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Deadman Wonderland: Episode 4 Summary & Review

In Deadman Wonderland Episode Four, Ganta confronts Crow Claws in a high-stakes battle. Secrets unravel as the story progresses, but the episode feels rushed. The dark and thrilling world of Deadman Wonderland awaits.



June 22, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Episode 04: Crow – Crow Deadman Wonderland Episode 04: Crow – Crow
By: Prince Lammy

Deadman Wonderland Episode Four: Crow – Crow

In the past, I’ve seen quite some CSI and prison-related series (talking about movies). And with Deadman Wonderland, these series’ all have something similar. There would always be the prisoner(s) in solitary confinement that everybody fears, always kept in the dark, unmarked, and extremely secured part of the prison.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that these aren’t your regular-type prisoners. I want to tell you that we have one (or more) of such inmates here at Deadman Wonderland.

Follow me through the story, and I’d make a proper introduction of what kind of person he is to you.

Story | 7/10

The episode starts with a reel of the previous one’s last scene. The new guy walks up to the fallen Necro Macro and smashes its head in. As the new guy smiles, Ganta remembers the gruesome murder of his classmates. Enraged, Ganta rushes toward him.

Wondering if Ganta is Woodpecker, the new guy cuts himself and, with his blood, slices objects around Ganta, thereby cutting the lad also. With his blood sword protruding from his arms, he introduces himself as Crow Claws, one of the Branches of Sin.

At a display of some game player cards, some unseen commentator-like voices comment on the previous day’s game and look forward to the next one. A call came in for Tamaki, informing him of Crow’s activities outside G – Block, making him leave his VR meeting.

Crow talks Ganta (supposedly nicknamed Woodpecker) into having a warm-up fight (which the duo had supposedly planned) before their big fight. He resolved that he would die when he realized that Crow had sliced his weapon into tiny bits within a split second.

Realizing that he needed to bleed before using his power, Ganta shoots a projectile of blood at Crow, which shatters Crow’s blades. Crow stops it from penetrating his chest, much to Ganta and Yoh’s dismay.

After Crow applauds Ganta’s effort, the latter realizes that Crow isn’t the Red Man. Crow then introduces himself as Senji Kiyomasa. Senji then informs him that they aren’t the only Deadmen there are. As Senji makes for Ganta and tries to attack, Shiro wards him off, only after just waking up just a while ago.

Ganta and Senji got shot at with anesthetic darts by hidden masked soldiers. Furious at how Tamaki had cleaned up all that happened at G – Block without leaving a trace, Makina makes for the Director’s quarters.

Ganta projects his blood in a bid to shoot at Senji

Upon inquiry, a guard tells Yoh that everyone in G – Block is a Branch of Sin carrier. Ganta woke up strapped to a lab testbed. After an X-Ray evaluation, Senji is said to have broken two ribs and cracked his sternum.

Tamaki admitted to having falsified Ganta’s confession video. Furious, Ganta cuts himself and tries to use his blood to cut Tamaki. Still, the latter uses the bed to electrocute him. Tamaki then informs him of his impending fight against Senji the next day and shows him what would be done to him should he lose.

At the promise of meeting Wretched Egg, Ganta resolves to fight Senji the next day. Tamaki then shows him a recap of previous Corpse Carnival fights, all of which frightens Ganta the more. Captain Makina is on her way to see the Director while Senji prepares for his fight.

Art & Animation | 6/10

For about half the episode, especially when they were still in front of G – Block, everywhere was pitch-black. One could barely make out essential details from the whole thing. But asides from that, the art has a relatively good appearance.

Sound | 7/10

❝I will be your Deadman
With nothing but this blood on my hands.
Stuck in your Wonderland
I wanna make you bleed just like me.❞

I think now I’m addicted to the opening theme of this anime. But it isn’t the music but the animations accompanying it. These have a great touch of finesse to them, and I’d bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

While you may want to attribute the clear graphics to the fact that I’m watching the 1080p quality, I checked out the 720p quality, and it’s pretty good also, but not as good😅.

I think the intro and outro were both quite solid. The use of music in the background was also appropriate. In terms of their performances, I think Ganta and Shiro’s vocals were spot on and reflected who they are. The remaining cast members didn’t have a lot of lines, but they delivered strong performances anyway.

Character | 5/10

Well, at least there’s a bit of improvement or development on Ganta’s character profile. At least now, he could bleed and control his power at will, but it’s still not up to par and not as expected at this point, but it’s a start for me.

All the other characters are very much as they’ve been, so there’s nothing new to write about.

And Senji, one of the Branch of Sin users, comes off as someone that’s usually delighted at the thought of fights or violence. He’s the same prisoner Necro Macro targeted some four years ago. But I’ve heard that the OVA of this series talks more about him.

I’d also give a full review of that when I watch it.

After a bit of talk with Tamaki, Ganta gets riled up and promises to kill Tamaki and Wretched Egg

Enjoyment | 5/10

One particular part that would’ve been enjoyable in this episode is the fight between Senji and Ganta in front of G – Block. But it was pretty straightforward, and even though they tried to make it seem like there was a turnaround, that part wasn’t effectively utilized.

Generally, they tried, but anyone would’ve expected that, at least for a 12-episode anime, the fourth episode is enough time for the main character to have mastery of his newfound powers. But as it is, Ganta still doesn’t even recognize his powers, let alone know how to use them at will.

I enjoyed this episode a bit, but I believe it could’ve gone better.

Overall | 6/10

Now I can’t help but feel that parts of this episode are rushed and not done to perfection. For example, the fight between Ganta and Senji could’ve gone better, and the turnaround wasn’t thrilling. Fine, it held its own, but it still wasn’t it.

Senji is warming up for the next day’s Corpse Carnival despite his injuries

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