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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba | List of All The Female Characters

Read our list of Demon Slayer's diverse female characters, from demon slayers like Shinobu Kocho and Mitsuri Kanroji to demons like Nakime and Daki!

Demon Slayer List Of All Female Characters Demon Slayer List Of All Female Characters

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Demon Slayer is a popular manga and anime story with many different characters who all have their personalities and skills. Some of the female figures stand out because of how strong, brave, and charming they are. In this piece, we'll talk about all of Demon Slayer's most interesting female characters and what they do, and how they act.

List of All Women / Female Demon Slayers & Hashira

Shinobu Kocho

Demon Slayer Female Characters Shinobu Kocho with Sword

Shinobu Kocho is the Insect Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. She always goes about with a composed and detached demeanor, exhibiting a straightforward approach in all circumstances. She also is the only demon slayer that offers to make friends with demons, so long as the demon serves a punishment for their past crimes and repents.

While many may not see much to her breathing technique, the Insect Breathing Technique is one of the most lethal breathing techniques.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Demon Slayer Female Characters Mitsuri Kanroji

Matsuri Kanroji is the Love Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. She tends to frequently compliment people and is a highly emotional, passionate, and cheerful person, all of which complement her fighting style with her Love Breathing Style.

She may appear incredibly bashful and prone to getting flustered, but it's all a facade that deceives others from recognizing her true nature as a remarkably formidable demon slayer. Her capabilities were evident when she played a crucial role in the takedown of Hangengu, the Upper-Rank Four Demon Moon, during the Swordsmith Village Arc in the demon slayer story.

Kanae Kocho

Demon Slayer Female Characters Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho is Shinobu Kocho’s elder sister, and also an elder sister to the adopted Kanao Tsuyuri. She is a kind and compassionate individual who deeply loves and values her family above all else. She is also very observant and pays very keen attention to detail. She is the former Flower Hashira but was killed by Doma, the Upper Rank Two of the Twelve Kizuki demons.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Demon Slayer Female Characters Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri is Shinobu Kocho’s Tsuguko (apprentice). She is first portrayed as an introvert who lacks emotions, however, as the series progresses, her personality undergoes significant changes and growth.

She exhibits exceptional skill in combat, demonstrating impressive speed and dexterity. Kanao’s most distinctive persona is her stupidity and inability to make decisions without relying on her adopted elder sister.

Aoi Kanzaki

Demon Slayer Female Characters Aoi Kanzaki

Aoi Kanzaki is one of the supporting characters of the Demon Slayer anime. All the while she made contact with the Demon Slayer trio (Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke) in the Butterfly Mansion, she’s shown to be strict, stern, and unyielding, often exhibiting an efficient and no-nonsense attitude. As a member of the Butterfly Mansion, she is very proactive while carrying out her duties, and has the respect of everyone around her.

However, despite her stern nature, Aoi is very kind and caring, as she did go out of her way to help Tanjiro and his friends get back on their feet and become stronger during their stay at the Butterfly Mansion. She became a medical relief member of the Demon Slayer Corps, as she feels she isn’t strong enough to be a foot soldier of the Corps.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Ozaki

Ozaki serves as a foot soldier in the Demon Slayer Corps, embodying selflessness and kindness. She encountered Tanjiro and his companions in the forest while they sought to exterminate the spider demon family. Unfortunately, she fell under the control of the spider demon mother and was manipulated into attacking her fellow demon slayers.

Female Demons

Nezuko Kamado

Demon Slayer Female Characters Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is the secondary main character and Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister in the Demon Slayer anime series. She was born a human but was transformed into a demon after her family (asides from Tanjiro) were murdered by a demon.

She is also one of the gentlest characters in the series, but could unleash an immense strength and invoke fear as a formidable demon, should the situation demand it.

Demon Slayer Female Characters Nezuko Demon Form

Nezuko’s presence in the anime unarguably brings a refreshing twist to the plot of Demon Slayer. She brings an unexpected change in the norms and acceptability pattern of the Demon Slayer Corps, and always leaves the viewers in awe, owing to her momentary and knight in shining armor moments.

Lady Tamayo

Demon Slayer Female Characters Lady Tamayo

According to the Demon Slayer storyline, Tamayo is the second oldest demon alive, aside from Muzan Kibutsuji, with an approximate age of over 500 years old. Tamayo is a very caring, passionate, and meek demon. She is an important ally of the Demon Slayer Corps, as she uses her medical skills to research the biology of Demons. She uses her research to find a cure for her and Nezuko’s  Demon condition. Like Nezuko, Tamayo also does not feed on humans for survival.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Nakime

Nakime stands as one of the select demons who share an exceptionally intimate connection with Muzan Kibutsuji, primarily due to her previous role as the Biwa demon responsible for manifesting the Infinity Castle. As the Biwa Demon, she was tasked with summoning all other members of the Twelve Kizuki there whenever Muzan calls for a meeting with them.

After Hantengu’s death, she became the Upper Four demon. She is an enigmatic yet emotionless demon who speaks very little. She never speaks unless spoken to, and whenever she does, her responses were always short, blunt, and straightforward.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Daki

Daki is the second strongest female demon in the Demon Slayer anime series, next to Nakime. She is Gyutaro’s younger sister, and they both share the position of Upper Six among Muzan’s Upper Demon Moons. She is a sophisticated and very attractive woman but hides her ruthless and bloodthirsty nature beneath her charming exterior.

She acts as a vessel for her elder brother, Gyutaro, who only comes out to help her fend off a formidable demon slayer. She commands tremendous strength and agility, employing her clothing as lethal yet remarkably flexible weapons. She was beheaded in the Entertainment District by Zenitsu.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Susamaru

Susamaru serves as Yahaba's partner, making their first appearance together during the Asakusa Arc in the Demon Slayer anime. She is one of the demons who had unflinching loyalty to Muzan Kibutsuji and having aspirations to join the ranks of his Twelve Kizuki.

She is a childish, playful but aggressive, demon who sees every challenge as a source for fun. Her childish exuberance is the direct opposite of Yahaba’s maturity and seriousness. She can grow up to six arms, and uses six fast-moving Temari balls, which earned her the name Temari Demon.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Mukago

Mukago held the position of Lower Rank Four among the Twelve Kizuki demons. Similar to her demonic peers, she harbored an intense fear of Muzan Kibutsuji. This overwhelming fear of death turned her into a coward, often evading confrontations, especially when it came to facing a Hashira. Tragically (for her), Muzan Kibutsuji ended her life when he delved into her thoughts within the Infinity Castle, summoning all the Lower Rank demons after Rui's demise.

Female Humans

Amane Ubuyashiki

Demon Slayer Female Characters Amane Ubuyashiki

Amane Ubuyashiki is Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s wife; just like him, she is gentle, calm, and collected, yet strict. When Kagaya’s health started deteriorating, she filled in for him and always handled the Hashiras with a tactical and professional approach, always seeking out ways to help the Demon Slayer Corps in its mission. Together with Kagaya, she has five children: Hinako, Nichika, Kuina, Kanata, and Kiriya, the only son of the family.

Hinaki Ubuyashiki

Demon Slayer Female Characters Hinaki Ubuyashiki

Hinaki Ubuyashiki is one of Kagaya Ubuyashiki's elder twin daughters. She has white hair and shares the same kind and gentle nature as the rest of her family. Similar to her sister, she takes care of various household chores and assists in guiding new Demon Slayers during the final selection. Additionally, she occasionally attends to the Hashiras while waiting for her father. Despite her quiet demeanor, she plays an important role in her family's responsibilities.

Nichika Ubuyashiki

Demon Slayer Female Character Nichika Ubuyashiki

Nichika Ubuyashiki, Kagaya Ubuyashiki's second daughter and twin sister of Hinaki, bears a striking resemblance to her sibling. Just like Hinaki, she embodies kindness and gentleness, dedicating herself to serving both her father and the Demon Slayer Corps. It is common to find her in the company of Hinaki, with both sisters often speaking in perfect synchronization.

Kuina Ubuyashiki

Demon Slayer Female Characters Kuina Ubuyashiki

Kuina Ubuyashiki, the third daughter of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and the eldest of his younger set of twin daughters, closely resembles her sisters in both looks and behavior. However, she possesses a hint of fierceness that emerges when the situation calls for it.

Kanata Ubuyashiki

Demon Slayer Female Characters Kanata Ubuyashiki

Kanata Ubuyashiki, the youngest daughter of Kagaya and Amane, and twin of Kuina, exudes an emotionally detached demeanor, displaying a remarkable level of focus and intelligence. She remains undisturbed by the brashness of others, as demonstrated during the Final Selection when Genya Shinazugawa manhandled her without eliciting a response.

Sumi Nakahara

Demon Slayer Female Characters Sumi Nakahara

Sumi Nakahara is one of the servants at the Butterfly Mansion. She looks very much like Naho and Kiyo, and the trio is observed to be very helpful, cheerful, and lively. And despite her young age, she is very mature and courteous.

Naho Takada

Demon Slayer Female Characters Naho Takada

Naho Takada is also a servant in the Butterfly Mansion. Naho is a positive, upbeat, and helpful person who is always prepared to provide a helping hand to others around her.

Kiyo Terauchi

Demon Slayer Female Characters Kiyo Terauchi

Kiyo Kerauchi is a servant at the Butterfly Mansion, where she was taken in after she lost her family to a demon attack. She is a kind, hearty and hardworking girl.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Makomo

Makomo is a former pupil of Sakonji Urokodaki who died before passing the Final Selection and becoming a Demon Slayer. Throughout Tanjiro's training, Makomo is always seen wearing a cute white cat warding mask. She is a kind and supportive individual who constantly offers encouragement and guidance. Makomo only appeared in the series as a ghost to motivate Tanjiro during his training.

She is known for her compassionate disposition and her close friendship with Sabito, another of Urokodaki’s dead students. Makomo plays an essential role in Tanjiro's journey because she helps him develop his abilities and drive to be strong.

Kie Kamado

Demon Slayer Female Characters Kie Kamado

Kie Kamado is Tanjiro and Nezuko’s mother. Not much is known about her, but memories of her, and her teachings have helped keep Nezuko from going berserk on many occasions, and often keeping Tanjiro on his feet and keep fighting, even in the face of unbeatable odds/foes.

Hanako Kamado

Demon Slayer Female Characters Hanako Kamado

Hanako Kamado is Nezuko’s younger sister. Alongside the rest of the family, she was also killed by a demon in the same attack that turned Nezuko into a demon. She was an ideal younger sister to Tanjiro, always clinging to him, and also a loving yet strict elder sister to her younger siblings.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Makio

Makio is one of Tengen Uzui’s wives, and a female ninja, known as Kunoichi. Makio is strong-willed, brazen, and self-assured in the manner that she conducts herself. Of the two of her co-wives, Makio tends to be less tolerant of Suma's condescending acts.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Suma

Suma is another of Tengen Uzui’s wives, and also a kunoichi alongside Makio and Hinatsuru. Suma's personality is quite similar to that of Zenitsu, in that she tends to be extremely dramatic and exaggerates her feelings whenever possible.

She has a reputation for being timid and unsure of herself in potentially dangerous circumstances, and she has a knack for blubbering for no apparent reason (whether it be happiness at being praised or terror at the sight of a demon). When she becomes agitated, she acts immaturely and starts bickering with her two fellow wives, especially Makio.


Demon Slayer Female Characters Hinatsuru

Hinatsuru is one of Tengen Uzui’s wives, and also a kunoichi. And just like her co-wives, she loves Tengen a great deal and never passes on any opportunity to show her love, affection, and loyalty to him. She often displays a compassionate and composed attitude, even during conflicts between Tengen’s other wives.

She is also particularly strategic and fearless and shows how calmly and rationally she could make decisions and strategize even in dire or unfavorable conditions.

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