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One Piece: Ocean's Dream Arc (Filler) | Summary & Review

Straw Hat Pirates lose memory to a hypnotic seahorse in anime-exclusive "Ocean's Dream" arc. Entertaining but lacks depth. Rating: 7/10


Raimonds Lauzums

July 24, 2023

One Piece Oceans Dream the Boy and the Seahorse Trumpet One Piece Oceans Dream the Boy and the Seahorse Trumpet
By: Jose D. Pernalete

Welcome to the thrilling "Ocean's Dream" arc, where you'll embark on an anime-exclusive adventure, challenging the Straw Hat Pirates in unexpected and comical ways! An unknown figure has managed to steal their precious memories, leaving them with amnesia that even the best doctor in the Grand Line would find hard to cure.

What awaits our intrepid pirates in this new adventure? Will it be Foxy and his pirates out for revenge? Let's find out!

Ocean's Dream Arc Summary

A Strange and Amnesiac Dream

One Piece Oceans Dream Zoro Sleeping On The Going Merry

It all begins on a quiet night aboard the Going Merry Go. Zoro, the crew member on watch that night, has also fallen asleep. In an unnoticed moment, a boy with a bugle in the shape of a seahorse crosses his path. Unfortunately, with everyone else asleep, no one notices the boy's presence.

The next morning, the Straw Hat crew wakes up, but something is clearly wrong. They discover that they have lost their memory! Nami, not remembering that she is part of the crew, steals some of the ship's treasure and flees to a nearby island. Meanwhile, Zoro, still dozing, decides to follow Nami to the island.

With Zoro out of action, Robin is the only one who can connect the dots as to what happened; she seems to not have been affected. She tells Chopper and Usopp everything that has happened since she joined the crew, but neither of them believes her. On the other hand, Sanji trusts Robin completely and tries to convince the others to believe her.

One Piece Oceans Dream The Boy With Seahorse Trumpet On The Going Merry

At night, the sea bugle boy returns, and Luffy has a confrontation with him by delivering a simple blow to the bugle. Miraculously, it's enough to make Luffy recover his lost memories.

A Journey to Recover Lost Memories

One Piece Oceans Dream Luffy And Zoro Fighting

Finally, the Straw Hat crew lands on the island to find Nami. Robin, while reading an inscription, begins to understand what is happening to them. She guides the crew to the location of the memory thief, which is when Zoro, who has been hypnotized by the bugle boy, appears.

The situation gets complicated when Zoro confronts Luffy, giving each other no choice but to fight. Luckily, the rest of the crew arrives just in time to help out with the fight.

When the crew arrives, Sanji attacks the boy, but Robin promptly clarifies that the real culprit is the seahorse carrying the bugle, not the boy himself. After learning about this, the crew launches into an epic beatdown against the Hypnotic Seahorse.

The Hypnotic Seahorse

One Piece Oceans Dream Sanji Threatening The Seahorse

In a desperate attempt to protect himself, the seahorse performs a special technique that allows him to steal all of the crew's memories. Everyone relives moments from their past, except Robin, whose memories seem to be unaffected.

The motive behind his action is not fully revealed in the arc, but it can be inferred that the seahorse was acting in accordance with his nature. One of the arc's curiosities is that the seahorse had aspirations of becoming a dragon, which may suggest that he wanted to demonstrate his power and greatness by stealing the Straw Hat Pirates' memories.

Amidst the confusion, the seahorse inflates, taking on a balloon-like appearance. Ever adventurous, Luffy tries to climb on top, but while walking backward, he tumbles down an embankment. By a stroke of luck, his foot catches a rock, propelling him onto the seahorse. In an accidental yet fortunate turn, Luffy ends up tying himself to the seahorse, and the pressure exerted helps him regain some of his lost memories.

One Piece Oceans Dream Luffy Punching The Seahorse

Finally, Luffy remembers everything that has happened and what the seahorse has done to him. After a powerful blow, the whole gang regains their memories.

Back in the village, the crew is accused of being the memory thieves and must flee. The arc concludes with our beloved Straw Hat Pirates setting off for new and exciting adventures.

Ocean's Dream Arc Review

A Comical Filler Adventure

One Piece Oceans Dream Zoro Swimming Swords On Head

The "Ocean's Dream" arc is entertaining and has comedic moments that capture the essence of One Piece. The premise of losing one's memory due to a hypnotic seahorse is a clever and original idea. The story offers a fun reprieve between the main sagas, allowing the characters to develop in unique ways and providing moments of comedy and action.

However, as is common with filler arcs, "Ocean's Dream" lacks the depth and relevance found in the main manga plots. While entertaining, some fans may find it less impactful compared to the core sagas of the series. In addition, the arc could have benefited from further exploration of the motives behind the seahorse stealing the crew's memories, as this would have added more substance to the story.

Easter Eggs in the Ocean's Dream Arc

One Piece Oceans Dream Luffy Chest Scar From Zoro Foreshadowing

The "Ocean's Dream" arc is full of curious details that reference other filler arcs and One Piece's main story. The seahorse's desire to become a dragon connects his story to the filler arc "Millennium Dragon." In addition, the fight between Luffy and Zoro leaves the captain with a scar similar to the one he will later get after the 2-year time jump.

One Piece's "Ocean's Dream" arc is an exciting and comical filler story that tests the bravery and ingenuity of our beloved pirates. With a touch of mystery, action and surprises, this anime-exclusive arc offers viewers a fresh and entertaining experience as the characters struggle to recover their lost memories.

Final Score: 7/10

One Piece Oceans Dream Going Merry Sailing At Dusk


Is Ocean's Dream arc filler?

Yes, the "Ocean's Dream" arc is a non-canon filler arc in the One Piece anime. It is not adapted from the original manga source material by Eiichiro Oda.

What is Ocean's Dream arc?

The "Ocean's Dream" arc is an anime-exclusive filler arc in the One Piece series. It features a unique adventure where the Straw Hat Pirates lose their memories due to a hypnotic seahorse and must strive to regain them while facing comedic challenges.

Should I skip Ocean's Dream arc?

As a filler arc, it is not directly related to the main storyline of One Piece. Although it provides some entertainment, with the length of the One Piece series, many choose to skip filler arcs like Ocean's Dream.

How long is the Ocean's Dream arc?

The "Ocean's Dream" arc in One Piece spans five episodes: 220-224. It revolves around the crew losing their memories, Luffy regaining his, and the team uniting to recover their identities by fighting a hypnotic seahorse.

What are some of the key themes explored in the "Ocean's Dream" arc of One Piece?

One Piece's "Ocean's Dream" arc explores themes of memory's impact on identity, deception, and the power of friendship as the crew strives to recover lost memories and confront the real culprit, the hypnotic seahorse.

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