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Deadman Wonderland: Episode 3 Summary & Review

Deadman Wonderland Episode 3: G Block continues the mysterious prison storyline with thrilling action and mild character development. Exciting visuals and an intriguing plot make it an 8/10. Can't wait for more!



June 22, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Episode 03: G Block Deadman Wonderland Episode 03: G Block
By: Prince Lammy

Deadman Wonderland Episode Three: G Block

I can’t help but feel that some bits of this episode could’ve been stretched out far more than they’ve been made to be. But as the writers and producers have their intent, I guess it’s pretty okay.

Realizing that definitely, there is more than meets the eye about this prison itself is a mystery. And indeed, I was surprised that even Captain Makina doesn’t know all there is to know about the place is thrilling on another level.

But let me start with the base of all reviews: the story, shall I?

Story | 7/10

Seated at a round table were six people, including Tamaki. It was a meeting of managers, and all were admonishing Tamaki for the death of many prisoners in the previous day’s game. It was then revealed that the Wretched Egg (called The Red Man) by Ganta was also held in a particular cell within Deadman Wonderland.

After Ganta and Shiro finish having their sweet bean bread and she runs off, Ganta starts wondering if that day would be his last. In a prison cafeteria, four prisoners sit and discuss how pointless the previous day’s game had been. Overhearing their conversation, Yoh wonders if the game’s difficulty was because of Ganta’s entry.

Sitting on the floor of his cell, Ganta addresses a letter to Mimi’s father. Yoh then walks in and hands him a candy, making Ganta happy that he would at least live to see another day. As Yoh secretly wonders why the promoter is enamored with Ganta, he smiles inwardly, happy that Ganta is now in his debt.

While playing with toys in his office, promoter Tamaki receives a call that Wretched Egg is now on the loose. He takes a secret concealed elevator down to the site and orders the orderlies to get the Mother Goose System back up.

After Yoh and Ganta grab ice creams in the yard, Ganta reminisces on moments he’d spent with his friends. As the clock suddenly strikes mid-day, a burning red gem appears in Ganta’s chest, causing him to fall to his knees in pain.

Looking up and towards the clock, Ganta and Yoh see Wretched Egg. The latter makes his way down and stirs up an explosive tornado, killing a few prisoners and injuring Yoh. Exasperated, Ganta draws blood from himself and shoots a projectile at Wretched Egg.

Wretched Egg flies back in the direction he’d come from. Watching the entire scenario on a computer screen with a nefarious smile on his face, Takami rejoices that a new player (Ganta) has joined the games.

Ganta taking his first candy. He nearly puked because of how awful the candy tastes

Waking up in a hospital bed, Ganta sees Shiro by his bedside and other injured inmates on other beds in the ward. Shiro tells him the occurrence was reported as a terrorist attack. From the conversation with the other inmates in the hospital, Ganta learned that Wretched Egg is in the prison’s G – Block.

After evaluating her colleagues’ previous situation, Makina decides that Ganta has a weapon stored in his body. Tagging the situation as a Code Red, she ordered the immediate arrest of Ganta. After authorizing immediate lockdown on the facility, she activated a Necro Macro, a robot to go after Ganta.

In Tamaki’s office, he tells Yoh that he only intends to take care of Ganta, bribing the lad with more cast cards. As the speakers’ lockdown announcement is being made, Ganta and Shiro are running along a passage but are stopped in their tracks when some metal doors shut them in.

Showing Ganta the map of the place, Yoh proves to him that there’s no place like G – Block. But Shiro says she knows a secret passageway to the place. While Ganta asked her to show him the way, Necro Macro joined the trio in the hallway.

As the trio got into the secret passageway Shiro showed them, the robot fired but barely missed. As the trio falls into a dark hallway, the robot follows them in, and Shiro tells them to get into another hole. After some while, the trio finally stands in front of G – Block.

As they move towards the block, Necro Macro breaks the wall in and shoots at them. Amidst the resulting fire of the robot’s attack, it moves forward to deliver a final attack but is kicked away by Shiro.

As Shiro stands ranting at Ganta, Necro Macro gets back up behind her and prepares to shoot. Strings of blood suddenly split the robot, and the entrance of G – Block opened. A figure steps out of the shadows, playing with blood, and says, Ssslice!

Necro Macro scanning the three inmates

Art | 7/10

Manglobe is the production firm behind shows like Ergo Proxy and Samurai Champloo, in addition to this series. Manglobe is responsible for producing this series. The illustrations are a bit boring, except for Shiro’s design, which perfectly captures her bizarre behavior throughout the program.

This exhibition features work that is drab and lacking in vibrancy overall, with a particular focus on the color red. The animation is slightly better than usual, which is most noticeable during the fight sequences. Overall, despite the high quality of the graphics.

Sound | 7/10

The opening theme music for the anime is titled One Reason. It is a hard-rocking tune with a moderate tempo, and it does a great job of conveying the gloomy and dismal atmosphere of the show. The last song, SHINY SHINY, on the other hand, is much more upbeat as a result of its representation of Ganta’s existence before the incidents of the performance and the fact that it takes place before those events.

The insert tracks are typical of a metal genre, which fits in well with the gloomy atmosphere of the program; yet, they are not memorable at all. Most of the time, the show’s soundtrack does an excellent job remaining in the background.

The dub, which Funimation produced, performed a fulfilling job in the voice-acting sector, effectively matching the characters with well-acted vocals that fit their personalities.

Character | 8/10

Ganta, Yoh, Shiro, Tamaki, and Makina have consistently made the screen in three consecutive episodes, so I know there’s more to expect from these characters.

Tamaki is portrayed as childish, playful, untidy, and, as I’d thought, more than meets the eye. He controls factions of Deadman Wonderland that not even Captain Makina knows about. And he’s usually always gleeful whenever something tragic happens, especially if it’s about Ganta.

Wretched Egg (who Ganta calls The Red Man) made another appearance when he escaped from his cell. His character is still mysterious and unpredictable, but one thing I’ve come to attribute to him is that wherever Wretched Egg shows up, deaths must follow.

The rest of the characters are pretty much as they’ve been in the last episode, and Shiro shows she could get mad at petty issues.

Enjoyment | 7/10

Finding out that there is even a hidden cell where prisoners are kept in solitary confinement within Deadman Wonderland is surprising. And some of Takami’s words from the previous episodes are just starting to make sense.

Having such a crazy and twisted plot and character like Takami gives the episode a whole entertainment gig, as you never know what to expect. That fact alone kept me up on my feet (literally) as I just kept wondering, what’s this crazy guy up to?

G – Block didn’t precisely promise much, but it’s been a jolly ride for me. On the note that it ended, Ganta and friends facing the supposed Red Man, I’m dying to see what would happen now.

Overall | 8/10

At this point, one would’ve expected to start seeing some convincing character development, especially for Ganta, and maybe a bit on Shiro and maybe Yoh. But all I’m seeing is mild mysteries and, with these, further accompanying revelations.

The episode has its ups and downs in some good ways and is attractive, especially the action bits. But really, I think it’s about time to see some actual development with Ganta. But maybe that would be in the next episode. I guess I’ll have to see that one and see for myself then.

Deadman Wonderland Ssslice Crow Claws one of the Branches of Sin

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