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Deadman Wonderland Character Analysis: Senji Kiyomasa (Crow)

Character Analysis: Senji Kiyomasa - A Troublesome and Disciplined Side Character in Deadman Wonderland | Uncover the Intriguing Traits of Senji, His Background, Appearance, and Unique Abilities in This In-Depth Analysis!



October 31, 2022

Serious Prisoner Senji Kiyomasa Crow Deadman Wonderland Serious Prisoner Senji Kiyomasa Crow Deadman Wonderland
By: Prince Lammy

❝Only frustrated adults and naïve kids think themselves to be special❞

-Senji Kiyomasa

Over different anime, we’ve come to know and acknowledge several troublesome and yet, disciplined side characters. And Senji Kiyomasa is no exception. As you see more into the Deadman Wonderland series, you get to know more about Senji, and as I did, get to like him more.

Deadman Wonderland has quite a few crazy characters, from Rokuro, Scar Chain’s tech genius, to Genkaku, leader of the Undertakers, to Tamaki, Deadman Wonderland’s de facto tyrant, and Warden.

The very fact that Senji always manages to make quite an entrance, still leave his mark, and also his role in Ganta’s development is one thing that sets him apart from other characters. And seeing as the Deadman Wonderland OVA: Red Knife Wielder is all about him, he clearly is a memorable character.

As a full-fledged Deadman Wonderland fan, or you’re yet to see the series, I’m sure you’re anxious to know all you can about him. Without further ado, here is an in-depth character analysis of Kiyomasa Senji. Let’s take a shot at this!


Senji is an extremely tall and chiseled man, which is evidence that he works out. He also has a tattoo that reads the initials DSMK just over his right eye, and he sports short, black hair that’s spiked to the back.

During the time that he spent working as a police officer (in Red Knife Wielder), he was required to wear the regular police uniform. In Deadman Wonderland, he usually wore the usual prisoner overall. After being transferred to G Ward, he changed into a tank top, dark blue jeans with a black belt, leather shoes, and a long black coat.

In addition to that, he wears on his thumbs two rings that have serrated blades built into them. These rings are designed to cut apart his forearms. He suffered the loss of his right eye as part of the Penalty Game following his bout with Ganta in the Carnival Corpse match, and he now has a black eyepatch as a result. Afterward, his right arm was severed below the bicep as a result of the fight he had with Hagire.

At one point, to apply for a job, he dressed professionally and tamed his wild mane of hair before applying; having to dress this way was very out of character for Senji.


All history and knowledge about Senji date far back to Red Knife Wielder, and that was when he was a police officer, which was about two years after the Red Hole incident. Even then he seemed like a young lad who’d almost lost his way, but still had a knack for justice, which is the main reason why Domon had him enlisted in the Police Force.

Police Crew Senji Kiyomasa Crow Deadman Wonderland Red Knife Wielder

Though he wasn’t very much liked by some other police officers in the station, and often got into fights with them, he still managed to uphold his sense of justice, and sometimes acted out of impulse, devoid of protocols as expected from a cop.

Most of the details that Red Knife Wielder adds to his background start from hinting at the fact that he had at some time in the past been a thug. Some of the other police officers wanted to use that fact to blame him when he questioned how sloppy they’d gotten, almost to the point of allowing a stakeout to go wrong.

Sometime later, he saved Izuru, an orphan that picks pockets, from the hands of two Goreless Peace members, thereby gaining the attention of the gang. After his first encounter with Keigo, Goreless Peace’s leader, he found out he wasn’t the only one that had special powers.

But because Senji refuses Keigo’s proposal of joining his gang, Keigo sent his thugs to go kill everyone at the orphanage where Izuru and Hinata reside, and burn the entire place, which only provoked Senji more.

In a fit of rage, Senji marches off in search of Keigo, and to his utmost surprise, got the support of some other police officers, including Domon. While the squad was facing off against the thugs, Senji and Keigo were having a pretty gory bout, with the odds greatly against Senji. But after a while, he was able to pinch Keigo and as he was about to decapitate the fellow, Domon stopped him, and they got Keigo locked up in Deadman Wonderland.

And as thugs never let sleeping dogs lie, some others made an alliance, all in a bid to challenge Senji, but his fellow policemen shielded him and went to the slaughterhouse in his stead. Sometime later though, he was also arrested, and incarcerated at Deadman Wonderland, years before Ganta’s advent.

During a riot at the prison some four years before Ganta was also sentenced, Senji became a legend when Necro Macro had to be unleashed in capturing him, resulting in the death of twenty-four other inmates.

Fist Bump Happy Senji Kiyomasa Crow Deadman Wonderland


The first word Senji ever spoke in the Deadman Wonderland series (minus the OVA now) just so happens to be his favorite phrase: Zuppashi, which was translated as Ssslice in the anime.

One can’t help but notice that he has a sense of honor and that he appreciates strength and tenacity. He shows Ganta different methods to wield his branch of sin after Ganta refuses to remain down during their one-sided combat in the Corpse Carnival, even though he has an aggressive disposition and is always looking for a fight.

Because Ganta did not make any effort to protect himself against Senji during their first meeting, Senji decided to leave him alone. That’s a clear indication that Senji is opposed to the concept of murdering when it is not necessary, and that he can be compassionate to those whom he respects. Additionally, he demonstrates thoughtfulness when he advises Ganta to make an effort to comprehend Shiro’s situation before deciding what to do about it.

Senji is optimistic and eccentric, a good fight makes him happy, he’s quick to analyze and discern situations, he’d always like to face off against a strong and worthy opponent. Senji is crazy, no doubt, but not as much as some characters in other animes, like Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter.

In a funny twist, a woman’s immodest or most revealing dress makes Senji feel flustered and ashamed. When he first sees Shiro’s tights, his face turns red, and he gives her his coat and tells her to cover up quickly. His face also turns red when Minatsuki is a bit too revealing. Whenever this happens, he’d most often fall to the ground, like he’s rebelling against it.

Equipment(s) and Skills

Rings: Senji wears special rings that have revolving blades in them, which he always uses to quickly cut himself whenever he’s about to fight someone.

Coin: he has a special coin (which he got from Domon) that has a Salamander on both faces. Whenever he intends to use the coin in a toss to determine something with someone, he’d quickly pick a head, and toss the coin, knowing fully well that the coin has only heads and no tail.

Crow Claw: this isn’t exactly a weapon or equipment, even though it’s usually outside of his body. But it is his blood, in the form of a hardened blade, and also its extended form, which he uses to reach longer lengths when fighting an opponent that’s a considerable distance away from him.

Invisible Black: he used this technique in his fight against Genkaku’s team, who were untouchable by normal Deadmen abilities. So, to be able to use his moves his blood cells at supersonic speed to cut through their weapons, and eliminate them.

Seductive Senji Kiyomasa Crow Deadman Wonderland

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