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Code of Nine - Board Game - Z-Man Games

Code of Nine - Board Game - Z-Man Games

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Dystopian Setting: Immerse yourself in a world where humanity is a distant memory, and automata seek to fulfill their final will.

Memory Reconstruction: Piece together fragments of human will scattered among fellow automatons to gain victory points.

Strategic Gameplay: Navigate five rounds of gameplay, strategically choosing actions to acquire valuable items and peek at opponents' memory cards.

Variable Victory Conditions: Victory points are determined by the memory cards dealt at the start of the game, offering varied gameplay experiences.

Community: Designed for 3–4 players, fostering engaging gameplay experiences with friends and family.

Playing Time: Enjoy approximately 40 minutes of immersive gameplay in each session.

Age Recommendation: Suitable for players aged 13 and above, offering challenging gameplay mechanics and strategic depth for older players.

Product Description


In the dystopian world of "Code of Nine," humanity is but a distant memory, and you, an automaton, have awakened to a world in ruin. Armed with fragments of the human will, scattered among your fellow automatons, your mission is clear: piece together these fragments to fulfill the final will of humanity.

Originally released as Old World And Code Of Nine (OWACON), this card-based board game challenges players to reconstruct long-lost memories in a battle for victory points (VPs). The key to victory lies in the eight memory cards dealt at the game's onset, with each player granted access to only two of these elusive fragments.

As players navigate the game's five rounds, they must strategically choose actions to acquire valuable items such as coins, books, statues, or legacies. Additionally, players have the option to peek at their opponents' memory cards, adding an element of intrigue and deduction to the gameplay.

Upon the game's conclusion, scores are tallied, and the player with the most points emerges victorious. Will you succeed in piecing together the fragments of humanity's final will and claim victory in the desolate world of "Code of Nine"? Prepare to unravel mysteries, make strategic decisions, and emerge as the ultimate automaton in this gripping board game experience from Z-Man Games.

Box Contents


28 Cards

1 Board

31 Item tokens

12 Player pawns

4 Will markers

4 Player sheets

4 Memory lists

1 Round marker

Score sheets

1 rulebook

Product Information


Manufacturer: Z-man Games

Year Manufacturered : 2012

Item Weight: 1.91 pounds

Item UPC: 681706716008

Manufacturer Description


The world is in ruin. Humankind is but a distant memory, and only now have you awoken. You are an automaton in possession of several fragments that once held the will of the human race. The other fragments lie in the hands of your fellow automatons. You must investigate and piece together these fragments so that you alone may fulfill the final will of humanity.

Code of Nine — first released as Old World And Code Of Nine or OWACON — is a card-based board game in which the goal is to puzzle together long-gone memories. Players battle for victory points (VPs), but what will generate VPs is decided by eight so-called memory cards that are dealt at the start of the game, with each player getting to look at only two of these.

Each round, players choose actions that gain certain items such as coins, books, statues, or legacies, or perhaps to peek at the other players' memory cards.

After five rounds, the score is calculated, and whoever has the most points wins.

About the Manufacturer


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Explore beyond the tabletop with Z-man Games merchandise, featuring officially licensed products inspired by the rich themes and characters from their acclaimed board games. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product captures the essence of the tabletop experiences that have made Z-man Games a standout in the gaming industry. From exclusive apparel and collectibles to accessories that enhance your gaming sessions, our Z-man Games Products allow you to express your passion for tabletop gaming with authenticity and style. Elevate your gaming nights and discover a world of strategic possibilities with our thoughtfully selected Z-man Games offerings.

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