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One Piece: Ruluka Island Arc (Filler) | Summary, Recap & Review

Embark on a voyage to explore the flawed Ruluka Island Arc of One Piece. Join us as we unravel its mysteries, and delve into convoluted storylines!



The arc was disappointing due to its convoluted storylines, illogical character choices, and a lackluster, rushed finale.


  • Intriguing Premise: The arc presents an enticing premise that sparks curiosity.
  • Moments of Intrigue: There are fleeting moments of entertainment and intrigue.


  • Convoluted Storylines: The arc's interwoven narratives struggle to find coherence.
  • Illogical Choices: Characters make puzzling decisions that often defy logic.
  • Lackluster Finale: The arc's rushed conclusion lacks emotional impact.
One Piece Ruluka Island Arc One Piece Ruluka Island Arc

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As passionate fans of the legendary One Piece series, we embark on a voyage to explore the Ruluka Island Arc, also known as the Rainbow Mist Arc. Within this filler arc, we delve into a captivating but ultimately flawed storyline that takes us on an adventure filled with mystery, questionable decisions, and moments that leave us scratching our heads.

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But sometimes being a hardcore One Piece fan means not skipping even the most skippable fillers in the show, and this one truly is one of those. Join us as we set sail and unravel the enigma that is the Ruluka Island Arc.

One Piece Ruluka Island Arc Summary & Recap

A Chase, an Island, and a Dictator: The Prelude to Intrigue

One Piece the Going Merry Go escapes from the Marines

Our journey begins with the Straw Hat Pirates fleeing from the relentless pursuit of Major Rapanui Pasqua and Isoka, who lead a small fleet of Marine ships. In their escape, they stumble upon the enigmatic Ruluka Island, governed by a dictator who masquerades as an elderly pirate.

The island's inhabitants bear the burden of excessive taxation, all to fuel the construction of the mysterious Rainbow Tower. This seems to be yet another case of governmental corruption in the world of One Piece. Amidst this turmoil, we encounter Henzo, a scientist delving into the secrets of the 'Rainbow Mist,' setting the stage for a captivating tale.

Caught in the Mist: A Journey into the Unknown

One Piece The Rainbow Mist near Ruluka Island

As the crew ventures into the Rainbow Mist, our excitement builds with the promise of discovery and adventure. However, the arc falls short in delivering a coherent and satisfying narrative. The Going Merry becomes ensnared in the mist, with only Sanji, Nami, and Chopper remaining outside.

One Piece Pasqua Rapanui and his crew

Inside, they stumble upon a group of children trapped for countless years, shrouded in mystery. Despite the initial intrigue, the arc fails to deliver on its potential, leaving us craving a more meaningful exploration of the Rainbow Mist's secrets.

A Tangled Web: Convoluted Storylines

One Piece the going merry traverses the shipwreck filled sea behind the Rainbow Mist

The Ruluka Island Arc introduces a complex web of interwoven storylines that, unfortunately, struggle to find their footing. The arc attempts to balance the corruption of the island's mayor, the plight of the trapped children, and the Straw Hat Pirates' struggle for escape. However, the execution of these narrative threads feels convoluted and disjointed, leaving us yearning for a more cohesive and satisfying plot progression.

Lost in Translation: Illogical Choices and Contrived Resolutions

One Piece The young version of Wetton the leader at Rulula Island

One of the most perplexing aspects of the Ruluka Island Arc is the illogical choices made by its characters. From the questionable actions of the mayor to the crew's puzzling decisions, the arc often leaves us scratching our heads in disbelief. Furthermore, the resolutions to various conflicts and dilemmas feel contrived and rushed, detracting from the overall enjoyment and coherence of the storyline.

A Lackluster Finale: Setting Sail to Mediocrity

One Piece Present Day Pasqua Rapanui and all his friends are now marines

As the Rainbow Mist collapses and the arc nears its conclusion, we are met with a lackluster finale that fails to leave a lasting impression. The rushed escape from the mist and the return to their respective time periods lack the emotional resonance and impact we have come to expect from One Piece. The mayor's arrest by older versions of Henzo's friends, thrown fifty years into the past, adds a confusing twist that does little to elevate the arc's overall quality.

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Since this arc deals with time travel, different dimensions, and confusing timelines, it is best not to try and give it much sense. Especially since it’s not canon at all; not even in the slightest. It doesn’t really fit anywhere into the storyline nor do these natural phenomena affect how characters interact with the world after this is over.

One Piece Ruluka Island Arc Review

A Mix of Intrigue and Frustration

One Piece Henzo and his inventions with the Straw Hats

In our journey through the Ruluka Island Arc, we find ourselves torn between moments of intrigue and frustration. While the arc presents an enticing premise, it falls short of delivering a cohesive and engaging narrative. Its tangled web of storylines, illogical choices, and contrived resolutions detract from the immersive experience we have come to love in One Piece.

Therefore, we give the Ruluka Island Arc a review score of 4.5/10. While it may offer fleeting moments of entertainment and curiosity, it ultimately fails to leave a lasting impact or resonate with the brilliance of the main One Piece storyline. As fans, we eagerly anticipate the return to the grand adventure, where the true essence of One Piece awaits.

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Even though this arc clearly attempts to deliver and hit us One Piece fans in our emotional side, it misses the mark by a lot. It ends up being confusing, boring, and feeling a lot like a waste of time. Especially since this is the third filler arc in a row we get after the exciting finale of Arabasta.

So, fellow fans, approach the Ruluka Island Arc with tempered expectations, appreciating the glimpses of intrigue it offers while acknowledging its shortcomings. Let it serve as a reminder that even within a sprawling epic like One Piece, not every voyage can be a resounding success. But fear not, for our beloved crew's next great adventure is just over the horizon.

One Piece Henzo watches as the Going Merry Go sails away from the island

Now that the sea of fillers is over we are finally headed into our next big adventure, as a ship falling from the sky will mark the beginning of the new saga. Crazy adventures and stronger enemies lie ahead, as the Straw Hat Pirates set sail to find out if the legends are true, and to become part of these legends themselves. So get to set sail into the Skypea Saga and take our beloved Going Merry Go to the sky.

Overall Score: 4.5/10

One Piece Ruluka Island Arc Poster

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