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One Piece: Little Garden Arc | Summary, Recap & Review

Join the Straw Hat Pirates in the thrilling Little Garden arc of One Piece! Experience the 100-year duel and hilarious encounters with Baroque Works!



The Little Garden arc in One Piece is a captivating adventure filled with charismatic characters, comedic moments, and thrilling action, offering an exciting and satisfying experience for fans.


  • Fun characters and awesome world-building.
  • A perfect balance of action and humor.
  • Exciting and unpredictable plot twists.


  • Some moments may feel slightly predictable.
One Piece Little Garden Arc One Piece Little Garden Arc

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Set sail for a land lost in time filled with action, prehistoric dangers and giant warriors in the thrilling arc of Little Garden in One Piece!

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In this epic adventure, the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves trapped on an island where dinosaurs are common, giants are friends, and competition for meat is fierce. Climb aboard and get swept up in the fun!

One Piece Little Garden Arc Summary & Recap

Giants, Dinosaurs, and Meat: Exploring Little Garden

One piece Luffy vivi and Karoo walking away from the going merry to explore the island of little garden

On Little Garden Island which, due to the climate and the enormous difficulty in communicating between the islands of the Grand Line, time has not passed on this island for millions of years, so dinosaurs are still alive there.

This is the second Grand Line island visited by the Straw Hat Pirates. Our intrepid Pirates, led by the brave Captain Luffy, encounter a prehistoric land teeming with dinosaurs, giant creatures and lush plants. While some of the crew members stay on the ship, Luffy, Princess Vivi, and the interloping Karoo decide to venture to the island to explore its mysteries.

But wait! Before they can begin exploring, they encounter Dorry, a giant warrior from the village of Elbaf. Despite his imposing appearance, he turns out to be a friendly giant and becomes an ally to our heroes.

One Piece Luffy meets Dorry

Meanwhile, the competitive Sanji and Zoro engage in an epic competition to see who can get the most meat for the ship. Their comical attempts to outdo each other are sure to get a laugh out of you.

One Piece Zoro and Sanji staring at each other

On the other hand, aboard the ship Nami and Usopp, experts in comical and sometimes terrifying situations, find themselves in trouble when Brogy, another giant Elbaf warrior, shows up and.... decapitates a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

One Piece Brogy greeting a frightened Nami and Usopp

Terrified, the duo is taken to Brogy's house, who thinks they are looking for dinosaur meat. Confusion and mayhem ensue in this strange friendship between giants and our brave Straw Hat Pirates.

The 100 Year Duel: Dorry vs. Brogy

One Piece Dorry and Brogy fighting in Little Garden

But what really makes this arc unforgettable is the 100-year duel between Dorry and Brogy. These giants have been fighting in Little Garden for centuries, with no memory of the exact reason for their clash.

Their legendary rivalry and bravery inspire our heroes, especially Usopp, who dreams of visiting the giants' homeland, Elbaf. However, the conflict takes an unexpected turn when Dorry is seriously injured by an explosion while drinking from a barrel of liquor that the straw hats had offered him but which had been tampered with by Baroque Works agents.

This causes some distrust between the imposing warrior tries to attack Luffy, thinking that he was responsible, but he quickly hits him with his Gomu Gomu no Rocket aiming at his stomach. Realizing that the god of Elbaf was not on his side, Dorry decides to render Luffy immobile by placing a giant rock on his body, preventing him from moving and at the same time preventing Luffy from stopping Dorry from fighting because of his injuries.

Baroque Works' Interference: Wax Traps and Hypnotic Techniques

One Piece Mr 3 and Miss Goldenweek

The story intensifies as our brave Straw Hat Pirates face the ruthless agents of Baroque Works, who plan to annihilate the giants and collect their bounties. Amidst the chaos, Luffy's cunning and bravery shine through as he confronts Dorry, who he mistakenly believes is responsible for his injury.

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Luffy confronts the giant with his elastic technique, but their fates take a surprising turn when they become embroiled in a fight against Baroque Works agents Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek. With wax traps, explosions and a colorful hypnotic technique, the Straw Hat Pirates face hilarious and dangerous obstacles.

In the midst of the confusion, Zoro, Nami and Vivi are captured by Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek, who turn them into living wax statues. Meanwhile. The story becomes entangled in a desperate struggle as Luffy and his companions try to save their friends from the wax trap.

One Piece Nami Zoro and Vivi in the wax trap of Mr 3

Mr. 3, a Baroque Works agent with devil fruit powers, uses his ability to create a wax armor and stop Luffy. Meanwhile, Miss Goldenweek hypnotizes Luffy with her painting technique, Colors Trap, unleashing emotions in the pirate captain.

When the cunning Miss Goldenweek uses her painting technique, Colors Trap, to hypnotize Luffy and manipulate his emotions. As Luffy is affected by different emotions, his attempt to rescue his friends becomes even more complicated.

One Piece Luffy under the effect of Miss Goldenweek's devil fruit
One Piece Luffy under the effect of Miss Goldenweek's devil fruit
One Piece Luffy under the effect of Miss Goldenweek's devil fruit
One Piece Luffy under the effect of Miss Goldenweek's devil fruit

However, the timely intervention of Usopp and his Firestar creates a surprising twist in the situation and frees Luffy from hypnosis, triggering an action-packed final showdown.

Luffy's Determination and Victory

One Piece Luffy under the effect of Miss Goldenweek's devil fruit

Now free, Luffy faces Mr. 3, who has been protected by a wax armor painted by Miss Goldenweek. With skill and agility, Luffy dodges Mr. 3's wax attacks and breaks his armor.

Meanwhile, Miss Goldenweek tries to distract Luffy with bright colors, but Luffy with the help of the quick and fearless Karoo manages to defeat her in one blow. Finally, Luffy beats a helpless Mr. 3, securing victory for the Straw Hat Pirates.

With his determination and fighting skills, Luffy proves once again why he is a formidable captain and an exciting protagonist in the world of One Piece.

Sanji's Confusion and the Call from Mr. 0

One Piece Sanji in Mr. 3's temporary house talking to Mr. 0

Meanwhile, Sanji discovers Mr. 3's lair, the wax house that was in Little Garden. At that moment, he receives a call from Mr. 0, who mistakes him for Mr. 3. Mr. 0 orders Sanji to go to Arabasta using an eternal pose that is being sent by the Unluckies.

Dorry and Brogy, the giant warriors of the island, fight for years without remembering the reason for their rivalry. However, the intervention of Baroque Works agents triggers a series of events that endangers their lives and their eternal duel, but thanks to the help of the straw hat crew, both giants manage to remember what was the beginning of their endless duel.

The Giants' Gratitude and the Island Devourer

One Piece the Island Swallower

Now, with their hearts full of joy and gratitude to the reckless pirates, they show their gratitude by revealing a piece of information of utmost importance to leave that island, an Island Devourer, a large fish stalks the exit of the island, swallowing every ship that passes by, in a final act of gratitude for saving both their precious island and themselves.

The giants Dorry and Brogy raise their weapons against that sea giant, even knowing that it would be the last attack that their weapons would withstand but, without regret or a hint of doubt, both brandish their weapons in a powerful and final attack that manages to defeat that beast of the sea, giving free passage to their now new friends to continue their journey.

Memorable Characters and Exciting Revelations

One Piece Dorry fighting Luffy

And so, our journey through the Little Garden arc in One Piece comes to an end! This exciting adventure on the prehistoric island has left a lasting impression on our pirate hearts. With a perfect combination of action, humor, and surprising revelations, this arc has kept us hooked from beginning to end.

Little Garden has introduced us to memorable characters and immersed us in a world full of danger and wonder. From the epic fight between Dorry and Brogy, to Sanji's hilarious confusion at being mistaken for Mr. 3, every moment has kept us on the edge of our seat and laughing out loud.

The impact on the story is also remarkable. Not only has this arc revealed secrets about the giants and provided important information for future plots, but it has also shown the importance of friendship and loyalty, and how even enemies can come together at crucial moments.

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Even though a lot of the impactful events in this arc may not prove to come up again in the story in the short run, keep them in mind in the future, for they are sure to be key elements later. Not only on this saga, but even hundreds of chapters later this arc would still prove to be relevant in some ways. As it is the case with a lot of One Piece arcs actually.

One Piece Little Garden Arc Review

A Satisfying Watch

One Piece Going Merry entering Little Garden

The well-constructed plot, charismatic characters, and comedic moments make Little Garden a delight for One Piece fans. While some may argue that there were moments where the plot became predictable, the arc as a whole offers an exciting and satisfying experience.

In short, Little Garden is an arc that seamlessly blends the action, humor, and surprising elements that make One Piece such a beloved series. Don't miss this unforgettable stop on the Straw Hat Pirates' journey.

Overall Score: 9/10

One Piece Little Garden Arc Poster

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