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Magical Athlete - Board Game - Z-man Games

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Product Description

Looking for a fun and challenging board game to play with friends and family? Look no further than Magical Athlete by Z-Man Games! This exciting game takes players on a journey through the world of Japanese racing and sports competition. With its colorful and engaging design, Magical Athlete is part of the popular Grimpeur series and comes in a small box with modest components.

At the start of the game, each player receives a set amount of seed money to draft their team of racers. Each racer has a unique power that can modify movement rules or give extra pre- or post-race abilities. Racers come out in random order, and players can choose to shift unbought racers down the board to decrease their prices. A new card is then added to the display, and if all spaces are full, players must buy one.

Once players have their racers, they'll compete in four or five races against each other. For each race, players secretly and simultaneously choose a racer, then roll a d6 and move their racer in turn order. Special powers can modify movement throughout the race, adding an element of surprise and strategy.

At the end of each race, the first two finishers score victory points (VP), with more VP awarded in later races. The player with the most VP after all races is declared the winner of the game.

Magical Athlete is a thrilling and magical adventure that requires strategy and careful planning. Its compact size makes it perfect for taking on the go, and it's sure to provide hours of fun for players of all ages. So gather your friends and family, and get ready to race your way to victory with Magical Athlete!


  • Exciting and challenging board game set in the world of Japanese racing and sports competition.
  • Unique racers with special powers that modify movement rules and provide strategic abilities.
  • Strategic gameplay with drafting, adjusting prices, and secret racer selection.
  • Engaging races with dice rolling and surprise elements.
  • Compact size for easy portability and suitable for players of all ages.

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