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Magic: The Gathering - Dragons of Tarkir - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Massed Ranks

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Product Description

For those who have just started their journey in the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, this preconstructed intro deck is very helpful. The deck is called Massed Ranks and it's part of the Dragons of Takir. In turn, this is the 67th Magic expansion of MTG, from 2015.

The deck has 60 cards and comes with 2 booster packs, instructions, and a mechanics paper sheet. The cards are split as follows: 25 Lands, 23 Creatures, 8 Instants, 3 Enchantments, and an artifact.

Massed Ranks is a deck that focuses on the Dromoka, one of the five elder dragons from Tarkir. The card depicting Arashin Sovereign, one of the creatures, has an alternate art foil. This creature is seen on the cover of the deck.  

Massed Ranks Decklist:

Creatures (23)

1x Dromoka Dunecaster
2x Servant of the Scale
2x Dromoka Warrior
3x Lightwalker
1x Territorial Roc
1x Scaleguard Sentinels
2x Sandcrafter Mage
2x Salt Road Quartermasters
2x Champion of Arashin
2x Aven Tactician
2x Sandsteppe Scavenger
2x Enduring Scalelord
1x Arashin Sovereign

Instants (8)

2x Inspiring Call
2x Scale Blessing
1x Enduring Victory
2x Dromoka's Gift
1x Secure the Wastes

Enchantments (3)

1x Sheltered Aerie
2x Pacifism

Artifacts (1)

1x Dromoka Monument

Lands (25)

1x Evolving Wilds
13x Plains
11x Forest