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Deadman Wonderland: Episode 6 Summary & Review

Read the review of Deadman Wonderland Episode Six: Hummingbird. Dive into the intense story, captivating art, and mixed sound of this anime. Discover the characters' hidden depths and unpredictable twists. Find out why the fight scenes may leave you wanting more. Overall rating: 7/10



July 11, 2022

Deadman Wonderland Episode 06 Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland Episode 06 Hummingbird
By: Prince Lammy

Deadman Wonderland Episode Six: Hummingbird

Reading the story part of this review would seem more like reading into the anime itself. And, of course, asides from images, it is way more descriptive than any manga would. But well, here goes something. So have at it.

And of course, apart from the story, all forms of constructive criticism are welcome on other aspects which have been reviewed in this blog.

Story | 8/10

While smiling, Shiro falls from atop the debris she is standing on. Tamaki walks into the Control Room of G – Block and frowns at the situation of things. The two men guarding the Director’s apartment came to take Shiro, ignoring Yoh.

While two of the armored guards who’d taken Yoh and Shiro away from the G – Block stand in front of a vending machine, one uses a Cast Card he swiped from Yoh to buy a drink and was surprised at the amount of Cast Points left on the card. Somewhere in a dark tunnel was Yoh, lost in his search for G – Block. He’s searching for someone named Minatsuki.

In his new cell, while lying on his bed, Ganta was interrupted in his thoughts by a sound outside. Stepping outside, he saw a huge boy moving to eat a girl’s flower. After eating all on Ganta’s tray, he still demanded more, and the two ran off and hid in a room around the corner.

Switching on the light, Ganta saw that the room was the girl’s and was filled with flowers. The two then sit and talk about the post-game show. She then told the story of how her father had constantly abused her and how she’d mistakenly killed him when her life was in danger.

She then spoke of how her brother had tried to defend her while being ignorant of her abilities. As she continues talking about how she doesn’t want to use her powers, a slight mistake makes her dress slip downwards, and the two quickly pull their gazes apart.

Ganta suggests that they both use their powers to escape the facility and vows to protect her. As the two of them make a run for it, they are seen by two guards, and Ganta finds out his next match is against her.

Laying critically ill in bed, the Director criticizes Tamaki’s activities within G – Block, which he refuses.

At the start of the Corpse Carnival between Woodpecker and Hummingbird, Ganta tells her he wouldn’t fight her. Suddenly, he was struck with cuts on different parts of his body right after she pulled off her earrings. Almost immediately, it seemed like Hummingbird had become an entirely new person.

Hummingbird becomes a whole new person right after she cuts Ganta

Fazed by the cuts he just sustained and more by the new change in Hummingbird’s personality, Ganta couldn’t help but remain on the ground. Realizing that she’d been acting, she mentioned that his innocence was a big turn-on for her.

Enraged at the thought of getting fooled, Ganta shoots a ball of blood at her, which she blocks. As he readies for his second projectile, a voice from backstage cried out his name, stopping him in his tracks. Pulling off the helmet of the guard’s armor is Yoh, revealing that Hummingbird is his sister.

As the guards prepare to remove Yoh, Tamaki tells them to leave him be, as the viewers/sponsors could enjoy the show. As Ganta is about to expose her theatrics, she cuts him on the leg, making him fall. As she starts playing the victim again, Ganta readies to attack her, but Yoh comes between the two, shielding Minatsuki.

She prepares to whip them both to the bone, but Yoh reveals that he knows she’s responsible for their dad’s death. As Yoh promises to protect her, she is enraged that he pities her, as that’s the exact opposite of all that turns her on and makes her cum😂.

She ties Yoh up and whips him with her blood. As Ganta tries to defend Yoh, she explains the kind of dubious person he is. Yet unfazed, Ganta explains to her that it was all part of his sacrifice for her freedom.

As she unleashes a combo of whip attacks on him, Ganta keeps shooting but misses. As Yoh mentions their mother, she reveals how she’d been left to die during the Red Hole incident when her mother had saved her flowers and ran off but was crushed by falling pillars.

One of Ganta’s shots that ricocheted off the walls threw her off balance. As she locks Ganta’s hands behind, barring him from using his powers, he steadily walks up to her and head-butts her, which knocks her out.

As this ends the game, the viewers and commentators critique how it ended and demand more. Ganta, however, gives them the middle finger. Pleased with how the match ended, the Director applauds Ganta for how he ended the game. He, however, wheels himself closer to Shiro and tries to wake her up.

Minatsuki reveals Yoh’s real nature to Ganta, as the latter tries defending him

Art | 7/10

To help you appreciate this anime’s art, color, and animation, you can take a minute to review some of the screenshots here and look at how clean, sound, clear and fantastic they look. I understand that the art sometimes doesn’t exactly always look so great (like in the second image of this blog), but on a general level, it is pretty good.

Sound | 6/10

I’ve mentioned in the reviews of previous episodes that Manglobe is the name of the studio responsible for this production. The sound department has given almost all they can to see to this success, but it’s still not entirely up to par as it could’ve been.

Saying this might seem like a critique opinion, but I think the opening theme could’ve hit harder if it was sung in Japanese. Fine, I wouldn’t understand it without reading the sub along while it’s playing; I still feel anime themes are better learned and respected by viewers when sung in Japanese (almost for the same reason most people prefer subs over dubs).

One small scene that still can’t leave my head is when the viewers ask Ganta to kill Minatsuki. I still can’t forget the transition in his character and how his voice changed when he said, Shut the hell up, you shits! More than anything, the voice actor’s tone did it for me.

Character | 7/10

At the end of the episode, shortly before it ended, I saw a particular affinity between the Director and Shiro, which is quite strange and unknown. But then, looking at it also, as much as the Director’s presence and nature are pretty unknown and unquestioned in prison, so is Shiro’s.

Finally, Yoh’s theatrics, lies, and deceit have been surmised to be part of his ploy to rescue his little sister, Minatuski/Hummingbird, from the prison. And unlike how she’d always acted in front of him, she was a murderous, maniacal, and crazy girl. Her innocence fooled even me at first.

Ganta, hmm. Well, he’s still his usual self, still without a strategy, and like before, only wins a fight by sheer will, not by strategy. But it’s starting to seem like the sheer will is an excuse of a reason to help him win fights. I can’t help but hope to see him get better next episode or at least lose a fight and something else too.

Enjoyment | 6/10

It’s starting to seem like, apart from the typical drama in the series, and only the fight scenes make it to memorable land. I enjoyed some parts of the episode but didn’t enjoy the fight scenes as much as I’d hoped. But then the unraveling of some other things and the suspense that ended the episode is firing me up for the next episode.

Overall | 7/10

All I can think of now is seeing what episode seven holds. But then, one thing I’d take from here is how much I’ve learned that no matter how innocent anyone might seem, they could be hella crazy underneath all that camaraderie.

Ganta flipping off the viewers

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