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Deadman Wonderland | Character Analysis | Captain Kiwako Makina

Captain Makina Character Analysis in Deadman Wonderland: Background, Personality, Appearance, Equipment, and Importance of Her Role as a Security Captain | Dive into the Intriguing Traits of Makina, the Disciplinarian with a Deadly Sword in the Prison.



October 17, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Captain Makina Deadman Wonderland Captain Makina
By: Prince Lammy

❝It may be crazy to you, but that’s only because reality is absurd.❞

– Captain Makina, to the new inmates

Some anime side characters have a knack for leaving quite an impression on viewers, such that despite the fact they make just little contributions to the plot of the series, they’re still rather memorable and usually a force to reckon with.

And when it comes to Deadman Wonderland, one such character is Captain Kiwako Makina, the one and only security captain with a G-cup bra size! Or isn’t that the very first thing that you came to like about her? I’m sure I’m not alone in this assumption.

But while Makina might just be somewhere in the list of my top 10 favorite characters in Deadman Wonderland, I’ll be tailoring this article to be an in-depth character analysis of her. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Apparently, little or nothing is known about Makina’s past, except that she’d at some point in the past been a member of Special Forces, which most probably accounts for her disciplinarian and strict attitudes. Some years before Ganta came to Deadman Wonderland, she’d once used Necro Macro, a deadly hunting robot, to hunt down Senji Kiyomasa in the prison, simply to bring him to order, and has ever since relied on the robot to handle prisoners that the guards can’t handle.

Her full name was never mentioned in the anime, but the manga mentions her full name as Kiwako Flugel Makina, and she’s also known as Double Bullet Makina. Considering the fact that her middle name is Flügel, it is quite likely that Makina comes from Germany, or at least, has her roots in the country.

Deadman Wonderland Captain Makina Bossy


Of course, Makina is a very plain character, and with the exception of when she was in the know about how Tamaki wanted to execute Ganta upon arrival at the prison, with the planned accident, she’s a pretty cool character. And of course, she always manages to keep a cool head, irrespective of the situation.

She could be pretty heartless sometimes too, but she was also logical and rather rational. Sometimes, in situations where others lose their cool, she often finds it pretty easy to maintain hers and stay calm. She’s not the type to leave questions unanswered. She’d question anything she identifies as strange, or anything that’s beyond her comprehension.

After witnessing the strange circumstances surrounding Ganta’s failed accident and noticing the way promoter Tamaki is keenly interested in Ganta, she starts to question the connection between the duo, and also why Ganta is special, especially to Tamaki, whom she doesn’t trust.

Of course, it’s almost like she has it in for Promoter Tamaki, but realizing that there are specific areas in Deadman Wonderland that she doesn’t even know about, let alone have control over, really did get her enraged. I think this was in episode three, when she had to resort to using Necro Macro to capture Ganta, and he, Shiro, and Yoh fell into a passageway to G-Block, and all signals got lost.

A personal thought on her, however, would hold that she’s just an individual that’s interested in upholding justice and is really guided by principles and transparency. Of course, she was kind of off track when she went all Black Widow with her assistant, but it’s understandable, as it was for a good cause.


Makina is undistinguishably a character that stands out amidst others in the entire cast. And I think that’s owing to the fact that she’s one of the few females in the series, but most importantly, is the significance her large breasts give her appearance.

Her breasts are notably enormous, G-cup sized (as she described them). asides that, she is a lovely young lady with long, dark-brown hair that is typically hidden behind her prison cap, while part of it hangs off to the right side of her face. Her eyes are a deep blue, and she wears a nude pink lipstick that looks like it has a glossy touch.

Whenever she is on duty, she dons her dark blue prison uniform, along with the headgear that goes with it. Her knee-length black boots have a high heel and are paired with white trousers. She wears white pants most times though, except for when she went on a spy mission with her assistant, into Tamaki’s lair.



Captain Makina uses a decorated katana. And apparently, she carries it on her person at all times, and never hesitates to use it, either to put an errant inmate in order, or for any other justifiable purpose.


If only she’d gotten more screen time and even character development, there’s no doubt she’d have gotten more attention and love from fans than she got. But in general, I think her presence in the prison was necessary, as seen from other prison series like Prison Break. The likes of Makina has always existed in such series to serve as checks towards all unscrupulous acts and persons in prisons.

Deadman Wonderland Captain Makina Uniform

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