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One Piece: Reverse Mountain Arc | Summary, Recap & Review

Join the Straw Hat Pirates in the exciting Reverse Mountain Arc as they face danger, discover secrets, and encounter Laboon, the giant whale!



One Piece Reverse Mountain Arc offers a sad yet touching story, introduces the Log Pose, and sets the stage for the Grand Line adventure.


  • Emotional and touching storyline with Laboon.
  • Introduction of the Log Pose adds depth to navigation.
  • Sets the stage for the Grand Line adventure.


  • Short duration, limited room for character development.
One Piece Reverse Mountain Arc One Piece Reverse Mountain Arc

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Prepare to embark on a thrilling voyage as we delve into the captivating world of One Piece and set our sights on the Reverse Mountain Arc—the gateway to the epic Arabasta Saga. Join us as we navigate the uncharted waters of this pivotal arc, where danger and discovery intertwine, and the stage is set for an unforgettable saga to unfold.

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This is where things start to get real, this is no longer the small and calmer East Blue, luckily our beloved pirates are now much stronger than when they started. Are the Straw Hats ready for what’s yet to come? What kind of adventures awaits them?

Well, let’s start with the Reverse Mountain and sail into the Grand Line!!

One Piece Reverse Mountain Arc Summary & Recap

A Big Surprise

One piece a giant laboon awaits at the bottom of the reverse mountain

To kick off what will be the new story arc the Straw Hats find themselves in a dangerous situation when they finally make their way to the Reverse Mountain which, against all odds, breaks the laws of physics with its updrafts which are the only way to enter the Grand line.

But, as they descend, they run into a huge obstacle, a giant whale is blocking their way to the grand line! Fortunately, Luffy uses his cunning and skills to avoid the collision, but not without consequences.

The ship's mask, the beloved Going Merry, is smashed, and Luffy, in his rage, attacks the whale. But beware, my friends! The whale swallows the ship and crew, leaving Luffy alone to deal with the situation. What will the brave captain do to save his friends?

Inland, the Straw Hats suddenly find themselves in what looks like an outdoor setting with a house in the middle of the waters where they meet an old man named Crocus. Meanwhile, Luffy finds a series of narrow passages and encounters two mysterious people inside the whale known as, Mr.9 and Miss Wednesday who are apparently plotting to kill the whale.

One piece going merry inside laboon the whale island

Eventually, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats are reunited and it is revealed that why the whale has tunnels in its body and its stomach weird. Crocus reveals that the whale's name is Laboon and that he is trying from the inside to stop the whale from hitting the Reverse Mountain anymore by sedating it from the inside.

Crocus manages to stop Laboon and after a brief fight with the mysterious pair, then begins to explain to the Straw Hats why the whale is covered in scars as it continually hits the mountain.

Laboon's Story

One piece small laboon being petted by the captain of the Rumbar pirates

Little by little, the Straw Hat Pirates discover the story behind the giant whale, named Laboon, and his relationship with the pirates who cared for him in the past. Through the narrative of Crocus, Laboon's elderly caretaker, it is revealed that Laboon is a giant whale who lost his group and kin on the Grand Line and felt lonely and lost until he found the Rumbar Pirates.

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Although the pirates decided to leave him behind for his safety, Laboon followed them and became one of the crew. However, when the pirates left for the Grand Line promising to return, they never came back and Laboon felt betrayed and abandoned, leading him to desperately beat himself against the Red Line.

After learning their story, Luffy decides to confront Laboon to make him stop beating himself and comes up with an idea to seal his promise: he paints the Straw Hat Pirates' mark on Laboon's head, assuring that they will meet again and keep their promise.

One piece laboon with the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hats on his forehead

After their fight, Laboon understands that the Straw Hat Pirates are not responsible for the absence of the Rumbar Pirates and stops beating himself, as the mark on his head symbolizes the promise that they will meet again. From that moment on, Laboon becomes a friend and ally of the Straw Hat Pirates and helps them navigate the Grand Line thanks to his powerful tail.

The Log Pose

One Piece Log Pose

Crocus also teaches the Straw Hat Pirates about the Log Pose, a device that is a wrist compass with a glass sphere in the middle, inside which there is a needle in the middle suspended from the top by a thin wire, which is necessary to navigate the Grand Line, as normal compasses do not work there, due to the special magnetic fields generated by each of the islands.

The function of the log pose is to record the magnetic fields of each Grand Line island and point to the next island so that its owner can travel there. Once arrived at an island, it takes some time to register the magnetic field and accommodate to that of the new island.

The old man's explanation of how the Log Pose works is interesting and useful to the Straw Hat Pirates, as it provides them with important information on how to reach the Grand Line islands and possibly even Laugh Tale, where the greatest treasure of all - the One Piece - is said to be found...:

One Piece Reverse Mountain Arc Review

A Sad and Touching Story

One Piece Mr 9 and Miss Wednesday

Overall, the Reverse Mountain arc despite being one of the shortest in the series is an exciting and informative adventure that provides important details about the plot of the story. Laboon's story is sad but touching, and the Straw Hat Pirates once again show their compassion and friendship toward living creatures, including a giant whale.

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Also, the introduction of the Log Pose is crucial to the overall plot of the series and its importance will become apparent as the crew progresses on the Grand Line and gives us a small glimpse of new characters that will be of utmost importance later in the series. Can you guess who they will be?

Overall, this arc has a perfect balance of action, excitement and information and I would rate it a solid 9/10. don't miss it!

Overall Score: 9/10

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