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One Piece: G-8 Arc (Filler) | Summary, Recap & Review

See the hidden gem of One Piece, the G8 filler arc! Action, humor, and character development blend seamlessly in this beautifully written filler!



The G-8 Arc is incredible for its exceptional writing within a filler arc, solidifying its status as a must-watch for One Piece enthusiasts.


  • Has amazing writing for a filler arc
  • It's very fun to watch and has great humor
  • Condoriano AKA Con D. Oriano


  • The arc is filler and non canon
One Piece G-8 G8 Arc One Piece G-8 G8 Arc

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Any One Piece fan knows that as soon as a big arc ends in the anime, we’re getting a filler arc. Set against the backdrop of the Sky Island Saga's conclusion, this arc introduces us to an unexpected twist that ensnares the Straw Hat crew within the impenetrable confines of a Marine base.

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As they face the daunting task of survival and reclaiming the Going Merry, our favorite pirates scatter, each with their own strategy to navigate the treacherous waters ahead. Get ready for a compelling narrative filled with action and humor as the Straw Hats attempt to escape the clutches of G-8 and continue their epic adventure!

One Piece G-8 Arc Summary & Recap

Stranded in G-8: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

One Piece G-8 the Going Merry Captured

As the Straw Hat crew descends from the mysterious Skypiea, their beloved ship, the Going Merry, becomes ensnared within the impregnable waters of the Marine base G-8.

What follows is a high-stakes situation where the crew members must scatter and devise clever plans to survive, regain control of their ship, and make their escape. This initial premise sets the stage for an enthralling story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the crew's next move.

Like many other filler arcs, one of the main aspects of the G-8 Arc is that it explores the Straw Hats on a personal level. And, once again, like other fillers, it gives individual members their turn in the spotlight.

Hiding in Plain Sight

One Piece G-8 Luffy Hiding Behind Marine Peace Signs

To begin, we have Sanji and Luffy impersonating a pair of famous cooks, The Marley Brothers, whom were supposed to arrive at the Marine base. While doing that, they meet Jessica, the head cook of the base. Sanji’s incredible culinary abilities immediately catch her complete attention, and well... everything of her, gets Sanji’s attention.

One Piece G-8 Sanji Cooking For Marines

The Marley Brothers subplot expands on the dedication of Sanji for his craft, and his commitment to avoiding food waste and getting the most out of every ingredient. While at the same time, this gives Luffy an opportunity to be inside a big kitchen with tons of food. So you can imagine the humorous turns this subplot has all over the arc.

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Simultaneously, Nami assumes the role of a cunning janitor, masterfully manipulating situations to create chaos for the real Marley Brothers. Her quick thinking and resourcefulness become evident as she guides them astray within the labyrinthine fortress of G-8. Nami's role as a key strategist within the crew is emphasized, as she adeptly navigates challenges, injects mischief into the arc, and keeps viewers entertained and engrossed.

The Hidden Secrets of G-8

One Piece G-8 Robin impersonating Shepherd

Somewhere else in the base, Usopp and Robin find themselves in a curious predicament. While Usopp is driven to swiftly locate the Going Merry, Robin realizes the value in gathering crucial intelligence about G-8.

Adding intrigue to the arc is a man named Shepherd, a Special Investigator whose presence unravels a web of deception and exposes the true nature of G-8. His appearance challenges the crew's assumptions and sets the stage for a thrilling clash of ideologies. One of Shepherd’s main goals in this visit is to shut down the G-8, as he deems their ideology to be useless.

Chopper and Nami's Medical Marvels

One Piece G-8 Chopper and Nami impersonating marine doctors

In the midst of the chaos at G-8, Chopper finds himself mistaken for a "good luck tanuki" and pursued by Marines. Seeking refuge, he hides in a box of medical supplies, which is delivered to the medical center. There, he encounters Dr. Kobato, a pediatrician with a fear of blood.

When injured Marines arrive, Chopper disguises himself as a medical professional and assists Dr. Kobato in treating them. Nami eventually disguises herself as a nurse and joins forces with Chopper.

Ambushes, Escapes, and Showdowns

One Piece G-8 Vice Admiral Jonathan with Shepherd

As the arc progresses, the tension escalates, leading to intense confrontations and heart-pounding escapes. From Luffy and Sanji's encounter with Commander Jonathan, recognizing Luffy's astronomical bounty, to Usopp's desperate attempts to deceive the Marines and save his imprisoned crewmates, the arc is filled with exhilarating action sequences.

Eventually, the showdown occurs between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Hot Wind Marines. The battle seems to extend way beyond expected, considering the fact that the Straw Hat crew still needs to find a way to get the Going Merry Go out of the base.

After retrieving their treasure and finding a way to free the Going Merry, the Straw Hats make one final push for freedom. However, to the viewer's surprise, they end up extending a helping hand to Vice Admiral Jonathan right at the end.

One Piece G-8 Arc Review

The G8 Arc: A Hidden Gem in the One Piece Universe

One Piece G-8 Luffy faces the G-8 Marine Base

Despite being a filler arc, it successfully captures the same essence that the canon series has, combining action, humor, and character development in a captivating narrative. The arc's unique storyline and memorable moments make it a delightful addition to the One Piece series. Additionally, it introduces the legendary Condoriano!

One Piece G-8 Condoriano Con D. Oriano Bounty Wanted Poster

One of the things that really makes it stand out from most other filler arcs is how well the characters and situations blend in with the entire narrative. Typically, filler arcs introduce the plot in a way that feels disconnected from the canon story, but that's not the case with this arc.

One Piece G-8 The Straw Hat Crew

Another thing worth noting is that up to this point, the only Marine Admiral that had played a role in the anime was Aokiji. In the G-8 arc, the show makes a lot of mentions of Akainu, an incredibly important character later on in the story. Not to mention that in this arc we see an introduction to who actually repaired the Going Merry Go at Skypiea. A mystery that would be deeper explored in Water 7.

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Something else worth noting is that this is still the longest filler arc to this point. It was originally considered for the plot of a One Piece movie instead, but it ended up being part of the anime. Not to mention, it is this arc that Luffy makes his mind on getting a couple new members for the crew, a shipwright, and also a musician (although the musician crew member was referenced once before much earlier on in the series).

One Piece G-8 The Going Merry Flies Away Octopus Balloon

For once, we can finally announce a filler arc that is worth not skipping. Not because it will have deeper importance in the story down the road, but because of how enjoyable and harmless it is. It nicely encapsulated everything there is of the One Piece spirit!

Final Score: 8.5/10

One Piece G-8 G8 Arc Poster

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