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Deadman Wonderland: Episode 10 Summary & Review

Deadman Wonderland Episode 10: Undertaker - Thrilling plot twists, intense fights, and shocking revelations as the Scar Chain fights for freedom. Ganta's allies face new challenges, while a powerful enemy emerges. An exhilarating episode in the dark world of Deadman Wonderland.



July 22, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Episode 10 Undertaker Deadman Wonderland Episode 10 Undertaker
By: Prince Lammy

Deadman Wonderland Episode Ten: Undertaker

Sometimes the characters in anime are placed in situations that are so awful that you can’t help but shake your head in sympathy for them. Now, this is not the unfortunate event you have to go and Barnacles, I put off doing my thesis on boating, and now I don’t have time to finish it! or Such bad luck! I’m always getting bitten by a certain sister!

The misfortune I’m referring to is when it appears as though Heaven itself has deserted you and when it seems as though all the powers in the world are working together to ensure that you will not be saved.

Story | 8/10

Shiro throws the drive into flames, shuts the door and pushes her back to it, receiving the shock and hurt of the explosion. Stupefied by her actions, Ganta and the rest question the rationality of her action. Enraged, Ganta walked up to her and seized her up, lashing out at her with angry words. When she mentions that he is all she cares about, Ganta swings a punch at her, and she falls to the ground.

At the base of the Scar Chain is Ganta and the others, all looking downcast until Karako enters the room. An older woman treats her wounds as they fill her in on all she’s missed. As they all wallow in their loss, Karako riles them up, intending to show the world themselves to the world. Karako assures them that Nagi is still alive, as Genkaku wouldn’t kill him when they wanted to make her their leader.

Tied to a chair, Nagi has to listen to Genkaku’s horrific musical performance. Genkaku talks to Nagi about joining the Undertakers while Makina and her assistant are in Tamaki’s office, secretly copying some files from his computer. Startled by the sound of a hidden elevator opening, they both run to hide.

An army Major walks in with Tamaki, and the two sit to discuss creating new Branch of Sin users by synthesizing samples from the existing ones. As Makina hides, listening to all they discuss, she starts relating it all with what she’s seen on his computer earlier.

The remaining Scar Chain members discuss their failed plans and attempt to recruit strong fighters in prison. Ganta shows up and offers his help but is turned down, as Karako reiterates that they need fighters with experience. Ganta apologizes for letting Shiro destroy the drive and ruining their plans.

Rokuro opened the door, and they were all delighted to see him. But he starts banging on the door, mad that someone amongst them has ruined his plans. He then revealed that the chip was a mini time bomb. He then laid bare before them all he did to destroy their plot. At that moment, Ganta realized that Shiro had saved his life.

Genkaku injects Nagi with some fluid while wooing him into joining him. As Karako readies to attack Rokuro, other Undertakers storm the place from different angles. Shiro walks into a dark room and starts looking for the Director. She grabs a can of cookies and eats while having a flashback to a time she’d talked to the Director.

Rokuro mentions that all the Scar Chain members would be executed one after the other to force Nagi into becoming an Undertaker. Rokuro further reveals that he’s responsible for the video that got Ganta sentenced. He then tells the scary and crazy stories of Mouzuri and Shinagawa, two other Undertakers.

As the 2nd Undertaker Platoon’s leader and his assistant reach for Ganta, Senji flew in and cut through both of them. Seizing Senji’s entry as an opportunity, Karako and the other fight from the grip of the Undertakers holding them down. Senji tries to kill another Undertaker but is surprised when the soldier’s weapon neutralizes his blood blade.

Rokuro explains how the Undertaker’s weapons use air pressure to neutralize the Branch of Sin. Suddenly, Senji activates Crow Claws, Invisible Black, a secret technique which is a form of a supersonic blade, killing all the Undertakers left, leaving Rokuro alone.

Shiro is lying on the floor, thinking about Ganta, when she is startled by the sound of someone beside her. She turned around and saw the girl who’d told her about the data chip. Meanwhile, Genkaku had kept injecting some unknown substance into Nagi, making him unstable and drooling.

Genkaku then tells him how he (Genkaku) had killed his wife, and Nagi stormed the Undertaker’s base, killing twenty-two of Genkaku’s underlings. Back in the bar, Ganta is on the floor, regretting his actions against Shiro. Karako talks about how messed up Deadman Wonderland is, pointing out why they must bring it down.

They all stand to appeal to Senji to help in their cause, but he laughs hard, saying he prefers to be in Deadman Wonderland than in the outside world. Back in the dark room, the girl with Shiro introduces herself as Sakigami Toto, known as Mockingbird. She also knows Shiro’s real identity as Wretched Egg.

Ganta and the others are startled and surprised to see Karako alive when she walks into the bar

Art | 9/10

In addition to the characters, the artwork in this program is of a satisfactory level. The jail is filled with a variety of grey hues and tones. The bright colours there typically take the shape of gruesome, adorable mascots who either have a pistol concealed in them or something along those lines.

Because it takes place in jail with some future characteristics, there is not much variety in the settings. That implies there will be a lot of hallways and cells, as well as stone and steel and other similar elements. Fight scenes were quite intriguing overall, although the animation quality often suffered.

Sound | 8/10

Moving on to the sound, the music playing in the background was: background music. Although I did not pick out any particularly memorable melodies or other musical elements, I did like the music in the context in which it was presented.

Fade’s song One Reason serves as the introduction. It’s a very standard rock tune, and, surprise!, the words are in English. In addition to being a perfect song, it works well with the performance’s gloomy atmosphere.

On the other hand, the song that concludes tells an entirely different tale. Nirgilis has a song that’s worth listening to, and it’s called Shiny Shiny. In contrast to the hard rock and bloodshed of the program, the music has a rather peppy and catchy pop feel.

The song also has certain sad noises, which is another contrast to the joyous parts. Hearing this, though, after the blood has been spilt in a particular instance offers an unusual feeling akin to empathy for the victim.

The conclusion provides a general overview of several characters’ lives before being subjected to the indescribable horrors of Deadman Wonderland. Simple things include being with friends, enjoying time spent with loved ones, and remembering fond childhood memories.

Senji slices through Mouzuri and Shinagawa, saving Ganta

Character | 7/10

Regarding the characters, I’ve seen a lot of criticism directed towards Ganta’s lackadaisical demeanour. However, given that he’s simply a middle school kid who suddenly finds himself on death row, I can’t blame him for his reaction.

To believe that he would suddenly become more courageous and be ready to brave the perils of Deadman Wonderland so fast seems to me to be an unreasonable expectation. After all, I think the whole tale takes place over less than two weeks.

Talking about Rokuro, he’s a pretty maniacal and kind of like a nutcase. But he’s also pretty blunt at the end, especially about his part in impeding the escape plans of Nagi and his comrades and even in incarcerating Ganta. But I cannot help but feel that his act was slightly off.

Almost forgotten, this seemed like the perfect time to bring Senji back into the game and onto the screen. Even though he decided only to stay awhile and not aid the Scar Chain members in their pursuit, there’s no mistaking it that he’s out for trouble. Unlike the Scar Chain members, he likes the life he’s living at Deadman Wonderland.

All other side characters are, well, side characters. They do not make any impact, nor do they seem to mean anything at all. In the least, they’re just spaces to be filled and possible excuses for characters to get the show going.

Enjoyment | 7/10

Not making the whole of my reviews, especially on enjoyment, all about the fight scenes alone, but seeing Senji fight against the Undertakers was thrilling. I was all smiles when I saw how much the Undertakers dreaded him, especially those wearing armour (which appeared to be ordinary soldiers).

I hope Senji will make a comeback and help the Scar Chain members in their plans because, as it stands now, Ganta definitely cannot do anything.

Overall | 8/10

Suppose you can stomach all the blood and brutality depicted in this episode. In that case, you should give it a try. One cannot help but have compassion for the Nagi and wish his release from Genkaku’s control. The change in the arc, when the focus moved from Ganta to Nagi, was the only thing that bothered me. Other than that, it was a welcome breath of new air in the anime universe.

Senji leaving the guys after turning down their offer to join them in their freedom fight

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