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One Piece: Warship Island Arc (Filler) | Summary, Recap & Review

Join the Straw Hat Pirates on a filler arc as they encounter a mysterious girl and embark on a quest to find a legendary dragon's homeland!



One Piece's Warship Island Arc offers valuable life lessons amidst a filler adventure with themes of friendship and trust, but is bogged down by slow pacing and limited relevance to the main storyline.


  • The unique setting and the addition of the dragons and sea kings are somewhat interesting.


  • Slow pacing and lack of significant character development.
  • Many moments feel disconnected from the main narrative.
One Piece Warship Island Arc One Piece Warship Island Arc

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Well, there adventurers, here we meet once again, and we are heading into a new adventure of the Straw Hats. This time it is the Warship Island Arc, and this is actually the very first filler story arc in the series that’s completely filler and non-canon.

This arc tells the story of the Straw Hat Pirates and their encounter with a mysterious girl named Apis. Brace yourselves for a wild ride filled with rainstorms, chase sequences, marine fleets, and a quest to find the homeland of an extraordinary dragon.

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There are elements in this arc that completely contradict canon parts of the series, but since this is a completely filler arc it should always be taken with a grain of salt. Get ready to set sail on the high seas of excitement and embark on an unforgettable journey!

One Piece Warship Island Arc Summary & Recap

A Stormy Encounter

One Piece Apis being kidnapped by the Marines

Our story begins with the Straw Hat Pirates navigating through treacherous waters, enduring a fierce rainstorm. The rain pelts the deck of the ship, creating a sense of urgency and tension. Amidst the chaos, a young girl named Apis finds herself trapped aboard one of the Marine ships of Branch 8.

Determined to escape, she hatches a daring plan. With nimble movements, she manages to slip past her guard and begins a heart-pounding chase across the rain-soaked deck.

The Captain and the Mercenary

One Piece Captain Nelson Royal

As Apis races through the ship, she unknowingly attracts the attention of Captain Nelson Royale, an imposing figure who commands the 8th Branch fleet. Despite his immobility, Captain Royale is a force to be reckoned with. Rumor has it that Apis possesses the key to the elusive elixir of eternal youth, a secret that has piqued the captain's interest.

One Piece Eric the Whirlwind

In a bid to capture her, Captain Royale summons his formidable mercenary, Eric the Whirlwind. With his razor-sharp claws and swift agility, Eric poses a significant threat to Apis and her newfound freedom.

Pirates, Seagulls, and Misunderstandings

One Piece Luffy and his crew on the deck of the Going Merry

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates sail through the storm, their sights set on reaching the Grand Line. Their anticipation grows as they spot seagulls circling above a raft in the distance. Mistaking the seagulls for a school of fish, Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hats, leaps into action, plunging into the water with the hopes of a bountiful catch. Unbeknownst to him, his impulsive move sends Zoro, one of his crewmates, overboard. To their surprise, instead of a school of fish, they discover a confused and bewildered Apis, caught up in their fishing net.

A Good Pirate Crew

One Piece Apis eats with the Straw Hats

Confusion and fear grip Apis as she awakens on the Straw Hat Pirates' vessel, realizing she has been taken in by pirates. However, her apprehension quickly fades as the crew reassures her of their true nature as "good" pirates. Bound by their shared desire for freedom and justice, the Straw Hat Pirates learn of Apis' desperate escape from Marine Branch 8 and the danger she faces at the hands of Captain Royale and his mercenaries.

Driven by compassion and a sense of righteousness, the crew makes a unanimous decision to help Apis and ensure her safe return to Warship Island.

Perils of the Calm Belt

One Piece Going Merry surrounded by many Sea Kings

As the Straw Hat Pirates set sail towards Warship Island, they find themselves pursued by Captain Royale's Marine fleet. To their dismay, they accidentally enter the treacherous Calm Belt, a vast expanse of the ocean teeming with colossal sea kings.

One Piece Figures Statues

Towering over their ship, these monstrous creatures pose a grave threat to the crew's safety. With quick thinking and unwavering determination, the Straw Hats navigate the dangerous waters, narrowly evading the sea kings and escaping the clutches of the Calm Belt.

Unveiling Apis' Secret

One Piece Warship Island

Upon reaching Warship Island, the crew learns a startling revelation. Apis possesses a unique Devil Fruit ability, granting her the power to communicate with animals. Through her ability, she has formed a profound bond with a dying Sennenryu, a majestic dragon species long thought to be extinct. Apis is determined to return the Sennenryu to its homeland, a mission that becomes the focal point of the Straw Hat Pirates' adventure.

As they uncover the significance of Apis' powers and the true nature of the Sennenryu, they find themselves faced with two major obstacles.

Facing a Marine Fleet

One Piece Arrival of the Marine Fleet

One of these obstacles is the entire Marine fleet brought by Captain Nelson Royale, as they are trying to get the bones of the dragon to use them to make medicine and then earn a fortune. This fleet traps the Straw Hat together with Apis and the Sennenryu in a circle at sea and starts bombing them.

One Piece Merchandise

The Straw Hats make a miraculous reversal of the situation by employing all of their abilities to defeat them, but now there’s yet another problem.

Where Are We Going?

One Piece Great Millennium Dragon killed by gunshots from the Marines

As they try to escape from the Marines there’s still the problem that they don’t know where they are supposed to go now, as the Sennenryu’s home island only is said to be lost and in an unknown location.

One Piece arrival of the Millennial Dragons

Turns out this island only appears once every thousand years, but the ancient dragon manages to awaken its instinct and locate the island by nature, leading the Straw Hats there. On the island, they get to see traces of a civilization long lost, where humans and dragons lived together.

One Piece Warship Island Arc Review

A Tale of Friendship, Power, and Peril on the High Seas

One Piece the Going Merry crossing the Mirage Barrier

Through this epic adventure, we learn valuable lessons about the power of friendship, the importance of trust, the significance of effective communication, and the dangers of succumbing to greed. The Straw Hat Pirates' journey serves as a testament to the strength and resilience found in the bonds we forge and the choices we make in the face of adversity.

Even though the themes present on this filler arc resonate strongly throughout the whole series, the lack of relevance of the characters, combined with the slow pace of the narrative and not many impressive moments earn the lowest score so far in the series.

One Piece the Going Merry in the Calm Belt

So, prepare to hoist the sails, brace the stormy seas, and get ready to watch hundreds of episodes of needless filler with the Straw Hat Pirates!

Overall Score: 5/10

One Piece Warship Island Arc Poster

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