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Death Parade Episode Five Review



June 05, 2022

Death Parade Episode 05 Death March Death Parade Episode 05 Death March
By: Prince Lammy

Death Parade Episode 05: Death March

Chavvot! Chavvot!!

It needs no soothsaying that Death March, the fifth episode, has given a new light to the series. It has now confirmed my suspicion that Death Parade isn’t a one-way-traffic anime. And unlike what I’ve seen in the first four episodes, this one blew my mind.

After seeing this episode, I am glad to know more about some silent questions I’ve had since the second episode and see some action, other than the usual games. And it was cool to see Decim fight another arbiter. Oh yes, he isn’t the only arbiter in Quindecim!

I am fighting the urge not to include spoilers as I’m writing this, but oh well, I guess that’s just the punch I got from this.

And if you were wondering what Chavvot means, it’s a girl’s name from the story told in the anime.

Story | 7/10

Decim’s assistant has had frequent dreams about a boy and a girl, and she is astonished to see the same girl on a board Nona requested Decim place behind the bar. In the same vein, Nona is seen to be playing a game of galactic billiards with a man who claims to be the closest to God.

Then Decim’s eyes twitch, and he confirms that he’s received the memories of their incoming guests. But then stops his assistant from going to greet them, as there is something odd about their new guests. A middle-aged man and a small child join the party in the bar.

Decim is surprised when the man remembers being there previously and goes angry. The man then holds the kid hostage as he requests that Decim lets him out of the Quindecim. As Decim restrains the guy, the little kid, exposed to be yet another arbiter in guise named Ginti, puts him (the man) and the assistant to sleep.

Ginti criticizes Decim for failing to judge his assistant. At this point, Decim stated why he wiped her memory and made her his assistant. Ginti confronts Decim about his disobedience, resulting in a bit of a fight between the two.

But Nona pinned Ginti down, putting an end to the fight. She then confesses that the visitors were merely part of a test meant for Decim. She reveals that Decim was distracted by the guy who was a mannequin implanted with memories. Thus he didn’t notice the youngster had no memories.

Later, the assistant dreams about the little boy and deaf girl, Jimmy and Chavvot. Nona is seen reading the book Chavvot, which has the exact children on the front.

Quindecim’s manager, Nona, playing galactic billiards with the man who claims to be akin to God

And did I forget to mention that there’s even an Information Bureau in Quindecim?! Well, prepare to be awed by the discoveries in this episode.

Art | 8/10

The main animation is no exception; it is continuously above average regardless of what the program is doing. Everything from the characters’ facial expressions to their general activities while playing the various games receives significant consideration, much like in the paintings.

Great attention is also paid to the gestures, reactions, and minute details like Decim’s spider’s strings. And also Ginti’s water droplets, which he uses to fight.

It wasn’t until later that I noticed that Ginti and Decim wore the same clothes. And it wasn’t until when Clavis asked him, you have visitors, don’t you? that I understood he was also an arbiter. The suit they’re dressed in is simply a uniform.

Sound | 8/10

I loved how the first scene was opened with very melodious tunes playing from an acoustic piano. This gave a calm and lovely preset to the scene and even held a bit of intoxicating effect on me. And maybe it had a uniquely feminine touch, as it opens up on Decim’s assistant well tucked in bed, fast asleep and dreaming.

The clear and high sound quality kept ringing through my head as I watched. It was so good I couldn’t miss out on a single Japanese word, despite that I barely understand the language.

Nona intervening in Ginti’s and Decim’s brawl

Character | 8/10

Now here’s one episode with some characters to talk about. Nona, Ginti, the man who claims to be the closest to God, Clavis, and of course, our regular Decim and his assistant.

Ginti and the rest did make Decim look stupid for not realizing fast enough that he was being tested. But he also did have his suspicions even before the two visitors came into the bar and started conversing with him.

Ginti, on the other hand, does seem like a bit of a troublemaker. Though he might have good intentions, it seems like he’s gunning after Decim’s position. And he is relatively carefree in how he expresses himself, and he does dote on the fact that Decim is slow and stupid.

It was even funnier to find out he had begged the manager, Nona, to allow him to be a part of the test, so he could be in direct contact and probably slug it out with Decim. But when he took his bit too far, he was pinned down and put to sleep by Nona.

On the other hand, Clavis just shadowed Nona and followed her around, merely following her commands and being in charge of elevators.

And let’s not forget Castra. Though not much is known about her now, I bet she is the computer geek in that place. And when talking to Nona, she did mention a name: Oculus. Not much is known about who that is either, but I guess we would come to understand all about that later on.

This episode made me realize a particular hierarchy and position within Quindecim.

Enjoyment | 8/10

One exciting part of this episode was the fight between Ginti and Decim. You should see how calm and collected Decim was despite fighting a rather formidable enemy. His face was still as straight and expressionless as ever.

I like how the producers are now starting to incorporate some mild violence into the series. It spices up the gist and gives guys something to argue about and compare.

And what’s even more remarkable is seeing Decim fight without moving a single muscle and still calm as if he was thinking, you’re a small fry, Ginti, and I would trash you with no stress.

Overall | 8/10

Did you also notice that all the episodes of Death Parade have been titled Death something? And as the fifth episode carries on the title of Death March, it does remind me of a friend born in March (don’t ask me why). 😂

This was an excellent episode, even though there were no games, except for Quin’s test meant for Decim. And even the fight scene between him and Ginti was short-lived, all thanks to Nona.

Despite that, it still had its humorous and thrilling moments, as there were times when I would be blank, and the only thing in my head would be, what would happen next?

THIS EPISODE WAS REALLY INTERESTING before I start sounding like I’m capping on this. C’est finni?

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Nona talking to Castra in the Information Bureau about the increasing rate of death on Earth
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