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One Piece: Drum Island Arc | Summary, Recap & Review

Join Luffy & the Straw Hats on Drum Island! Find a cure for Nami, and forge new friendships with Chopper, the talking reindeer doctor!



The Drum Island arc is a compelling journey that excels in character development, as it showcases Luffy and the Straw Hats' pursuit of a cure for Nami while forging touching friendships with Chopper and delivering a powerful message of hope and acceptance.


  • Chopper's tragic past and his journey toward acceptance and hope make for compelling storytelling
  • The bond that grows between the crew members, their determination, and acts of bravery add depth to the narrative


  • Lengthy Flashbacks
  • Wapol's motivations as a villain are not well developed
One Piece Drum Island Arc One Piece Drum Island Arc

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Welcome to an exciting new chapter in the vast world of One Piece! In the Drum arc, our beloved Straw Hat Pirates venture into a land shrouded in snow and mystery. In this epic story, Luffy and his crew desperately search for a doctor capable of curing Nami's serious illness.

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However, what begins as a rescue mission turns into an exciting odyssey full of dangers, surprises and a destiny that will leave an indelible mark on history. So, get ready to dive into the arc of Drum, where friendship, courage and hope meet in the heart of the eternal snow.

One Piece Drum Island Arc Summary & Recap

Life or Death: Nami Needs a Cure

One Piece Nami Sick

The arc begins with our favorite crew on their way to a new island, but what seemed to be a quiet day on the Grand Line everyone is taken by surprise when fever strikes Nami after her adventure in Little Garden.

But don't worry, because the intrepid Straw Hat Pirates are in search of a cure. Their destination takes them to the mysterious winter island of Drum, but before they arrive, they are ambushed by the eccentric pirate Wapol and his uncanny ability to eat anything thanks to his Devil Fruit.

One Piece Captain Wapol first appears in front of the Straw Hats

But here comes Luffy, ready for an epic fight! With a single punch, he sends Wapol and his gang flying, leaving them in the dust as our heroes continue their journey to Drum Island.

One Piece Luffy blasts Wapol away from his own ship at sea

And so begins an action-packed adventure full of surprises!

The Kingdom of Drum

One Piece Dalton

Upon reaching the island, the Straw Hat Pirates are attacked again, this time by the island's own inhabitants, but before the attack could get any worse, the brave Dalton, former captain of the king's guard and now considered the leader by the island's inhabitants, rescues them and tells them of the desperate situation Drum finds itself in.

In Drum, the island fell under the tyrannical reign of King Wapol, the same pirate as before, who heartlessly ousted the majority of the island's doctors and retained the top 20 for his personal use. The residents of Drum were left with no choice but to plead with the king for medical aid, and if fortune favored them, they would be burdened with exorbitant fees for his services.

But wait, here comes the twist!

A powerful pirate named Blackbeard appears and terrorizes Wapol and his henchmen - the king's cowardice is so great that he flees without a fight! Now, there is only one doctor left on the island: Dr. Kureha, an eccentric and powerful woman they call a witch. She is the only hope for the inhabitants of Drum; her home is the imposing Drum Island Castle, located atop the majestic Drum Rockies.

The Dangerous Ascent: Luffy and his Confrontation with the Lapahns

One Piece Luffy and Sanji climb the snowy mountain carrying sick Nami

When Luffy and Sanji learn that Nami needs urgent medical help and that the only one who can help her is that eccentric doctor, they embark on a dangerous mission to the top of Drum Mountain.

On their ascent, our brave pirates are attacked by ferocious giant rabbits called Lapahns. The battle causes an avalanche and Sanji is injured while protecting Nami and Luffy. Wasting no time, Luffy carries Nami and Sanji and continues his arduous journey to the top of the mountain, his hands and feet severely damaged.

One Piece Dr Kureha and Chopper receive Luffy and Nami

Finally, exhausted and on the verge of collapse, Luffy arrives at Drum Castle, where he finds Dr. Kureha and her strange assistant, the curious Dr. Chopper. Dr. Kureha and Chopper take charge of Nami, Luffy and Sanji's health, providing their care and medical wisdom.

One Piece Chopper looks at Luffy with intrigue

In the midst of all this, Wapol, the villain who once ruled Drum Island, returns with his crew. Dalton confronts Wapol and reveals his supernatural power by transforming into a bison. Although he gets wounded, Dalton fights with unflagging determination.

Chopper's Tragic Story and his Encounter with Dr. Kureha

One Piece Chopper outcast by deer blue nose

Meanwhile, Chopper reveals his incredible ability to transform into a blue-nosed reindeer that can talk and walk on two legs. Although Luffy and Sanji initially try to catch him, they soon realize that Chopper is more than just an animal and are amazed by his unique ability.

Dr. Kureha shares with Sanji and Nami Chopper's tragic past. He is a reindeer who gained human form and abilities after eating the Hito Hito Devil Fruit, which allowed him to transform into a reindeer-human hybrid. Chopper led a lonely and outcast life due to his unusual appearance and blue nose.

He was shunned by his reindeer herd because of his different appearance. His blue nose made him stand out and the other reindeer considered him an anomaly. In his search for acceptance, Chopper found Dr. Hiriluk, an eccentric and kind-hearted healer. The doctor took the badly injured Chopper into his home, cared for him, and gave him the name: "Tony Tony Chopper" because he reminded him of a reindeer from a children's story.

Chopper was the only person that we know Hiriluk cured, since he was really a mediocre doctor. In addition, Hiriluk gave Chopper his characteristic hat and was the one who taught him about human kindness and the importance of hope.

Hiriluk's Sacrifice and Chopper's Legacy

One Piece Dr Hiriluk Teaches Chopper medicine

Under Hiriluk's tutelage, Chopper learned about human behavior and the conviction to become a pirate. He also taught him the meaning of the pirate flag, a symbol of defiance and hope.

After a year, Hiriluk expelled Chopper from his home for what seemed to be no reason. What the doctor didn't tell Chopper, was that he had an incurable disease and had very little time left to live.

Chopper became aware of the disease that afflicted Hiluluk, and went in search of a mushroom that he believed was miraculous and could cure his illness. Unfortunately Chopper believed this because in the book in which he found it, there was a skull that indicated it was poisonous. Chopper, innocently remembering Hiluluk's cross-boned skull speech, thought it would save him.

With no time to hesitate, Chopper set off in search of the mushroom. On the way, he ran into the leader of his old pack, and had a brief duel with him.

Finally, after going through several difficulties, Chopper got the mushroom and took it to Dr. Hiluluk. The doctor could see how the little reindeer had been  wounded from his journey and noticed he was even missing one of its horns. Hiriluk cried with joy to see how brave Chopper was to look for the mushroom. Even though he knew it was poisonous, he made a medicine out of it, which he would later take.

One Piece Chopper arrives with the mushrom Dr Hiriluk needed to cure his illness

One Piece Dr Hiriluk hugs chopper in tears

Chopper, believing that the mushroom could save Hiriluk, decided to stay at home to heal and rest from his own wounds. It was at this time that Kureha, a close friend of Hiriluk's, arrived at the house and met Chopper. she learned that Hiriluk had consumed a poison mushroom and explained to Chopper that the skulls in the medicine books are poison warnings and not pirate flags.

Understanding the situation, Chopper hurried to the castle where Hiriluk was. The latter had been informed that the Ishi-20, a group of doctors, were sick and had left for Wapol Castle to cure them. However, upon arrival, Chopper discovered that it was a trap to banish Hiriluk from the country.

Despite the sad revelation, Hiriluk expressed his joy at discovering that the doctors were healthy and, with a last spark of hope to save his country, decided to sacrifice himself with nitroglycerin. Before leaving, he mentally confessed to Chopper that the mushroom he consumed was not responsible for his death.

One Piece Dr Hiriluk shares his dream with his son Chopper

This painful experience left Chopper with a grieving heart, but also with an even stronger commitment to become a physician and honor the spirit of Hiriluk. Chopper was devastated. But his mentor's legacy lives on in Chopper, who decides to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. Thus, Chopper joins Dr. Kureha and begins his apprenticeship in medicine while living with her.

The Final Battle: Luffy vs. Wapol and the Victory of the Straw Hat Pirates

One Piece Luffy screams at Chopper to ask him to join his crew

Returning to the present, Wapol and his main henchmen, Chess and Kuromarimo, arrive at the castle to once again claim it as their own.

While Kuromarimo distracts the crew by throwing sticky afros at Sanji, Wapol takes the opportunity to reach the armory and devour a cannon. This reveals another ability of his Baku Baku Fruit, the Baku Baku Factory, which allows him to fuse parts of objects he has eaten with his own body and change his physical form.

One Piece Figures Statues

Wapol's arms transform into cannons and he begins firing at Dr. Hiriluk's flag on top of the castle, a flag that Chopper had placed in Hiriluk's honor. Chopper fails to protect the flag from the cannon shots, but Luffy protects it instead by absorbing the shots with his body.

Our heroes do not give up and fight bravely against Wapol and his henchmen. Chopper proves his worth as a medic and fights Chessmarimo, a combination of two of Wapol's minions, using his Rumble Ball and new transformations.

Finally, we reach the climax of the battle, where Luffy comes face to face with Wapol and his Baku Baku Factory. With his Gum Gum ability and the help of his friends, Luffy defeats Wapol and saves the island from his tyrannical reign.

One Piece Luffy defeats Wapol finally

One Piece Luffy sends Wapol flying once again

Dr. Kureha agrees to temporarily join the Straw Hat Pirates to help Nami, and Chopper officially becomes the Straw Hat Pirates' doctor!

Themes of the Drum Island Arc

One Piece Chopper Receives his iconic hat

Chopper conveys to us several life messages throughout his story. Here are some of them:

Accepting Oneself: Despite being different, Chopper learns to accept himself and finds his own worth after transforming into a reindeer-human hybrid due to the Devil's Fruit he ate.

Overcoming Loneliness and Finding Friendship: Chopper experienced rejection and loneliness because of his unusual appearance. However, when he meets the Straw Hat Pirates, he finds a group of people who accept him as he is, and considers him a true friend.

The Importance of Hope: Through his mentor, Dr. Hiriluk, Chopper learns about the importance of hope and human kindness. Despite challenges and adversity, Chopper finds the strength to move forward and become a doctor to help others.

One Piece Drum Island Arc Review

Chopper's Journey: A Heartwarming Celebration on Drum Island

One Piece the Straw Hats celebration for Chopper joining the crew

The Drum Island arc in One Piece is an exciting and heartwarming adventure. This arc presents a captivating story in which the Straw Hat Pirates face both physical and emotional challenges as they search for a doctor to cure Nami.

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The introduction of the character of Chopper, a reindeer with human abilities and a tragic past, adds depth and excitement to the plot. In addition, the relationship that develops between Chopper and the other members of the crew highlights the importance of friendship and mutual support.

With its message about acceptance and hope, the Drum Island arc leaves a lasting impression and stands out as one of the highlights of the series.

One Piece Going Merry Drum Island

Chopper's story is a powerful lesson on the importance of friendship, being one of my favorite characters, Chopper shows us the importance of hope and inner courage, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, we can find strength to move forward and make a difference in the lives of others.

Overall Score: 9/10

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