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Pokémon - Let's Play Eevee - Eevee Theme Deck

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Product Description

If you're not scared of fire, then perhaps you'd like to try to catch all the Pokemons that the Let's Play Eevee - Preconstructed Theme Deck has to offer.

This themed deck is aimed at beginners to the Pokemon trading card game. The deck was released at the same time as another beginner-friendly deck called Let's Play, Pikachu! These 2 decks draw their inspiration from the video games by the same names.

Upon opening this package you should find the following items:

  • damage counters
  • a custom coin
  • player mat
  • an Eevee deckbox
  • a TCGO code card
  • a mini poster with Pikachu and Eevee

The surprises don't end here, for some of the cards in the deck can solely be obtained through this deck:

  • The Flareon SM Black Star Promotional card
  • The Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Eevee
  • The Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Moltres
  • The Non-Holo Charizard

Let's Play Eevee Decklist:


4× Eevee
2× Flareon
2× Charizard
2× Charmeleon
3× Charmander
2× Simisear
3× Pansear
2× Kangaskhan
2× Lickitung
2× Moltres
1× Cynthia
2× Great Ball
4× Hau
1× Pokémon Catcher
2× Pokémon Fan Club
1× Potion
1× Professor Kukui
2× Switch
22× Fire Energy