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Parasyte: The Maxim | Mr. A | Character Analysis

Mr. A is a violent and unstable parasite who poses a threat to the protagonist in the anime Parasyte: The Maxim. He is reckless and thinks only about consuming humans, ultimately leading to his downfall.



April 09, 2023

Parasyte Mr. A Parasyte Mr. A

Parasyte: The Maxim is a popular anime that tells the story of parasites that take over human hosts. One of the minor antagonists in the series is Mr. A, a violent and unstable parasite who poses a threat to the protagonist, Shinichi.


Mr. A is first seen wearing glasses and a business suit. After a confrontation with some thugs, he alters his appearance with longer brown hair and a sharper, rougher-looking face. He wears a brown jacket and has brown eyes and hair.


Unlike most parasites who try to blend in with society, Mr. A thinks only about consuming humans and never bothered to learn his host's name. He is violent and unstable, acting mostly on instinct instead of reason. He is paranoid and considers Shinichi a threat, attacking his school in broad daylight to try to kill him. 

As a parasite, Mr. A can shapeshift from the head up, harden his cells for offensive or defensive purposes, and detect other parasite signals while automatically emitting his own. He can also maximize the host body's physical potential and disregard pain.:

Mr. A is reckless and not very smart, which is evident in his decision to attack Shinichi's school and his underestimation of Shinichi's abilities. He is also vulnerable to physical attacks and was ultimately killed by an explosion caused by Ryoko.


In the anime, Mr. A is first seen "rescuing" a young woman from a group of men. After knocking the men out, he starts escorting the woman home. He is then attacked with a metal pipe by the same men he previously beat. Shocking the attackers by being unfazed, he then reveals himself as a parasite and kills the men and the woman.

Mr. A then participates in Ryoko's experiment and impregnates Ryoko's host body with a normal human baby. After Shinichi finds out Ryoko is a parasite, Ryoko invites Shinichi and Migi to exchange information with her and Mr. A. Mr. A considers Shinichi a threat because Migi failed to obtain Shinichi's brain and decides to kill him while he is still at school.

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