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Deadman Wonderland Character Analysis: Minatsuki Takami (Hummingbird)

Delve deep into the complex world of Deadman Wonderland as we uncover the enigmatic Minatsuki Takami, alias Hummingbird. Join us on this captivating journey as we explore her intriguing appearance, delve into her disturbing personality, and unravel the mysteries of her unique abilities in this comprehensive analysis!



October 31, 2022

Crazy Eyes Minatsuki Takami Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland Crazy Eyes Minatsuki Takami Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland
By: Prince Lammy

❝I’m sorry, but that whole virgin white knight bullshit is disgusting❞

-Minatsuki Takami

Sometimes we get to see some rather twisted characters in some anime, some with crazy obsessions, and other whose thought process and doings are just out of the ordinary.

And whilst a truckload of such characters might be filling your head at the moment, let’s take some time to narrow that down to Minatsuki Takami, whom you’d most probably remember as Hummingbird.

But let’s keep the intro to this as short as possible, and give a full head-on analysis of her, from how she looks, to not only her personality, but also my view on her thought process, and all there is to know about her.


Even though she doesn’t show the part, but Minatsuki is actually 17 years old. At first glance, one would really bet she’s a meek and mild young lady who keeps braided ponytails, but you’d be in for a surprise. In addition, she has brown eyes and a piercing in her tongue.

She wears a faded yellow dress that only manages to reach her knees. In her fight against Ganta, she wore a long purple dress over the pantsuit that she was wearing, which was a pale pink color. In addition to that, she had on white gloves without fingers.

Additionally, she wears shackles that are attached to one another by a chain; yet, the chain occasionally gives the impression that it has been cut. During her conflict with Ganta, she made use of them to defend herself against Ganta’s assaults.

Cute Girly Minatsuki Takami Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland


Just like most other characters in the series, Minatsuki’s background could only be gotten from the manga, and also flashbacks in the anime, and really, there’s nothing much to say about her past, at least not before she also got into Deadman Wonderland and made contact with Ganta.

Just like everyone else, she was an ordinary girl, until the Red Hole incident that struck Tokyo. And like other Deadmen, she also got gifted a with a branch of sin, with which she used to kill her dad. But before that, during the incident, she got trapped under some heavy columns, and while she raised her hands for her mother to help her up, she was astonished to see her mother picking up a flower vase, and making a run for it, leaving her helpless and trapped.

Yoh, her brother, came along not long afterwards and helped her out, but that experience seemed to have scarred her psychologically, as this led to her ultimate transformation into a perverted liar with a cruel attitude, as well as the acquisition of her Branch of Sin abilities.

Due to this two-timing nature of hers, she started making Yoh believe her father was sexually assaulting her, knowing fully well that he’d rush to her defense. Such events became recurrent until one day, it got to a point Yoh drew a knife on his father, and seizing the moment, she used her power to kill her father, in such a way that not even Yoh noticed.

He thereafter blamed himself for that, but she also later got incarcerated into Deadman Wonderland’s G-Block.


Sure, Deadman Wonderland has its lot of crazy characters, but none beats Minatsuki, or better known as Hummingbird, when it comes to being duplicitous. Minatsuki is really good at playing the victim, when in fact she’s the perpetuator, and a maniacal one at that - second only to Harley Quinn.

Fighting Battle Minatsuki Takami Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland

When Ganta sees her for the first time, she gives off the impression of being a very timid and delicate young lady, which is in direct contrast to the environment in which she is being confined. This was further emphasized by the fact that she had a passion for flowers. In general, she had a persona that was quite kind and warm.

However, her restrained and quiet manner is only a cover to hide her actual character and to trick people around her into believing as though they have a sense of security. Her actual nature is that of a vicious psychopath who is so warped in her thinking that she is sexually aroused by the suffering of other people, like Midari Ikishima from Kakegurui.

In later episodes of the series, it becomes clear that some of these admirable characteristics of her personality are genuine, despite the fact that she makes an effort to conceal them.

She was able to persuade Ganta that she was a good person when they first met, and she even managed to flip back to her disguise when Yoh interrupted her fight with Ganta. Minatsuki had a talent for acting, as seen by the fact that she was able to accomplish this.

Primroses are the only flowers in her room that bring back painful memories of the day her mother left her during the tremor to preserve the flowers she was caring to at the time. Her room is filled with other flowers, but the primroses are the ones that stand out the most.

This probably instilled a sense of resentment in her, which led to her becoming a pathological liar and may have been the catalyst for her cynical outlook on life and her general antipathy towards everyone.

Crazy Grin Smile Minatsuki Takami Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland

She seems to have developed a perverted personality as a result of the abuse she endured at the hands of her father, which also seems to have contributed to the fact that she has a great deal of misandry; she has an innate distrust of all men and boys, believing that they are only sexually interested in her, and are simply lying to her about it.

After losing her match against Ganta in the Carnival Corpse, she manages to build an estranged relationship with her brother. Learning that her brother actually cares for her well-being, helps her to calm down quite a bit.

During the punishment game, Minatsuki openly displays anxiety at the prospect of losing another part of her body. She then furiously recalls that it’s unlike her to respond in such a way, and she becomes frustrated by this realization. Even though she has reluctantly accepted the presence of others around her, she nevertheless lashes out every once in a while.

As seen by the fact that she came dangerously close to physically assaulting Ganta for stepping in on her when her body was half exposed, (though she later successfully hit Senji when he also made the same mistake) she appears to be especially irritated when others see her in a state of unexpected undress.

Powers and Skills

Whip Wing: this special technique allows her to create very tiny strands of blood, moving with supersonic speed and unseen to the human eye, but really doing damage to whoever she uses it on.

Crazy Seductive Minatsuki Takami Hummingbird Deadman Wonderland

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