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Deadman Wonderland: Episode 11 Summary & Review

Deadman Wonderland Episode 11: Gig of Misery - Chaotic and intense, this episode showcases Nagi's overwhelming strength and Ganta's surprising power. Satisfactory artwork and effective background music. A thrilling watch for fans of gore and blood. Rating: 8/10



July 22, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Episode 11 Gig of Misery Deadman Wonderland Episode 11 Gig of Misery
By: Prince Lammy

Deadman Wonderland Episode Eleven: Gig of Misery

I have a masochistic streak in me. In most cases, when I come across something that I believe will not be to my liking, I will abandon it after giving it a try once I have determined that there is nothing else I will appreciate.

This is especially true when the show in question is so bad that it leaves me stupified. In contrast to the vast majority of people, I did not watch the series to take pleasure in its excellent aspects; rather, I watched it to make fun of the wrong things.

Because I don’t find credibility in a positive or negative review for anything, this may have made it so that I was unaware of the significant aspects of the series and may have caused some of my credibility to suffer.

Story | 8/10

Walking down a long dark passageway is Ganta, wearing only one shoe. After reminiscing on how weak he is, and moments prove that he runs to the gym to meet Senji, he begs Senji to teach him to fight. With tears in his eyes, he states why he wants to get stronger.

Shiro keeps shoving chocolate into her mouth. After arguing with Toto about her name, Toto had to jump on a raised platform when Shiro jumped at her. While others see her as Wretched Egg, she sees herself as Ace Man, always coming to rescue Ganta. She then bursts into tears, reeling in how she feels hurt by Ganta’s actions, and eventually getting angry.

In response to Toto’s question, she claims to hate Ganta and runs off to punch him. Meanwhile, Karako had tied up Rokuro and gathered an Undertaker’s armor with her colleagues. She went on to plan a guerilla war against the Undertakers. The older woman realized that Karako had lied to Ganta about their departure time to exclude him from their plans. The Scar Chain members all leave the room, leaving Karako with Rokuro.

Dressed as an Undertaker and walking down a passageway, Karako remembers when Nagi showed her an empty pendant and thought it held the picture of his daughter. He wished to see her someday. Amid Ganta’s training, Senji crushes all of Ganta’s candy, setting one as a target, and himself, as a stopping block.

As the duo keeps training, Mockingbird (Toto) walks in on them and enquires from Ganta about Shiro’s whereabouts. She then exchanged greetings with Crow (Senji). She jumped behind Senji, locked him from behind, and licked his blood, after which he pushed her away. Senji introduces her as the deadliest Deadman in prison, but she argues that the reverse is the case now.

As she attempts to lick Ganta’s blood, Senji shoves his blade between them and sends her away. Somewhere else in prison is a musical concert by the prison’s inmates, where Promoter Tamaki, the new Warden of Deadman Wonderland (apparently he’d killed the old man off). While on a call with Genkaku, he urges him to eliminate Nagi’s comrades quickly.

One Scar Chain member spies on the Undertakers while Karako prepares to go in in her disguise. Just as she’s about to go in, Shiro jumps down from an air vent, and the other guards rush to hold her down. As Genkaku steps out and enquires about the cause of the noise, and Karako tries to shield Shiro from him, he uncovers Karako’s disguise.

In Ganta’s training, he keeps trying to hit the target, but to no avail. Senji, however, stops him so that he wouldn’t collapse. But just as he collapsed, he shot a minimal amount of blood, which hit the target and shattered the wall behind it. He recalls how he’d made that effect, just as the anemia set in and he collapsed.

Suddenly the TV came on, and Genkaku addressed the remaining Scar Chain members and showed them his soldiers in their attempts to molest Karako and Shiro. Under duress, Karako urges them to forget her and fight for their freedom, while Ganta dashes off, infuriated.

With tears in their eyes, Karako’s comrades resolve to continue their fight for freedom. Still running, Ganta realized he didn’t even know the path to his destination. Minatsuki came and saved him from some Undertakers that stopped him in his tracks and were about to pop him dead. She then declines his proposal to join in their fight, as she has to look after Yoh’s injuries.

Karako’s comrades try to ward off the Undertakers after them, and Ganta runs into the room where Shiro and Karako are held, hostage. Against their discouragement, Ganta fires multiple shots, killing more than three Undertakers, but then falls again. Shiro breaks free and runs to him but is tripped by Daida Hibana’s Worm Eater sword.

Still unable to maintain balance, Ganta keeps tripping, and Genkaku stands to end them all. Two heavy doors behind him open up to a dark room by pulling strings on his guitar. Karako sees and runs towards Nagi in the room, but he warns her to stay back. It proves that he’s now sane and also remembers that Tamaki had shown him his child’s embryo in the lab where it was being preserved.

Nagi then uses his power to blow everyone up, injuring most of the Undertakers. In his mad-max state, Genkaku urges him to save everyone by killing them. In this crazy state of rage, he floats around lots of his blood bomb, screaming aloud in mad anger and pain.

Ganta dodges one of Senji’s attack while they train

Art | 8/10

Besides the characters, the artwork in this application is of a high enough quality to be considered satisfactory. The jail’s interior is decorated in numerous shades and tints of the color grey. The vibrant colors there generally take the form of nasty yet endearing mascots, some of which either have a gun hidden in them or anything along those lines.

There is not a lot of variety in the settings because it mostly takes place in jail with certain qualities from the future. This suggests that there will be a significant amount of corridors and cells, in addition to stone, steel, and other materials of a similar nature. Fight sequences, on the whole, were pretty interesting, although the animation quality frequently faltered in quality.

Sound | 7/10

Moving on to the sound, the music playing in the background was appropriately referred to as background music. Although I could not identify any particular melodies or other musical components that stood out to me, I found that I liked the music in the context in which it was presented.

The song One Reason by Fade was chosen as the introduction. It’s a very conventional rock track, and the lyrics are written in English, which is a pleasant surprise. Aside from the fact that it is an excellent song, it fits in very nicely with the melancholy vibe of the performance.

On the other hand, the song that brings everything to a close recounts an altogether unique story. There is a song by Nirgilis titled Shiny Shiny that is worth your time to listen to. The soundtrack has a pretty perky and appealing pop feel, which is a stark contrast to the hard rock and slaughter included in the episode.

The joyful elements of the song are contrasted with other more melancholy sounds. However, hearing this after the blood has been spilled in a specific instance provides a unique sense reminiscent of empathy for the victim.

Genkaku kicked off Karako’s helmet, revealing her disguise

In conclusion, a basic outline is provided of the lives of numerous characters before they were exposed to the unimaginable horrors of Deadman Wonderland. Being among friends, appreciating the time spent with loved ones, and reminiscing about happy moments from one’s youth are all examples of simple things.

Character | 8/10

Even though it was pretty at the end of the episode, Nagi still managed to steal the show, even from the main character. And indeed, Ganta surprised me with some strength, but Nagi overshadowed it. Indeed, you can never measure one’s strength by rationality, except if that person is in despair, extreme pair, or mad.

Enjoyment | 7/10

Because of the significant chaos in this episode, my friends and I were kept on our toes and engrossed in seeing the end of it. We all were kept on the edge of our seats. I may not have given it much thought to watch this episode, but you should see Gig of Misery, if you are the kind of person who gets a thrill out of gore and blood. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall | 8/10

No kidding, it is a good show. And with just one more episode to go, I think I’ve finished this. And except for a few minor downhill notions about this episode, I think it’s pretty much good to be a starting point for another season of the sequel. Still, it just so happens to be the penultimate episode, and that’s pretty tragic if you ask me.

In his despair, Nagi starts blowing everyone and everything up

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