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LEGO - Hero Factory - Voltix - 6283

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Product Description

In the year 2012, Lego released a series of building kits for rather larger figurines. These were inspired by the LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game and represented both heroes and villains.

If you play the LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game, then you'd be happy to learn that this item comes with a code that will give you 300 points for you to use as you wish.

The Lego set #6283 represents a villain, Voltix. He has escaped and he plans to cut the power supply at the Tansari VI energy collection array. Stopping him won't be an easy job. This is mostly due to his very dangerous weapons:

  • a voltage booster switch
  • a volt blaster that shoots balls
  • a dangerous lightning whip
  • electricity spark elements

You get 61 pieces to combine. The finished product is around 11 inches or 30 cm tall. This building kit can be mixed with other similar set to either obtain a larger figurine or even other items.

Lego collectors like to display their figurines while children prefer to play with them. Either way, Voltix is sure to please everyone!