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One Piece: Jaya Arc | Summary, Recap & Review

Join Luffy's crew in the Jaya Arc of One Piece, where dreams, pirates, and mysteries lead to the legendary Sky Island!



The Jaya Arc delivers a solid narrative with memorable characters and themes of dreams. Overall, an impressive arc.


  • The arc has that adventure and treasure vibe that we all want to see in a pirate anime.
  • Blackbeard!!!!!!


  • Brief and somewhat underdeveloped Bellamy conflict.
One Piece Jaya Arc One Piece Jaya Arc

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In the vast world of One Piece, where dreams set sail and extraordinary adventures unfold, the Jaya Arc stands as a crucial chapter in the grand tapestry of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates' journey. As the twelfth story arc of both the manga and anime, it serves as the first arc of the Sky Island Saga, introducing us to the enigmatic realm above the clouds.

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With its enthralling narrative, memorable characters, and the pursuit of dreams, the Jaya Arc offers fans and newcomers alike an exhilarating taste of the boundless wonders that await them in the world of One Piece.

One Piece Jaya Arc Summary

Setting Sail to the Skies

One Piece Jaya Island Arc a giant ship falls from the sky

Now that princess Vivi is safe in Arabasta and the kingdom seems to be ready to go in a new direction, and all the filler arcs gone by, the Jaya Arc strikes right away with a mysterious pirate ship falling from the sky. This is already something you have to see to believe and will set the tone for the rest of the arc.

As the Straw Hats delve into the depths of the sunken ship, they unearth a treasure trove of secrets. A map, adorned with the name Skypiea, hints at a land shrouded in mystery. Intrigued by the ship's origin, which can be traced back over 200 years, the crew becomes determined to salvage its remnants, driven by an insatiable curiosity.

One Piece Jaya Arc Map Of Jaya Island

Their salvage efforts are disrupted when they encounter a formidable pirate crew led by Masira, who claims dominion over the territory and all sunken ships within. A clash of wills ensues as the Straw Hats and Masira's crew vie for control. Just as tensions reach their peak, the unexpected emerges—a colossal sea turtle engulfs the ship, leaving the crew scrambling for safety.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Masira

In the face of uncertainty, Nico Robin takes charge, seizing an opportunity to gather more information. With an eternal pose in hand, she sets her course for the nearby island of Jaya, in search of answers that may unlock the secrets of Skypiea.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc giant shadow figures

The Straw Hat crew's encounter with the sky-fallen ship marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey. With each revelation, they inch closer to the fabled Sky Island, where wonders and dangers await.

Confronting Dreams and Cruelty in Mock Town

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Straw Hats Arrive at Mock Town

Meanwhile, in the city of Mock Town, a high-stakes poker game sets the stage for conflict when Roshio the Executioner, armed with a 48 million bounty, triumphs over the notorious pirate Hyena Bellamy, whose bounty amounts to 55 million. Accusations of cheating lead to a violent confrontation, with Bellamy resorting to a ruthless attack on Roshio, leaving the crew's fate hanging in the balance.

As fate would have it, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami find themselves in Mock Town, inadvertently stumbling upon a web of deception and intrigue. Unaware to them, Blackbeard's crew lurked in the backdrop of their journey. Their encounter with Sarquiss of the Bellamy Pirates sets the stage for a clash of ideals, with insults hurled and a glimpse into a pirate's "New Age."

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Bellamy and his crew mock Luffy

Bellamy's distorted vision of the "New Age" shatters the dreams of countless pirates, dismissing the pursuit of legendary treasures like the City of Gold and the One Piece as futile. Instead, he preaches the worthlessness of dreams and advocates for seizing immediate gains. The bar erupts into chaos as Bellamy launches a vicious attack on Luffy and Zoro, goaded by the crowd's contempt.

In the face of adversity, Luffy and his crew refuse to yield to the storm of ridicule and violence. Drawing inspiration from the valorous actions of Shanks and his crew in the face of unprovoked aggression, they hold fast to their principles. Nami's pleas fall on determined ears, as they opt not to fight back, demonstrating their unwavering belief in the value of dreams and the pursuit of true treasures.

The Dreamless City, Mock Town, becomes a battleground of ideologies with dreams and aspirations pitted against cynicism and immediate gratification.

The First Clash Between Blackbeard and Luffy

One Piece Jaya Arc Luffy meets Blackbeard at a bar in Mock Town

Without big bells and whistles, One Piece delivers one of the most unique and characteristic villain introductions in the history of anime. It presents the Blackbeard character in the most relaxed and funny way.

A mere discussion in a bar about opposite tastes in foods and drinks, and an immediate friction and rivalry between the Straw Hat Luffy and Blackbeard. Even though they don’t engage in a real fight, it’s not the unusual friendly encounter you see Luffy have all the time. This time you could clearly see what could happen when there’s a complete opposite person sharing the screen with Luffy.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Luffy Blackbeard First Meet Clash

But what makes it even more interesting is that they are not really totally opposites, and this is proven by Teach himself. Blackbeard praises Luffy for his will and strength, and encourages to follow his dreams. Clearly Blackbeard is also following his dream, and knows that this whole “New Era” of pirates is just a fad among some of the new generation.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Blackbeard gives speech to Luffy

Even though he never formally introduces himself to Luffy, Blackbeard is to date one of the main villains in the series, and one of the most important, dangerous, and infamous pirates in the entire sea.

Legends, Lies, and the Search for Sky Island

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Mont Blanc Cricket

After getting up and leaving the bar, Marshall D. Teach praises Luffy and his wisdom to not engage in ridiculous unnecessary fights against those unworthy of it, and encourages the Straw Hat captain to keep following his dreams and to keep on believing. After this brief encounter, Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, went back to their ship.

Their journey led them to Robin, who unveiled a crucial piece of information—Mont Blanc Cricket, residing on the other side of the island, might hold the key to reaching Sky Island. Intrigued, they set out to find Cricket, unaware of the astonishing lineage they were about to uncover.

One Piece Figures Statues

Arriving at Cricket's home, the crew discovered a dusty book, revealing the captivating story of Mont Blanc Noland, also known as Liar Noland. Centuries ago, Noland had embarked on a perilous expedition through the enigmatic Grand Line. During his travels, he stumbled upon a breathtaking City of Gold. Determined to share his discovery, Noland returned home and convinced the king to accompany him on his second journey to the island.

One Piece Jaya Island arc the book the tale of Nolan the Liar

To their dismay, upon reaching the island, the City of Gold had vanished into thin air. Betrayed by their own eyes, anger consumed the king, accusing Noland of deception. Despite facing certain death, Noland adamantly proclaimed his innocence, insisting that the City of Gold had sunk beneath the waves. Alas, his words fell on deaf ears, and he was unjustly executed.

Little did they know, Cricket, a descendant of Noland, had dedicated his life to unveiling the truth behind the legend. He dove into the treacherous depths of the ocean day after day, risking injury in his unwavering pursuit of evidence. Moved by his determination, the Straw Hat Pirates joined forces with Cricket and his loyal allies, Masira and Shoujou, forming the Saruyama Alliance.

One Piece Jaya Island the Saruyama Alliance

Cricket revealed a tantalizing possibility—the fabled Sky Island could only be reached by braving the immense power of the "Knock Up Stream," a colossal geyser that surged from the depths of the ocean. To prepare for this extraordinary feat, the crew ventured into the dense forest, on a quest to capture a rare South Bird—a feathered guide that always pointed south.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Mont Blanc Cricket Straw Hats

As the Straw Hat Pirates embarked on their South Bird search, the Saruyama Alliance tirelessly worked to upgrade the Going Merry, their trusty ship, fortifying it to withstand the tremendous forces of the Knock Up Stream.

Clash of Dreams: Luffy's Triumph Over Bellamy

One Piece Jaya Arc Bellamy the Hyena

Amidst the unfolding tale of adventure and discovery, a pivotal moment arises when the tenacious Captain Luffy faces off against the audacious Bellamy, setting the stage for a showdown that would reverberate throughout the seas.

Learning of Cricket's triumphant unearthing of gold, Bellamy and his crew succumb to the allure of greed, orchestrating a treacherous assault to claim the treasure as their own. Employing his formidable "Bane Bane no Mi" Devil Fruit powers, Bellamy unleashes a barrage of attacks, inflicting grave injuries upon Cricket and his comrades.

Returneth the Straw Hat crew, bearing the South Bird—their unyielding spirit aflame.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Zoro holds the South Bird

Determined to reclaim what is rightfully Cricket's, Luffy resolutely confronts Bellamy, demanding the return of the stolen gold. Undeterred by Bellamy's mockery and disdain for dreams, Luffy endures the onslaught of his adversary's devilish abilities without retaliating, steadfast in his resolve.

Fueled by mounting frustration and unyielding determination, Luffy reaches his breaking point when Bellamy launches his ultimate assault, Spring Hopper. No longer willing to tolerate Bellamy's derisive taunts, Luffy unleashes a singular punch that resonates with indomitable force, toppling his opponent in a single, resounding blow. The cowering pirates bear witness to the veracity of Luffy's bounty, awakening to the terrifying reality that his wanted posters were no mere fabrication.

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Luffy faces Bellamy at a roof in Mock Town

One Piece Jaya Island Arc Luffy beats Bellamy with just one punch

Reclaiming the stolen gold, Luffy triumphantly returns to Cricket's abode, while the remnants of the Bellamy Pirates cower, their bravado crumbled by fear. Yet, amidst the backdrop of this monumental encounter, a new storm brews on the horizon. News of Luffy's astounding bounty reaches the ears of the formidable Blackbeard and his crew, setting the stage for an impending clash between these titans of the seas.

Confrontation and the Unforeseen Twist: Blackbeard and the Knock Up Stream

One Piece Jaya Arc Luffy vs Blackbeard

After returning the stolen gold to Mont Blanc Cricket, Luffy and his crew set their sights on the fabled Knock Up Stream, guided by the Saruyama Alliance and their trusted South Bird companion. However, their path is soon intersected by the menacing presence of the Blackbeard Pirates, leading to a confrontation that promises both danger and revelation.

One Piece Jaya Island Blackbeard and his crew chase Luffy

In this pivotal moment, the Blackbeard Pirates make their presence known, serving as a formidable obstacle for the Straw Hat Pirates on their path to Sky Island. The tension rises as the Blackbeard Pirates unveil the updated bounties of the Straw Hat crew, a testament to the impact they have made on their journey thus far.

Luffy: 100,000,000 Beli
Zoro:  60,000,000 Beli

        The reveal of these new bounties not only reflects the increasing recognition and threat posed by Luffy and his companions but also sets the stage for a clash between two powerful pirate crews.

        One Piece Jaya Arc Early Blackbeard

        However, just as the battle seems imminent, fate intervenes in the form of the awe-inspiring Knock Up Stream. This natural phenomenon, capable of launching ships high into the sky, unexpectedly engulfs the Straw Hat Pirates, propelling them into the breathtaking expanse of the White Sea.

        One Piece Jaya Island the Knock Up Stream

        The sudden twist of events leaves both the Straw Hats and the Blackbeard Pirates momentarily suspended in uncertainty, their clash postponed by the whims of nature itself.

        Threads of Destiny: Buggy, Ace, and Shanks

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Ace meets Buggy

        In the vast and ever-shifting realm of the Grand Line, our adventure takes us to a remote island, where the legendary Buggy and his crew find themselves in a precarious situation. When suddenly Ace finds himself with Buggy and tells the clown pirate that he knows where to find Luffy. In this encounter, we learn that Ace’s search for Blackbeard has been taking him through the entire Sea.

        Somewhere else, a letter from Red Haired Shanks, delivered by one of his crew, is sent to Whitebeard. The legendary old pirate considers this to be disrespectful and tears it to pieces before sending Rockstar, Shanks' crew member, off of his ship. Once back with Shanks, he reports the situation and the Red Haired captain decides to visit the old man by himself.

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Whitebeard tears Shanks letter into pieces

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Shanks prepares to go meet Whitebeard

        In the halls of Mary Geoise, a momentous gathering unfolds. Marines and the illustrious Seven Warlords of the Sea convene to address the matter of replacing the Warlord Crocodile. Fleet Admiral Sengoku is taken aback to find that two Warlords, Bartholomew Kuma and Donquixote Doflamingo, have arrived. Just as the meeting is about to commence, the renowned swordsman, and member of the Seven Warlords, Hawkeye Mihawk makes his entrance.

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Kuma and Doflamingo arrive at the meeting with the marines

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Sengoku and the Marines talk about the future of the Warlords

        However, an unexpected guest steals the spotlight as Laffitte of the Blackbeard Pirates steps forward. He recommends his captain as Crocodile's successor, despite the unfamiliarity surrounding his name. Laffitte confidently reveals that they are currently devising a plan to change that perception.

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Laffitte appears at the meeting in Mariejois

        The room buzzes with anticipation as this new contender enters the stage, ready to reshape the balance of power.

        Embracing Dreams: The Heart of the Jaya Arc

        One Piece Jaya Arc Blackbeard and encourages Luffy to keep following his dreams

        The Jaya Arc serves as a powerful testament to the significance of following one's dreams and embracing the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Through the trials and triumphs of Luffy and his crew, we witness their unwavering pursuit of their individual aspirations, defying the odds and charting their own course amidst a treacherous sea.

        Moreover, this arc introduces the enigmatic Blackbeard, a character who embodies the essence of ambition and sets the stage for future conflicts and revelations.

        One Piece Merchandise

        The resemblance between Luffy and the legendary pirate Shanks becomes strikingly apparent as we witness their shared spirit of determination and their ability to inspire others to believe in the power of dreams. The Jaya Arc acts as a compelling reminder that the journey towards one's dreams is just as remarkable as the destination itself, and that every step taken holds the potential for greatness.

        One Piece Jaya Island Arc Luffy Points up

        The Tale of Noland the Liar weaves a tale of adventure, perseverance, and the pursuit of truth. It showcases the indomitable spirit of characters like Noland and Cricket, who face skepticism and adversity in their quest for answers.

        One Piece Jaya Arc Nolan the Liar illustration

        As the Straw Hat Pirates join this quest, they become entwined in a legendary tale that will test their mettle and take them to new heights, quite literally, as they set their sights on Sky Island.

        One Piece Jaya Arc Review

        One Piece Jaya Arc Serious Luffy

        The Jaya Arc of One Piece epitomizes the series' ability to captivate fans with its rich storytelling, multifaceted characters, and boundless imagination. From the tumultuous streets of Mock Town, to the pursuit of an ancient legend, this arc engrosses both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers, immersing them in a world where dreams soar to unimaginable heights.

        One Piece Blackbeard Cherry Pie

        With its themes of perseverance, the value of dreams, and the interconnectedness of destinies, the Jaya Arc sets the stage for the next awe-inspiring journey that awaits Luffy and his crew.

        The Brilliance of the Jaya Arc

        One Piece Jaya Arc Going Merry

        The Jaya Arc showcases the brilliance of Eiichiro Oda's storytelling prowess, delivering a compelling narrative that effortlessly blends adventure, camaraderie, and the pursuit of dreams. The engaging conflicts, memorable characters, and tantalizing glimpses of the grander world beyond create an irresistible allure for fans and newcomers alike.

        One Piece Jaya Arc Straw Hats Ride the Knock Up Stream to Skypiea

        With its seamless integration into the larger One Piece saga, the Jaya Arc earns a resounding 8.5 out of 10, leaving audiences yearning for more as they set their sights on the skybound adventures yet to come.

        Overall Score: 8.5/10

        One Piece Jaya Arc Poster

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