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Mega Man X - Max Armor Model Kit (Gold Hyper Chip Version) - Kotobukiya

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Product Description

From the esteemed creators at Kotobukiya comes the ultimate tribute to the iconic Mega Man X series. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first Mega Man X game, we proudly present the Mega Man - X Max Armor Model Kit (Hyperchip Version). Elevate your collection and gaming nostalgia with this meticulously crafted plastic model kit that immortalizes the protagonist, X, in his awe-inspiring Max Armor form.


  • Exclusive Hyperchip Edition: Dive into the world of Mega Man X with an exclusive version of the protagonist donning the remarkable Max Armor, powered up with the Hyper Chip. Experience the thrill of his enhanced capabilities just like in the game.

  • Precision Engineering: Utilizing cutting-edge CAD engineering, this model kit impeccably recreates X's appearance from Mega Man X3. Every detail, from the intricate armor design to the iconic elements, has been faithfully captured.

  • Dynamic Articulation: Bring your model to life with an impressive range of articulation. Pose X in various action-packed stances, reimagining your favorite in-game moments with striking realism.

  • Stunning Color Variations: The kit includes colored parts in three captivating shades of gold. Showcase the Max Armor's visual appeal as it gleams and glistens, adding a touch of opulence to your display.

  • Signature Effect Parts: Immerse yourself in the Mega Man universe with effect parts that recreate the Max Armor's distinctive Cross Charge Shot. Captivate onlookers as you recreate iconic battle scenes right at home.

  • Comprehensive Accessories: The kit comes equipped with an array of parts, including the X-Buster, interchangeable hand and face options, Z Saber, and more. Customize your model to perfectly match your vision.

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