following is a list of noteworthy characters from Parasyte, along with a brief overview to each of these characters.

Shinichi Izumi

Parasyte The Maxim Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi is the show’s main character. He used to be a timid and anxious boy, but after encountering Migi, the parasite that ate his right hand, he became very strong, cold and brash.


Parasyte The Maxim Migi

Migi is the parasite that ate and currently occupies Shinichi's right hand. Migi is always ever so blunt, but unlike other parasites, doesn’t need to kill humans for sustenance. Migi is also pretty much Shinichi’s adviser, and almost takes full control in the face of danger.

Satomi Murano

Parasyte The Maxim Satomi Murano

Satomi is a shy girl in Shinichi’s school. She fell in love with Shinichi for his caring and kind nature. And apart from Shinichi’s mother, she’s the only other person that noticed his character change after Migi came into his life.

Kana Kimishima

Parasyte The Maxim Kana Kimishima

Kana is an exuberant girl that moves in the company of some bad boys. she is stubborn, and is very outspoken. She also has a particular “psychic” ability to sense parasites, which led her to think Shinichi is her soulmate.

Yuko Tachikawa

Parasyte The Maxim Yuko Tachikawa

Yuko is the first of Satomi’s best friends. She is a meek girl, but always quick to catch on to small details. This led her to discovering her crush, Hide, is a parasite, nearly getting her killed.

Akiho Suzuki

Parasyte The Maxim Akiho Suzuki

Akiho is a small petite, but rather lousy girl. She is also Satomi’s other best friend. She’s not the type to ever keep her suspicions or observations to herself.


parasyte uragami

Uragami is a sadistic serial killer who’s made the police believe he has the ability to distinguish between humans and parasites. He escaped custody when entire military units were slaughtered in their operation to identify and kill some parasites.

Kazuyuki Izumi

Parasyte The Maxim Kazuyuki Izumi

Kazuyuki is Shinichi’s father. He’s usually carefree, and never was keen on minute observations until his wife died, and he started suspecting Shinichi of being infected by a parasite. He became an entirely different person after his wife died.

Nobuko Izumi

Parasyte The Maxim Nobuko Izumi

Nobuko is Shinichi’s mother. She is caring and doting to a fault, and noticed all small and major differences in her son, even when the father didn’t see them. she was beheaded by a parasite that needed a compatible body to relocate to.

Kazuki Nagai

Parasyte The Maxim Kazuki Nagai

Nagai is one of Shinichi’s classmates at school. He is an impatient lad. He also has a crush on Murano, making him hate Shinichi. His hatred towards Shinichi only changed when the fellow interfered as he was being beaten up by MItsuo’s gang.


Parasyte The Maxim Mitsuo

Mitsuo is a bad boy, apparently the second in command of a gang of high school boys. He also dotes on Kana, making him hate Shinichi, as she dotes on Shinichi

Makiko Hayase

Parasyte The Maxim Makiko Hayase

Makiko is a young school girl whose family owns a hotel in the town Shinichi’s father was hospitalized. During Shinichi’s stay at her family’s abode, she apparently developed feelings for him.

Mamoru Uda

Parasyte The Maxim Mamoru Uda

Uda is another fellow that had a body part taken over by a parasite, just like Shinichi. In Uda’s case, the parasite, named “Jaw” took over his jaw. Uda would cry over the slightest things, and is the exact opposite of what lives in his jaw.

Shiro Kuramori

Parasyte The Maxim Shiro Kuramori

Shiro is a private investigator that was hired by Reiko to stalk Shinichi. During that time, he was opportuned to record Shinichi’s fight with another parasite. He lost his family to the hands of some vengeful parasites.

Takeshi Hirokawa

Parasyte The Maxim Takeshi Hirokawa

Takeshi is a human, but a parasite sympathizer, and also the mayor of East Fukuyama City. He’s smart, and also politically inclined. He secretly manages a community of parasites, and uses his position as mayor to create safe havens for parasites to operate and feed from.

Reiko Tamura

Parasyte The Maxim Reiko Tamura

Reiko is a highly intelligent and cold parasite. But unlike most of her kind, Reiko is smart, and inquisitive as to the cause and nature of their existence amongst humankind, and all possibilities that abound with it. In her quest to understand human nature, she had Mr. A impregnate her, blend perfectly well into society and even raise her child. She was killed by a number of policemen after killing a detective.

Mr. A

Parasyte The Maxim Mr. A

A rash and rather thoughtless parasite who’d been with Reiko for some time. After she introduced him to Shinichi, he set out to kill Shinichi, and was stabbed by Shinichi in a fight.

Hideo Shimada

Parasyte The Maxim Hideo Shimada

Hideo is one of Reiko’s subordinates. She’d sent him to spy on Shinichi, and he tried to become Shinichi’s friend, even when he’s not trusted. Though he professes his distaste for murder, he secretly feeds on humans, and was later killed by Shinichi and Migi, after he accidentally went on a killing spree in the school.


Parasyte The Maxim Gotou

Gotou is one of the strongest series’ antagonists. He is an embodiment of 5 different parasites, all cohabiting one single human body. He proved a rather formidable opponent for Shinichi and Migi, and nearly killed the duo. He was later killed when Shinichi stabbed him with a poisoned pipe.


Parasyte The Maxim Miki

Miki is one of the parasites that resides in Gotou’s body. He’s the actual brain, and he’s the parasite that manages control and coordination of the other four parasites.


Parasyte The Maxim Kusano

Kusano is one of Reiko’s loyalists. But after he saw how serious Reiko was about protecting Shinichi, he and the other loyalists, Hikawa and Maesawa set out to kill Reiko, and failed.

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