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Deadman Wonderland: Final Anime Review and Summary

Experience the thrilling and graphic world of Deadman Wonderland, where a wrongly convicted teen fights for survival in a twisted prison. Blood, battles, and mysteries await in this anime series.



July 25, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Title Card Deadman Wonderland Title Card
By: Prince Lammy

Story | 5.4/10

In a sense, the narrative of Deadman Wonderland got off to a promising beginning. After being wrongfully convicted of many murders, a young kid is given the death penalty and is taken to jail. While there, he is forced to participate in risky activities hoping to delay his execution by receiving antidote pieces called candy.

The story gave an unconvincing impression that this kid could murder his entire classroom. The visuals were cool, and thus didn’t really matter that the accusation of murder wasn’t believable to the audience.

But very quickly, the plot takes a sharp turn, and we find our main character Ganta running down some halls and fighting some fellow in some arena. He is using a typical shonen power called the branch of sin, which is why the prison board is forcing him to compete in some fights.

The person who came out on top in this battle loses a body part for some inexplicable reason. Some people who somehow managed to get online access to this fight discuss some irrelevant details. Why does the jail board choose those with lots of sin to participate in this, and why doesn’t the show focus more on the other inmates? Why isn’t any of this information getting out to the public?

Why does no visitor ever realize that people die in these games, especially considering that several of these games are attractions for visitors to see? There is never any more explanation provided for these inquiries. This program lacks any sense of coherence or reason; instead, it focuses primarily on senseless bloodshed and carnage.

The story gets worse as it goes on. One day, while wandering the halls (which is what people on death row do), our main character stumbles upon a rebellion that is known in the story as the rebellion.

For no reason, they have their room with furniture, electronics, and entertainment in what is meant to be a DEATH ROW PRISON. They mess around for a while, desperately trying to make us think they’re characters with a real purpose, until an undertaker, a person who fights against sin, comes along and stops them.

Everything in this show that could have been good is thrown out the window. The biggest fail is when someone brings up the candy pieces that the prisoners need to stay alive, even though they haven’t been seen in a few episodes.

In the meantime, the viewer had forgotten about them and was like, Oh yeah, those were important to the plot at one point. Why didn’t they come up again? Even though the audience doesn’t know how the main character got about eight of them, it turns out that he does.

I’ll spare you the other narrative flaws since I could be talking about them all day; know that the premise of this program is exceptionally illogical, and the phrase missed opportunity is the best way to explain it.

The finale (if it can be considered an ending) also highlights this because it is the most anticlimactic finish I have seen in years. It both dissatisfies and irritates its viewers as an added smack in the face of all who made it through the program till its conclusion.

Deadman Wonderland Ganta Credits

Art | 7/10

Manglobe, the production company behind this series, is also behind shows like Ergo Proxy and Samurai Champloo. Except for Shiro’s design, which represents her surreal appearances in the program, the character designs are essential.

As a result of the artwork’s lack of vibrancy and general dullness, the color red is given center stage. The fight sequences include some of the best animations in the game, which is especially noticeable. In the end, despite outstanding animation, the art department suffers from a lack of creativity.

Sound | 8/10

Additionally, Deadman Wonderland had a great sound system. If you’ve watched the program, you’ll immediately recognize the song Track 5: DW28A, which was used as the opening theme. Some of the other music in the show is also really nice. The opening theme was fantastic. The quality of the voice acting was above average.

I listened to it with the English dubbing, and I think that the actors who voiced the characters did an excellent job. It was amusing to hear Greg Ayres as Ganta because he previously provided the voice for Sunohara in Clannad, who was a different character.

The casting of Greg Ayres as Ganta was an unusual option that worked out nicely. In comparison, I also watched a little bit with the Japanese audio. I also liked that; therefore, you should be delighted regardless of whether you prefer dubbed or subs.

Deadman Wonderland Captives in Costumes

Character | 6/10

Not much to say. A better choice for the lead role would have been Crow, a typical badass for shonen standards which would have been a better choice than Ganta. Shiro, the cheery-but-vulnerable type of girl, is the show’s most clichéd character. Everyone else exists to be slaughtered or slaughtered by Ganta and his cohorts. We are given a brief history of their lives to understanding how the two most mad individuals in the play became so irrational.

Enjoyment | 7/10

As the main character Ganta’s journey progresses, I was able to empathize with him and also desire to know why he was punished for a crime he didn’t do. The mysteries of the anime kept me interested because of how graphic this show is. Even part of it has to be filtered for my viewing pleasure. Even so, I was a little frustrated by the story’s shift in focus after episode six; nonetheless, the finale was open, allowing the prospect of future seasons to tie up loose ends.

Overall | 7/10

Deadman Wonderland isn’t a good fit for all people. Blood and gore abound, as do some frightening visuals (ahem, Penalty Game). The first episode of Deadman Wonderland has a gore level comparable to that of Elfen Lied, so feel free to visit if you’re up for it.

This show should be experienced with an open mind and heart as much as possible. Deadman, tells the story of a young man who has been through so much and is still attempting to comprehend what it means to be a Deadman.

In Deadman Wonderland, we believe in kicking the loser in the shins as often as possible. Watch our captives suffer, have their wits shattered, and play the fool as I sit back and enjoy it.

Deadman Wonderland Finale Credits

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