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Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Deluxe Edition) - Xbox One

Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Deluxe Edition) - Xbox One

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Free Trial with Buddy Pass: Experience "Wolfenstein: Youngblood" for free, but full access requires an invitation from a Buddy Pass owner.

Co-op Adventure: Embark on the first modern co-op Wolfenstein adventure as BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz.

Daughters in Action: After BJ's disappearance, his twin daughters, Jess and Soph, trained by their father, take on the mission in Nazi-occupied Paris.
Solo or Co-op Gameplay: Choose to team up with a friend or play solo.

Progression and Customization: Level up, explore, and complete missions to unlock new abilities, weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and more to suit your playstyle and customize your appearance.

Open-Ended Experience: Enjoy the most open-ended Wolfenstein gameplay yet. Strategize attacks and dismantle the Nazi regime from a new base located deep in the Paris catacombs.

Product Description


In "Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Deluxe Edition) - Xbox One," step into the shoes of BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters, Jess and Soph, on a mission to find their missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris. Join forces with a friend or embark on the adventure solo. Customize your playstyle and appearance as you level up, unlock new abilities, and dismantle the Nazi regime. This co-op Wolfenstein experience offers a vast, open-ended world and promises action-packed gameplay.

Experience the first modern co-op Wolfenstein adventure in "Wolfenstein: Youngblood." Join Jess and Soph Blazkowicz on their quest to locate their father, BJ Blazkowicz, who vanished after a mission in Nazi-occupied Paris. With gameplay and features accessible via Buddy Pass invitation, team up with a friend or fly solo to explore, complete missions, and liberate the city from Nazi control. Unlock new weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and abilities to enhance your gameplay and adapt to various challenges.

Dive into the heart of the Paris catacombs in "Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Deluxe Edition) - Xbox One" and strategize your attacks against the Nazi regime. Plan your missions from your new base of operations, unraveling the most open-ended Wolfenstein experience yet. With rich customization options and intense co-op gameplay, immerse yourself in a thrilling journey to bring down the oppressive forces and reunite the Blazkowicz family.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Deluxe Edition)

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Fandom: Xbox

Series: Xbox One

Manufacturer: Bethesda Softworks

Item Weight: 0.25 pounds

Item UPC: 093155174832

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Try Wolfenstein: Youngblood for free. Access to all gameplay and features requires an invitation from a Buddy Pass owner.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the first modern co-op Wolfenstein adventure.

Nineteen years after the events of Wolfenstein II, BJ Blazkowicz has disappeared after a mission into Nazi-occupied Paris. Now, after years of training from their battle-hardened father, BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, are forced into action.

Team up with a friend or play alone. Level up, explore, and complete missions to unlock new abilities, weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and more to complement your playstyle and customize your appearance.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood features the most open-ended Wolfenstein experience to date. From a new base of operations located deep in the heart of the Paris catacombs, plan how and when to attack and dismantle the Nazi regime.

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