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Malta! - Card Game - Z-Man Games

Malta! - Card Game - Z-Man Games

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Dynamic Gameplay: Draw, play, and move strategically to outwit opponents and avoid elimination.

Unique Card Abilities: Use cards to remove spaces, teleport, or even catapult opponents across the board.

Crazy Party Atmosphere: Enjoy a chaotic yet entertaining game where the goal is simply to avoid losing.

Player Interaction: Engage with 2 to 6 players in a fast-paced game of wit and strategy.

Quick Playtime: Experience thrilling gameplay in just 30 minutes, making it perfect for quick sessions.

Age Recommendation: Suitable for players aged 8 and above, ensuring fun for the whole family.

Product Description


In Malta!, players embark on an engaging journey of strategy and group dynamics in this light yet captivating card game designed for two or more players. Set on a dynamic modular board featuring moving, turning, and disappearing spaces, the game challenges participants to secure advantageous positions while cultivating a strong hand of cards.

Each turn unfolds with players strategically drawing cards based on their piece's location, strategically playing half of their cards, and navigating the board. The stakes are high as players risk elimination by depleting their cards during their turn or finding themselves stranded on a space with no viable moves.

With a range of card effects spanning from advantageous to treacherous, each decision holds significant weight. The allure of playing more cards may offer benefits, yet it also carries the risk of unforeseen consequences. As players vie for supremacy and outmaneuver their opponents, only the most astute strategist will emerge victorious, evading elimination and securing victory.

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Malta! - Card Game

Product Information


Manufacturer: Z-man Games

Year Manufacturered : 2010

Item Weight: 0.8 pounds

Item UPC: 681706040561

Manufacturer Description


Malta! is an easy-to-learn, light strategy/group game for at least two players. On a modular board with moving, turning, and disappearing spaces, players vie for a good board position and a strong hand. On every turn, players draw based on their piece's location, play half their cards, and move. They lose if they run out of cards during their turn or are in a space where they cannot move. The cards' effects vary from useful to nasty, and so playing more cards may be more of a curse than a blessing. As players get eliminated, will you be the only player to not lose?

About the Manufacturer


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